Americans and the Wiretapping of Trump Tower: Stay Clear and Stay Firm

Americans and the Wiretapping of Trump Tower: Stay Clear and Stay Firm

President Trump’s weekend tweets about the Trump Tower having been the subject of federal wiretapping during and after the presidential campaign are throwing super high octane gasoline on the fires set by leftwing efforts to topple President Trump.

Out of control fires have a way of destroying everything in their path—the good and the bad; the guilty and the innocent.  Americans are going to have maintain clarity and conviction to prevent this fire from consuming their Constitutional form of government.  Yes, it is that serious.

The facts that the Obama administration sought FISA court-authorized warrants to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign—once in June 2016 and again in October 2016—are not going to be deniable.  They are already known and have been reported on by the likes of National Review’s Andrew McCarthy.

This means the furor will have to focus on justification.

Obama-era officials and their allies in the left-wing media will have no choice but to argue that there were reasonable grounds to suspect national security risks in the communications going in and out of Trump Tower.  They cannot possibly claim innocent mistake.

Their efforts to justify the wiretapping are going to be very difficult.  They will spin a story about the sinister Paul Manafort or Roger Stone, and they will instinctively scream ‘the Russians hacked the election!’ but all of that sound and fury will be unsustainable without concrete facts to back up an actual claim of national security risk tied to the Trump campaign and presidency.  

To date, the only facts clearly established are that successful hacks of the Democrat Party’s email system were traced back to servers with links to Russia, and unsuccessful hacks of the Republican Party’s email system were also traced back to servers with links to Russia.

So…exactly how does this fact pattern end up justifying a FISA warrant to wiretap the Trump Tower?

We’ll be open to hearing new facts and evidence, but on what is known now, there is no justification—other than the plain and simple hatred of Donald Trump by the entire leftist power structure, including John Brennan and James Clapper. 

Moreover, these wiretaps almost certainly have been the source of leaks to the leftwing media about the actual conversations Trump has had with various world leaders.  There is also more than a little ‘smell’ associated with how these wiretaps may be implicated in the takedown of Mike Flynn.

This is Watergate on steroids; these are the highest levels of an American presidency—Obama’s—using federal surveillance powers to sabotage a political opponent.  And when that opponent was duly elected to the Presidency by the American people, the sabotage continued and morphed into a deliberate attempt to oust that President.  This may be as close as Americans have ever seen to a coup attempt orchestrated by the officials of an outgoing administration, including specifically the officials of America’s intelligence agencies.

The ‘truth will out’ and will not be containable by New York Times spin and MSM complicity.  Nor will establishment Republicans be able to tamp this down and tell the largely Trump-supporting American people ‘nothing to see here; just move along’.

Once the truth is known, every perpetrator in the chain of command must be held accountable. 

Forcing accountability is going to test the character of the American people perhaps as much as any war ever has—because the enemies of America are sensing an all-in opportunity to throw out the Constitution and take down a President.  They will resist accountability with breathtaking fierceness and duplicity.

We think the American people will be up to the task, as they have always been.  But this time the would-be destroyers of America are from within—and that is a new kind of tough challenge.

Stay clear and stay firm.

Paul Gable