Antifa/BLM is Saul Alinsky on Steroids; America Must See Through This

Antifa/BLM is Saul Alinsky on Steroids; America Must See Through This

Always remember the first rule of power tactics; power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.

The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.

–Saul Alinsky

When America’s first ‘community organizer’ became President in 2009, Americans interested in who this new President was soon learned of Saul Alinsky, a radical leftist whose “Rules for Radicals” is the bible for community organizers everywhere, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Americans would do well to take yet another look at Alinsky and his worldview, because the so-called ‘movements’ called BLM and Antifa look a lot like offshoots of Saul Alinsky.

That’s not to say they aren’t dangerous; they are. But it is to demystify who they are and what they represent, and to pull the curtain away from their appearance of strength and momentum.

They are not anything new; they are not anything good; and they are not omnipotent.

Americans intuitively sense this, but they are being bombarded by an unhinged, TDS-obsessed MSM screaming at them that BLM and Antifa ARE something new and ARE something good and ARE taking over America.

No they are not, and no, they will not.

American patriots throughout this nation are slowly but steadily waking up and resisting, as they should.


Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer, or Satan. Which points exactly to the foundation of Alinsky’s worldview and that of radical leftists everywhere: they hate God.

More specifically, they hate the concept of God-given individual freedom and responsibility, because these concepts are linked to morality as derived from the divine; as spiritually inspired in ways they cannot grab hold of, slap around, and change in ways that will allow them to do what they want without the pangs of conscience.

They despise the notion of an unseen authority or ‘higher power’; they believe they are or should be the authority and the power.

Once enticed to hate God and hate God-given individual freedom, responsibility and morality…it follows that you will hate America as founded…as has every godless communist and power-mad human being (Adolf Hitler) since.

BLM was launched on the abject lies of (1) Trayvon Martin’s death—which has long since been proven to NOT be about black v. white, NOT be about police behavior, and NOT be about race at all; and (2) Michael Brown’s death, which not even AG Eric Holder could secure an indictment for, because ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ never happened. So BLM got started on a foundation of lies.

Then, BLM effectively appropriated three words with which no one disagrees, and turned them into a branded club to which craven elected officials and corporate and military ‘leaders’ bow and kneel.

Antifa traces its roots back to Marxist malcontents in 1930’s Germany (isn’t that great?).  The 2020 version in America appropriates two words with which no one disagrees—‘anti’ and ‘fascism’—(at least as to the true meaning of those words) and uses them as a mask to disguise the violent, uncompromising, totalitarian thought and speech control which are the very features of fascism.

To say these groups ‘appropriated’ words isn’t accurate: they misappropriated them. They use them to lie, to deceive, and to intimidate.

BLM in particular isn’t about helping black Americans; by their own charter of beliefs, they favor the ‘queering’ of society (implementing a radical LGBT agenda); they favor dismantling the ‘patriarchy’ and letting the ‘village’ raise the children (which means dismantling the nuclear family unit as an organizing building block of society); they want to abolish prisons and police; they favor abortion; they are openly anti-capitalist.

This is basically militant godless socialism dressed up for 2020, with a little racism mixed in to make it look and sound better.

Ask LeBron and other black athletes and celebrities how strongly they support the LGBT agenda, the dismantling of two-parent black families even more than they are already dismantled, the abortion of black babies without limit, and getting rid of the capitalist system that enables them to earn millions and millions of dollars for playing a game. (LeBron, if you’re reading, get yourself an appointment to talk with Candace Owens—she’s at a level of intelligence and insight that you’ll never hear in the athlete/celebrity bubble you live in).


Back to Alinsky’s quotes…

As or more important than the power you have is the power you can make others believe you have.

BLM is testing the limits of Alinsky’s proposition. Americans by large majorities oppose key elements of the BLM belief system; most assuredly they oppose abolishing police and prison systems. But BLM and the Democrat Party that embraces them want you to believe otherwise; they want you to believe that ‘defund the police’ is a real movement fed by a groundswell sweeping the nation. It isn’t.

But here’s where the second of Alinsky’s quotes come into play. Politicians and capitalists—let’s use Mitt Romney and Roger Goodell and Jt. Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley as poster children—are being ‘goaded and guided’ into a reaction of support for BLM and Antifa, adding ‘major strength’ to the enemies of America—to movements which they are not discerning enough to know will bring about their complete destruction.


America is witnessing the 2020 version of phenomena as old as the Bible:

  1. Deceit leading to unwise trust leading to destruction.
  2. Bowing to a claim of power that really is not that strong but has made others believe it is strong, and then is helped along to appear even stronger by those goaded into a stupid and cowardly reaction to it.

Nehemiah faced but avoided #1 and built the wall; Haman was going for #1 until Esther stood up and stopped him; King Saul Romney was ready to capitulate to the mighty Philistines as in #2, but David stepped up and the fearsome Goliath fell.

Americans must see through the lies of BLM and Antifa; they must keep at the task of making America great again; they must not appease or capitulate, but step up to defeat the MSM’s creation of a Goliath around the staged Marxist uprising that has swept the country under the disguise of civil rights.

BLM/Antifa’s embrace of Saul Alinsky’s Lucifer-dedicated tactics has no actual power to overthrow the US Constitution unless Americans consent to give that power to them.

To BLM and Antifa (and Alinsky), it’s time to say no, and hell no.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?