Truth, Right Between the Eyes

Truth, Right Between the Eyes

  • The 2020 election was rigged.
  • J6 was America’s primal scream reaction to a rigged election; insofar as elements of that reaction crossed some presumed line of decorum for ‘peaceful protest’, the line-crossing was almost certainly the product of and instigated by the plotting and planning by a manipulative and deceitful FBI.

The truth of these statements is supported by overwhelming, incontrovertible and irrefutable evidence…and that’s despite the fact that the FBI still refuses to release the full video of what took place on January 6th, or to release honest data about how many and who the FBI operatives were on that day–both of which are even more exculpatory of the protesters…or else both would have been released.

There are only three reasons for anyone NOT to see these over-arching truths:  (1) ignorance, (2) stupidity, or (3) dishonesty.

There is no hope of persuading the stupid, and the dishonest belong in jail.  All that’s left is to inform the ignorant, and hope their righteous instincts activate soon enough and forcefully enough to quickly and radically change the course of America.


Much confusion and wasted energy follows from forming the central question surrounding the 2020 election along the lines of ‘can you prove Trump won?’…because that automatically triggers Trump hysteria—pro or con—into overdrive and buries any hope for honest analysis.

The question is:  ‘can you prove the 2020 election was rigged?’.

The answer is an easy YES.

And that’s without having to rely on 2000 Mules, fraudulent mail-in ballots, fraudulent signature matching, a 51-lying-intelligence-officials’ letter, or the DOJ’s willful suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop information—all of which are themselves conclusive forms of intentional behavior that constitute outcome-changing election ‘rigging’.

All you have to understand about election rigging is the public data and analysis of Dr.  Douglas Frank.

Read specifically this post; it is not hard to understand.

Read the many other posts on this website relating to Dr. Douglas Frank.  Dr. Frank’s analysis has been replicated; it has never been refuted because it can’t be.

On the strength of Dr. Frank’s analysis alone, the 2020 election was conclusively rigged.


At this point, all that is required is the common sense to ask ‘qui bono’—who benefited from the rigging?

And the glaringly obvious answer is the radical leftist cabal that has seized upon stolen presidential authority to run this country into the ground with manifestly corrupt law enforcement; open borders; racialism-stoked cultural division; destruction of the nuclear family and the innocence of children; insane and unsustainable destruction-of-the-dollar spending; an undeclared war in Ukraine for the primary purpose of money laundering and feeding the military-industrial complex; mandatory injections driving ‘excess mortality’ and reduced birth rates around the globe after a contrived pandemic; and a climate change hoax for the purpose of destroying America’s fossil fuel driven economy and engineering massive wealth redistribution throughout the world.

Let’s hope the ignorant get informed, and carepassionately–soon.