Why the Official Suppression of Successful Covid Treatments?

Why the Official Suppression of Successful Covid Treatments?

After 3.4+ million views of an initial interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett on the America Can We Talk show, plus thousands of requests for Dr. Bartlett’s COVID-19 treatment protocol paper (which you can read HERE), and a second interview with Dr. Bartlett and Congressman/Dr. Ralph Abraham from Louisiana, Americans owe it to themselves to listen to what these two are essentially saying:

There is a way out of the COVID-19 pandemic; there is no need for continued fear; these doctors have consistently and successfully treated COVID-19 patients in cases ranging from mild to severe with a plentifully available, inexpensive treatment that is already used to treat asthma patients: an inhaled steroid (budesonide) via nebulizer. This is a treatment regimen that provides a path away from panic and back to American norms of healthcare.

This ought to be the best kind of breaking news in America and the world, a welcome relief to everyone.  But if the news isn’t breaking across the country—or isn’t being welcomed by ‘authorities’—it’s past time for Americans to step up and question why.

There are millions of Americans who have sensed a ‘gaming’ element throughout this entire pandemic.  Nobody has denied the existence of a virus, but the relentless colossus of fear driving the destruction of the economy and the schools and all sense of American normalcy has felt constructed. The messages emanating from some in Washington seem to be “no cures allowed until the vaccine is ready,” and “economy-destroying shutdowns are the only safe path.”  Both carry an obvious ‘get Trump’ dimension.

Dr. Bartlett’s treatment may help flush out the truth.


For those over a certain age, Dr. Bartlett seems like a modern-day Marcus Welby, MD.  He’s a family doctor because he likes to help people get well and stay well.  He followed his instincts and medical experience to try established (and very inexpensive) asthma-related medicines on suffering COVID-19 patients, and the actual results from this treatment have been spectacularly good.

He is openly describing this treatment for all the world to examine and consider because it has worked.

Budesonide—Dr. Bartlett’s preferred steroid for COVID-19 treatment—has been around so long there is no patent on it.  No one, including Dr. Bartlett, stands to gain a financial bonanza from the sale of budesonide.  Which by itself is a reason to consider that Dr. Bartlett may have the most basic of right motives for prescribing this treatment:  because he’s confident it will help his patients.

Americans need to apply their traditional common sense in listening to Dr. Bartlett, and then ask themselves what reason anyone would have to suppress or dismiss his findings, or to reject the idea that an efficacious treatment for COVID-19 could exist.

Here’s an early dose of American common sense:

  • Bartlett has a solid medical record and professional reputation among his physician peers, and has prepared a paper (not yet published) that he is making available to anyone, spelling out what he is doing. His recovered patients speak for themselves (fast forward to 7:21 for the second interview).  If anyone honestly wants people afflicted with COVID-19 to get well, why wouldn’t they want to consider Dr. Bartlett’s treatment and listen to his patients?


So be wary of critics who question Dr. Bartlett without addressing the protocol he is following, or the success his patients are describing.


  • Americans can have great respect for the highly educated and trained experts who work in public health research institutions (but don’t treat patients) AND equal respect for practicing, on-the-ground physicians who successfully treat patients on a daily basis. So there is no reason to dismiss Dr. Bartlett’s treatment on the grounds that he is a doctor in a medium-sized town in Texas and not a research doctor in a northeastern city.  Credentials and pedigree have never cured anything; but a recovered COVID-19 patient is a recovered COVID-19 patient.


So be wary of critics who go after Dr. Bartlett on geographical or professional snobbery grounds.


  • There are valid questions related to Dr. Bartlett’s treatment protocol for COVID-19, including the most significant one about how this treatment would fare in a full-scale double-blind or other rigorous professional study. Bartlett has encouraged and welcomed study of this protocol, and it is being tested in several countries and by the NIH.  In the meantime, recall the simple fact that COVID-19 patients are dying without the use of this protocol, and recovering with it, according to both Dr. Bartlett and Congressman/Dr. Ralph Abraham.


So be wary if the medical research faculty of America reject Drs. Bartlett’s and Abraham’s advocacy for their protocol on the grounds of the absence of final studies.  Ask why delaying or denigrating what is working is preferable to the present protocol in many hospitals which offer little relief to the mildly afflicted, and the danger of the ventilator and often death to the most severely ill.


According to Dr. Bartlett, America and the world have a safe and abundant treatment regimen available for COVID-19 right now, and there is no reason for continued lockdowns of any kind.  The world can reopen.

But in the bizarro world of 2020, there is such an enormous MSM and leftist political investment in continuing the fear and the lockdowns, that Dr. Bartlett’s treatment protocol may well be treated with the same odd, on again off again, damning-with-faint-praise attitude with which Dr. Fauci treated another tool in the medical COVID-19 arsenal advocated by doctors who found it to be effective, hydroxychloroquine.



This article is not a medical opinion, or an endorsement or vote for inhaled budesonide via nebulizer, hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir or any other COVID-19 treatment as a definitive answer.   Anyone determined to suppress news of Dr. Bartlett’s treatment has a full menu of means by which to do it—e.g., the ‘authorities’ have not weighed in with a thorough investigation and validation of Bartlett’s patient histories, treatment histories, and lab results, and until they do, we simply can’t afford to foster what could be a false hope.  As Bush 41 might say, ‘it just wouldn’t be prudent’.

Which takes us back to the feeling that this pandemic is gamed. It is constructed so that there is never a way out for ‘the masses’ until the ‘authorities’ grant approval of a way out.  And that feeling is starting to rankle, throughout America.


Consider this article instead as a voice for the freedom from fear of millions of innocent Americans and people around the world caught in the crossfire of a politicized environment over medical treatment for a disease.  People have been taught/indoctrinated to believe something so mysterious in origin and so unprecedented in response as the ‘COVID-19 pandemic’ surely cannot be solved except by some new remedy conceived and engineered by supermen and superwomen holding petri dishes in lab coats at some TV-set like research institution.  They have been taught/indoctrinated to be afraid and stay afraid until someone in ‘government’ tells them things are going to be ok.


But what if things are already ok?  What if basic American competence and decency in the medical profession has uncovered effective treatments?  What if several solutions currently available already establish the ‘science’ for ending the pandemic of fear, and allowing the return of America to normal life?  What if, as Ronald Reagan advised, “government is not the solution; government is the problem”?

Will America’s MSM and ruling class permit Americans to get back to living their lives?

Let’s find out.  Inform your Congressman/woman and Senator of these active COVID treatments.  Ask them why they are not stepping up to make sure information about them is front and center in public discussion rather than some contrived-for-maximum-fear headline of ‘spiking cases’ from the MSM.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?