American Thinker Apologizes to Dominion

American Thinker Apologizes to Dominion

An interesting development on Friday, January 15th:  the website American Thinker (“AT”) published a full retraction and apology to Dominion Voting Systems for postings on AT that “falsely accuse [Dominion] of conspiring to steal the November 2020 election from Donald Trump”.

You can read the full statement and apology here.

Dominion has also filed a defamation lawsuit against Sidney Powell, who has been vocal with allegations relating to Dominion equipment.  We are unaware of the status of that lawsuit, including whether Ms. Powell has filed an answer to the complaint.

ACWT has interviewed Dallas resident Russ Ramsland on several occasions relating to his firm’s—Allied Security Operations Group—investigation of voting irregularities involving various voting equipment and software, including Dominion’s.  Mr. Ramsland to our knowledge has not altered or retracted his comments or analysis, including as set forth in ASOG’s audit report regarding Dominion equipment in Antrim County, Michigan.

AT did not identify any specific information it had reviewed before issuing its apology, which is unfortunate, because the country as a whole would benefit by having election fraud concerns put to bed by specific explanations of the concerns and observations raised by Ramsland’s firm.

It’s also true that even without the fraud allegations related to the Dominion voting machines, millions of Americans have a deep gut level concern about massive 2020 election fraud, which is less about the technical details of how it was accomplished, and more about the multitude of common sense observations from that election. Those observations range from affidavits and testimony about observed vote fraud far in excess of normal; unprecedented massive use of  fraud-prone mail in ballots; vote counts all trending toward a Trump victory in the relevant swing states and then an overnight massive drop in of paper and electronic ballots overwhelmingly for Biden who was then declared the winner of those states; and the fact that 18 of the 19 bellwether counties in America chose Trump by an average of 12 points. We could keep listing the anomalies, but you get the picture.