An Injection of Backbone from Georgia

An Injection of Backbone from Georgia

Karen Handel’s win in Georgia’s District 6 is yuge–for America.  The unprecedented leftist/MSM/Democrat hysteria over Donald Trump’s election, combined with $25+ million in Democrat campaign funding, was supposed to deliver a Democrat win in a sure signal of a coming 2018 ‘wave election’ for Democrats.

But Georgia voters didn’t go along.

They injected backbone into the GOP.

Here’s the open secret:  Americans didn’t elect Donald Trump as President because they approved of his sexual attitudes and pursuits.  They didn’t elect him because of his thoughtfully articulated political philosophy, because he doesn’t have one.  They elected him because they were and are fed up with a ruling class that has for decades been spouting the political correctness of secular elitism that mocks and tramples upon America’s heritage of individual freedom and responsibility under God.  They had enough.

In Donald Trump, they didn’t see an angel, but they did see an alternative to just another politician.  They saw an American patriot at heart.  They saw a New York City brawler who was not owned by anyone and did not appear to be afraid of anyone.  They saw a guy who just might be able to upset the apple carts of both political parties or of the uniparty they have become.

And the Georgia result says the American voters who elected Trump are still with him, more than ever.  Because make no mistake, Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff were placeholders; the Georgia race was from the get-go made a referendum on Donald Trump as President.  Trump won again.

Robert Mueller had better be paying attention.  The American people were serious in November 2016 about wanting to drain the swamp, and if Mueller thinks his job is to satisfy Beltway elites by using innuendo and legal make-believe to take down the President that millions of fed up Americans voted for, he had better think again. He is being tempted to play a role of kingmaker/king-breaker that is way above his pay grade.  He ought to quickly and quietly conclude his ‘investigation’; name the leakers who need to be prosecuted; and let the Attorney General resume the role and accept the full responsibilities of American law enforcement.  Everything else Mueller is looking at is simply a Beltway artifice that needs to end.

Georgia voters also showed Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan that the MSM Trump-hating narratives are not nearly as powerful as the MSM would have everyone believe.  If these Republican leaders will now find the backbone to act promptly and in a principled conservative manner to enact Trump’s agenda, 2018 will indeed be a wave election–for the GOP.

Paul Gable