Looting and Lockdowns…Not Trump’s Fault

Looting and Lockdowns…Not Trump’s Fault

The latest leftist manipulations intended to peel off a few right-leaning but weak-minded voters AWAY from re-electing President Trump are these:

  • “Well, gee, these riots sure are awful, and we didn’t have them until Trump came along, so maybe we just need to get rid of Trump and everything will be fine;” and


  • “Well, gee, this pandemic sure is awful and sure is lasting a long time, and awful things are not supposed to happen in America, so there must have been some mismanagement of the pandemic, so maybe everything awful about the pandemic is Trump’s fault and so we need to get new management.”

Don’t buy this utter and complete nonsense.

The riots are part of an effort to accomplish a Marxist overthrow of America under the Constitution.  That’s not a conspiracy theory; that’s not hyperbole.  It’s what the self-admitted ‘trained Marxists’ that founded and run BLM say they are doing and intend to do.  We are seeing their plot carried out every day.

There is no political demand they have made that is a subject for discussion and negotiation and compromise; they want to burn everything down.  Destroy the nuclear family; destroy the free market economic system; defund and dismantle the police.

These ideas did not originate with the 2016 election of Donald Trump; they are the staple of leftists for centuries, and America’s Declaration of Independence denies and defies them.  These leftist ideas have been percolating in America for decades, and they were in the process of being implemented by stealth and in reliance on the old ‘boil the frogs’ strategy—leave the frogs in the pot of water and keep turning up the socialist heat—gradually—and the frogs (free Americans) will never wake up to realize they’re being boiled to death (have lost all their freedom) until they are too weakened to jump out of the pot.

Donald Trump’s election made the leftists panic; MAGA exposed and put their plans at risk; and the orchestrated riots represent a fourth panicked departure by the left from the plan for boiling the frogs—i.e., for inducing Americans to gradually give up their country.

In each of these departures from the plan, the leftists turned up the heat too much, too fast, and the frogs started jumping out at record rates.

The first was the Russia collusion hoax, the second was the impeachment scam, and the third was the pandemic.

Yes, the pandemic.

We’ve written many times about the ways in which the timing of the pandemic, the actions of Dr. Fauci—including his bizarre love for Hillary Clinton, his bizarre connections to the Wuhan Virology Lab and his bizarre 2017 public prediction of a pandemic during Trump’s presidency—and the ongoing lockdown extensions by mostly leftist Governors without any medically scientific justification whatsoever for them, leave any objective observer with serious questions about what the hell is going on.

Or stated another way, that leave any objective observer with the overwhelming sense that from the beginning, he has been lied to and played for some larger purpose.

Despite Big Tech’s, Big Pharma’s and Big Public Health’s censorship and suppression of all news of successful covid treatments—HCL, budesonide and oleandrin are just three, and there are more—the evidence of success just keeps accumulating, and word of these successes keeps spreading.  (And Big Tech is even censoring Dr. Scott Atlas—a nationally renowned and eminently qualified doctor who serves on the White House’s coronavirus task force but happens to disagree with Fauci.)  All of which only heightens Americans’ awareness of and focus on the question:  why is the suppression of this news happening?

There is no reason grounded in good faith and honesty for suppressing legitimate information that can help sick people get well.  None.

And there is no scientific basis whatsoever for disputing the legitimacy of the consistent and repeated positive results that are being obtained from these treatments.  None.

Maybe this week’s news of Dr. Fauci’s participation in The Atlantic’s fall Festival will seal the answers to the questions of the objective observer.

The Atlantic is the publication that very obviously made up a smear of Donald Trump, using sophisticated manipulation of his public criticism of John McCain into a plausible story line for made-up quotes deriding American soldiers generally.

It was too clever by half; and with 20 or so people on the record denying the quotes—including Trump enemies like John Bolton—and nobody offering on the record confirmation, everybody (except lawyers) knows The Atlantic’s story was transparently false; it was simply a propaganda ploy by committed leftists in pursuit of their political agenda.

And now The Atlantic’s fall Festival conference extraordinaire is coming up, with a speaker line up including Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and a founder of BLM.  And Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Yeah, we know Fauci is entitled to be on any panel he wants to be on; he’s entitled to have whatever friends he wants to have; and just because he’s on a panel doesn’t mean his medical advice would be influenced by anyone else on the panel, or by The Atlantic’s hyper-left agenda.

But, really?  He’s to be there with his love interest Hillary Clinton, leftist arch-enemy of President Trump?  With the delusional, radical leftist Stacey Abrams?  With a radical leftist founder of the organization leading the attempted Marxist overthrow of America?

And Fauci’s medical advice just happens to be: keep all of America entirely shut down until there is a vaccine—which would guarantee economic collapse and societal unrest on a level never seen in America?

We’re supposed to believe in Dr. Fauci’s integrity?  We’re supposed to believe he has no political agenda—he just wants to ‘follow the science’?  And we’re supposed to believe the national crazyquilt mess of openings, half-openings, and closings that is the pandemic response is Trump’s fault?


Folks, this is a leftist war on America, with the propaganda arm of The Atlantic and other MSM outlets operating with full intentionality, the field armies of Soros-paid minions serving as the agents of chaos and anarchy, and Dr. Anthony Fauci playing his role of keeping fear alive among guileless, decent, trust-the-government Americans so that they won’t jump out of the pot and get in the fight to save this country.

To repackage this reality into arguments that Trump is causing the riots or Trump is mismanaging the pandemic is the most evil of deliberate deceptions.

It’s time for Americans to wake up, refuse to be manipulated or deceived, and save their country.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?