The Radical Left’s 2020 Attack on America is Worse than 9/11

The Radical Left’s 2020 Attack on America is Worse than 9/11

The unnerving sight of planes flying into buildings on September 11, 2001 left an indelible mark on Americans.

But the radical left’s assault on America in 2020—the culmination of decades of planning and wishing—is far more serious and dangerous than the 9/11 attack.

It’s obviously not a one-day assault; it’s an orchestrated plan.  There is far more money funding it; there are more groups and individuals participating; America’s own mainstream media, academia and the entertainment industry are promoting it and covering for it; much of morally deadened corporate America, including corporate professional sports, is stupidly supporting it; and most of America’s ruling class—Democrats and Republicans—seem unable to summon the moral clarity to denounce it and support aggressive action to defeat it.

The good news is, Americans throughout the country are awakening to see this assault for what it is.  It is not an every-four-years political scrimmage between the 40-yard lines.  It is NOT really about the personality of Donald Trump; all the petty crossfire among ruling class elitists over the ‘unfitness’ of Donald Trump is a diversionary piece of it.

The broader, much more deliberate and diabolical attack is on America herself—a determined effort to destroy a nation founded on belief and faith in God, creation by God, and individual freedom based on rights from God.  That’s what the radical left is ultimately fighting; that’s the foundation they seek to destroy; that’s why underneath their masked pleas for ‘social justice’ is pure poison.

Consider just three thrusts of the radical left’s agenda.

Destroying the nuclear family –

This is an openly stated priority of BLM (though now deleted from their website), right along with supporting Planned Parenthood.

No thinking person with a conscience could see this BLM agenda as anything but massively destructive to all black lives. Common sense and decades of studies confirm the disintegration of the black family, beginning in the 1960’s and continuing through today, is THE single most important cause of violence and dystopia in the black community.

Nothing good could possibly come out of an initiative to destroy the nuclear family.  But the communists (the radical left by another name) have long known:  take down the American family, and you’re on your way to taking down America.

Historical revisionism and erasure –

Critical race theory, the 1619 Project and the destruction and desecration of statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, et. al.—all have one purpose:  to falsely recast all of American history in terms of racial exploitation and injustice.

To erase true history and true heritage is to erase the national identity, pride and culture of being an American, and to set the stage for an emerging generation, not of Americans, but of indoctrinated sheeple programmed to hate other sheeple because they have a different color of wool.

And to erase the Bible-based history and heritage of America is to erase her moral foundation of individual freedom and of law and order, and to set the stage for submission to statist, amoral and freedom-crushing tyranny.

Throw in the defunding of police, and the stage is set for complete anarchy and chaos—conditions which history says will enable totalitarian takeover of America.

Pandemic management to subjugate the people

At this point, only the willfully blind can fail to see the leftist machinations at work in prolonging fear and shutdowns and conditioning people to be masked, anonymous, isolated, and subservient.  The data and ‘the science’ simply do not support continued shutdowns; the mental conditioning is malicious.

Even more important, the deliberate statist suppression of hydroxychloroquine, budesonide and oleandrin long ago ceased to have even a semblance of good faith behind it.  These therapies do not have mere anecdotal support; they have support from doctors on the ground who are reporting first-hand successful results of prescribing these treatments, and from mass numbers of patients who have successfully overcome covid using these therapies.  To suppress them is an act of bad faith and is utterly irrational, unless there is a leftist/globalist determination to force a mass vaccination.

And again, only the willfully blind can fail to see where mass vaccination and the entire pandemic scheme is leading—because the infamous Dr. Fauci has made it plain.

Writing at the Cell, Dr. Fauci foresees that humanity is entering ‘the era of pandemics’, nature fighting back against human behavior, and a new global need to live more in harmony with nature (which is the ‘happy face’ way of embracing the climate change agenda…for the good of the people, of course).

It is nothing more than a simple step of logic in Fauci’s leftist mind to combine the dangers of an era of pandemics and of climate change to use big pharma, big health and global government to program and control every aspect of human behavior…for the safety and survival of the species, of course.

Where is America’s Judeo-Christian heritage of individual freedom and rights from God in all that?  Nowhere.  It’s over.  It’s designated by the left as a laughable joke; a silly, outmoded way of perceiving the human condition; an anachronism that had to give way to the smarter-than-God expertise of leftists like Fauci.

And what’s left?  An empty state of godless materialism, with life devoid of any meaning whatsoever, as human activity and behavior are controlled by an amoral elitist cabal pushing the utterly illusory but propped-up-by-propaganda buttons of climate control and public health maintenance.


Jihadis tried the shock and awe of brute force on 9/11.  It took no time for Americans to see the enemy and its purpose.

The radical left has been slower to be recognized as an enemy.  The left’s army generally doesn’t wear uniforms (though Mattis, Kelly, McMaster, Esper and Milley are apparently exceptions), and most of their bullets and bombs are in ‘mental’ form.  They were camouflaged for decades as a Democrat Party edging leftward.

But Donald Trump’s election was equivalent to turning on the light in the abandoned warehouse:  all manner of leftist rats and roaches were exposed, and they’ve since done nothing to try and re-hide.  Here we are in 2020—and everyone paying even a little attention can see the rats and roaches.

So what difference does it make if the radical left’s assault in 2020 is worse than 9/11?  The difference is that it will take far more informed Americans with far more and greater resolve to rise up and defeat this enemy than it took to at least contain Al Qaeda and ISIS.

There is reason for hope. Americans are awake more than ever to the fact that America’s very identity is under attack from the Left.  A 52% Trump approval rating in the face of 95+% negative MSM coverage indicates an awakened American people.  The Trump rally crowds alongside Biden basement gatherings display an awakened American people.  Americans are alert as never before to the reality that this is not just a campaign as usual, but is rather the next desperate battle in the  Leftist mission to undermine America. The relentlessly transparent leftist hit jobs on President Trump (Jeff Goldberg and Bob Woodward being the latest) are not resonating with informed Americans.  A huge segment of Americans know that deliberate phone destruction by the Mueller team is destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice, despite the media’s “nothing to see here” dismissal of this admission.

Awakened Americans are not going to surrender their country to this leftist assault, any more than they would surrender it to jihadis.

Donald Trump’s election in 2016 will ultimately be seen as a major step by Americans fighting back against the radical left’s assault on America.  November 3rd, 2020 will be a next step, and more steps to restore and reclaim America from the clutches of the Leftist assault on America will follow.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?