Americans Are Now on Flight #93

Americans Are Now on Flight #93

Americans know the heroic story of the passengers on United Flight #93 on September 11, 2001:  they knew their plane had been hijacked, and through cellphone communications knew that other flights had already been hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  They realized their flight was next; and their flight was headed to Washington DC.

And they rose up to resist.  They stormed the cockpit; fought with the hijackers; and stopped the plot.  They paid with their lives, as Flight #93 crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  But they prevented a far greater disaster and loss of life, and demonstrated the strength and spirit of an awakened American people to resist evil directed against their country.


In what may become one of the most pivotal postings of the alternative media/internet era, ‘Sundance’ at Conservative Treehouse has taken this week’s Comey testimony and dramatically alerted Americans to just how clearly their country is being hijacked by a ruling class ‘uniparty’ that is determined to deny and defy the wishes of the American electorate in 2016.

You should read the posting for yourself, in its entirety, right here.  We’ll wait.

The Sundance post shows just how many politicians on both sides of the political aisle knew–KNEW–that President Trump was not under investigation by the FBI relative to any collusion with Russia on the 2016 election (and not under investigation for anything else).  Yet not one of these politicians–not Paul Ryan, not Mitch McConnell, not John Cornyn–ever spoke up to say so.

Every one of these politicians silently stood by and watched the MSM relentlessly put forth story after story after story after story of ‘Trump/Russia Collusion!’, when they knew the stories were false and groundless.

The stories were plainly intended to take down President Trump, to erode his support among those who voted for him, to delegitimize his election through the idea that Trump worked with the Russians to ‘hack the election’.  Yet these politicians let the stories go on and on for months, and never pushed back.  They never stood and spoke the truth.

We hope each and every one of these politicians on the GOP side will be pressed by their constituents for an answer to the question of why they remained silent when they knew the truth.

We suppose some will mount some version of a ‘respect the process’ answer–i.e., that an investigation of some kind was going on, and even though it didn’t target President Trump, the investigation wasn’t concluded and so they couldn’t speak out for fear of being contradicted by some future finding.  Sort of like Comey’s excuse for not publicly acknowledging that Trump wasn’t under investigation, because he might have a duty to correct that acknowledgment if subsequent information required him to.

We don’t think the Comey-style answer will wash with the American people.  We think the American people more than ever before will see that the reason for the politicians’ silence is nothing more or less than a universal uniparty hatred of Donald Trump and his ‘drain the swamp’ agenda.  The politicians care more about maintaining the status quo of their power than they care about respecting the result of an American election.

In the bluntest of terms, all of them, in cooperation with the MSM, are intent on hijacking the American constitutional system of government and nullifying an election.  There is no more doubt about their intention; no more doubt about where they are headed.

It’s time for the American passengers on this version of Flight #93 to storm the cockpit.  The ruling class uniparty must be thrown out.  Those in GOP leadership positions who knew the truth and willfully remained silent must be held to account, whether through massive constituent pressure that causes a turnaround in attitude, or through primarying them and defeating them.

We hope this can be accomplished peacefully.  We also hope Americans who are now awake and willing to storm the cockpit will not suffer the fate of the passengers on Flight #93.

But it is going to take similar courage.  Americans are at a point where another pledge of ‘lives, fortunes and sacred honor’ is going to be needed if the great experiment of constitutional government resting upon ‘the consent of the governed’ is to be preserved.

Paul Gable