Mark Milley and Mark Esper: The Rising Cost of Barack Obama

Mark Milley and Mark Esper: The Rising Cost of Barack Obama

Noted at the time but not widely understood or appreciated, Barack Obama gutted the American military, and particularly gutted the Pentagon of the warrior class. At the Pentagon, and everywhere else in the federal government, Obama wanted personnel aligned with his radical leftist, anti-American ideology.

America is paying a steep price for this piece of Obama’s attempt at a ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.

Many Americans never noticed what Obama was doing at the Pentagon (or anywhere else); many others may have shrugged off any concern, thinking “what’s the big deal? A President gets to have people who think like he does and support his agenda…and the US military is still the US military, so how bad could it get?

Mark Esper, Secretary of Defense, and Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are now showing America how bad it can get.

Esper and Milley are by definition men who came up through the Obama years; if they were not left-leaning in their worldview, they probably could not have made it up the ranks. And now, because they were among the only people the Deep State would allow President Trump to consider, they are in positions of great power, and they are apparently primarily concerned with showing their wokeness and solidarity with SJW movements than they are with protecting the country.

They seem to want to be in the Beltway-approved club with Colin Powell, David Petraeus, John Kelly, HR McMaster, and James Mattis. They’re with it, man, and they know President Trump is the problem, not a decades-in-the-planning Marxist uprising now playing out in American streets.

This is clearly dangerous for America, because Esper and Milley can leave a lot of soldiers confused as to what constitutes the protection of America from domestic enemies.

Antifa and BLM are domestic enemies of the United States of America; it’s really not a close call for those actually paying attention to the openly stated beliefs and agendas of both organizations. President Trump has already said he wants Antifa designated a domestic terror organization; and BLM should not be far behind.

But the Beltway bubble, and apparently the ideological leanings of Esper and Milley, are blinding them to what is at stake. Trump needs to get rid of both, but he is simultaneously faced with the reality that Mitch McConnell is also capitulating to the phony narrative surrounding Antifa/BLM, and will likely not be helpful in allowing Trump to confirm new leaders to replace Esper and Milley.

Not clear what the path forward will be, but surely there are a few rising military officers as well as an abundance of former officers who know exactly what is happening. They need to step up and speak out with the courage of Lt. Col. Allen West.

Esper and Milley are not bad people, and Milley especially has a solid reputation as a soldier/fighter. But Americans across the board are being faced with the question: what are we fighting for in this country?

Esper and Milley have lost clarity on this question; they cannot fight to preserve America if they are unable to discern the pure anti-American Marxism at the core of Antifa and BLM. (Milley’s craven apology for participating in Trump’s walk to St. John’s Episcopal church is public insubordination toward the Commander-in-Chief that warrants termination by itself, but that’s another issue.)

Protesting police brutality is one thing; defunding the police, establishing NoGo zones inside American cities, abolishing prisons, abolishing free market capitalism, dismantling the nuclear family, among other things—all of which are goals and objectives of Antifa and BLM—are quite another, and especially when undertaken with the tactics of looting, burning and otherwise destroying American cities.

If Esper and Milley don’t get that distinction, and are more concerned with winning attaboys from America’s ruling class and Pravda MSM, they are worthless in their positions, and need to resign in favor of better, clearer thinkers.  How about Mike Flynn for Secretary of Defense?

They needn’t worry about their retirements; some publisher will surely lavish money on them to write books bashing Trump.

God help us.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?