America’s Ruling Class is Not Worthy of This Country

America’s Ruling Class is Not Worthy of This Country

Hillary Clinton brazenly destroyed 30,000+ emails from an unauthorized private server.  Then FBI Director Comey said 110 of those emails contained classified information…effectively an admission by the FBI Director that she had committed at least 110 felonies.  She was never charged with any crime.

Biden, Obama, Comey, McCabe et. al., willfully advanced the Hillary-concocted Russia collusion hoax, by falsifying FISA warrants to advance the hoax, and knowingly leaking, spreading and repeating the lies.  None were ever charged with any crime.

Mark Milley aided and abetted a sworn enemy of the United States that is openly engaged in unrestricted warfare against the United States–Communist China–in committing to warn the CCP in advance of any decisions by the US Commander-in-Chief that might affect China.  He was not court-martialed, and was never charged with any crime.

Hunter Biden’s laptop—a virtual confession of felonies too numerous to count—has been in the possession of the FBI/DOJ since 2019, and was deliberately and fraudulently discounted as “Russian disinformation” by a letter signed by 51 former intelligence officials…in order to support the election of Joe Biden.  Hunter hasn’t been charged; Bill Barr, who is responsible for the willful suppression of any DOJ/FBI investigation into the laptop, hasn’t been charged; the 51 lying intelligence officials have not been charged.

Classified documents were found at in the private and unprotected possession of Biden and Pence, neither of whom had even colorable authority to remove them from the White House. No indictments, no charges.

But Donald Trump has been indicted over the handling of documents.  And no matter what left-wing spin you may read, to anyone with experience in the law, this indictment and the process that led to it are transparently hyper-partisan, upside-down abominations of the very concepts of law, order and justice.  Nothing will change that truth.

The Biden cabal’s Department of “Justice” has no relationship whatsoever with the meaning of that word, and everyone with even a semblance of a conscience knows it.

Strongly worded tweets from a few GOP leaders lamenting the politicization of justice are empty, meaningless.  With the possible exception of Marjorie Taylor Greene and maybe Matt Gaetz, the entire GOP is either silent or timid and therefore complicit in the DOJ’s abuse of the justice system. They sit and watch the DOJ go after a former president who is the overwhelming favorite presidential candidate in 2024 among the GOP voting base, and do nothing. They do not threaten to use the power of the purse the constitution gives them to defund the political witch hunt the DOJ is executing on.

It’s not like the people can vote out these feckless GOP Reps who are allowing the politically weaponized DOJ to attempt to destroy the MAGA movement. We the People cannot vote these surrenderers out because the elections are obviously rigged by the same ruling class/Deep State apparatus that makes a mockery of the judicial system.

The deck surely looks and feels stacked against the lovers of America’s founding ideal of individual freedom and responsibility under God.  But maybe the next and most important step is not the formulation of some great political plan or process; instead, it’s the growing, collective mental clarity and conviction among sentient Americans that this abomination of justice and truth cannot stand, must not stand, and will not stand.  Because it is dead wrong, morally indefensible, an unspeakable affront to the ‘divine Providence’ that ushered this country into existence.

It is not clear how this collective and growing rejection of the DOJ’s malicious assault on freedom and the rule of law in America can be organized into meaningful action, to change things. But the collective commitment that we as a nation will not tolerate this, that we will reverse this, is a start.