UPDATED, TWICE – ASHE IN AMERICA: the ultimate gaslight: susan dominus, eric coomer, & the mainstream fairy tales of the new york times

UPDATED, TWICE – ASHE IN AMERICA: the ultimate gaslight: susan dominus, eric coomer, & the mainstream fairy tales of the new york times

UPDATE, #2  – ASHE IN AMERICA has done it again, with “the ultimate gaslight 2: what do eric, joe, vodka nance, & the kraken all have in common?”  It’s way too long to add directly to this post, but for those who want a detailed understanding of how a morally bankrupt Pravda-like American media operate to engineer false narratives, just click on the link above, and dig in.

When the press assumes the liberty to lie, all hell breaks loose.  Welcome to America in the 21st century.


UPDATE – To make a long read even longer, but even more interesting, we’ve reproduced at the end of this post the recent additional comments of Joe Oltmann (posted by him on September 1, 2021) regarding the Coomer matter.

Put on your juror hat.  Who do you think is more credible:  Joe Oltmann or Eric Coomer?

It’s not a close question.

And neither is the question of whether the election was stolen.


This is a very long read, and only for those with an interest in election fraud in 2020.   It’s sort of a Ph.D. level mini-course on American dystopia in 2021; a bit of a cultural marker for the era.

Here’s why:

Eric Coomer was the Product Strategy and Security Leader at Dominion Voting Systems at the time of the November 2020 election.

A man named Joe Oltmann, self-described as a tech company CEO, infiltrated local antifa groups in Colorado, and in September 2020 took part in a telephone conference call. Oltmann said during that conversation, he heard a man named Eric speak, and another caller referred to him as “Eric, the Dominion guy.” According to Oltmann, another participant in the call asked “What are we going to do if fucking Trump wins,” to which, according to Oltmann, “Eric” replied “Don’t worry about the election. Trump is not going to win, I made fucking sure of that. Hahaha.”

Oltmann ultimately went public with what he had heard, and concerns about Dominion Voting Systems and election fraud were off to the races, at least in certain circles.

The dystopia/cultural marker angle:  every left wing publication is deeply invested in the narrative:  “there was no election fraud; all theories asserting that there was election fraud are crazy and debunked; Dominion has sued many big names for defamation so that proves Dominion is right and everyone else is wrong; etc., etc.”.

Mr. Coomer’s acknowledged role with Dominion, and his alleged quote about making sure Trump lost pretty specifically goes against the preferred narrative, so in the current cultural era where facts and truth are subordinate to narratives, Mr. Coomer must be made into a noble but misunderstood victim, and Mr. Oltmann must be made out to be a rabid, lying right wing fool.

If facts and truth matter, and if they suggest instead that Mr. Coomer was a rabid leftist, not mentally well, but demonstrably and repeatedly capable of blurting out ‘his truth’, while Mr. Oltmann is a fairly straightforward American patriot, then the story is a real problem for the preferred narrative, especially as proof of election fraud proliferates.

Which leads to the reposting below.  A NYT reporter/writer named Susan Dominus was apparently tasked with the job of using the NYT aura of advanced intellect to make Mr. Coomer into a noble but misunderstood victim.  But lo and behold, an internet blogger who blogs under “Ashe in America” wasn’t buying the NYT narrative, and did a complete takedown of the NYT.

So is ‘Ashe in America’ credible?  And even if she is, should anyone care what some stupid blogger writes in comparison to what the NYT publishes? 

Well, read it yourself…you decide what you think.


By way of additional background, Joe Oltmann has publicly written of how his ‘infiltration’ of antifa occurred:

Joe Oltmann, [16.08.21 09:51]

Someone asked me this question and I believe it deserves an answer. So I am copying his question and my long answer. It’s long. Btw, FEC United has over 200,000 members and grows by 300 or so a day. This will become relevant below

Scott wrote:

Mr Oltman, I follow you on Telegram. I watched your participation/contribution on the Cyber Symposium and I had a generally good vibe about you. I have always been a gut reaction/feeling type person and it has served me well. I’m not too worried about sharing my private information with you. However, I do have a check in my spirit about something that you spoke openly about.
I am curious to know more about the circumstances in where you heard Eric Coomer say he had the election covered. I’m not so much worried about the statement or the validity of the claim. What concerns me is why you were on a conference call with antifa members? What were your interest in those meetings? You said you had no interest in election fraud at the time of hearing this statement. So why were you there? Please forgive my candidness, but at this point, I trust very few people.

My answer:

This is a good question. The answer will be a little long so forgive me in advance.

In March of 2020, when they started locking down small to medium businesses, I watched as the governments were allowed to ball up the constitution and trash it. I watched as business owners suffered and kids were confused. I watched as friends committed suicide and big businesses went unchecked. So I woke up and felt called to do something. First I had my company build technologies for restaurants to give them a way to stay alive, and gave it away for free. Then I helped with the reopen movement and organized protests in colorado. I organized businesses and got them to reject the shutdown collectively. That is when journalists started writing bad articles about me.

After the lockdown was mostly lifted, I started working on an organization that could restore constitutional integrity. Again felt God was asking me to do it. Don’t ask me why, because I was just as happy being a tech CEO and the distraction was not good for business. In the middle I was nominated a second time for Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Second time with this honor.

The riots and looting and violence of Antifa and BLM started beginning of June. I watched as people were attacked, the streets turned to chaos. I now had enough.

Met John “Tig” Tiegen, who is an American hero who fought to save Americans in Benghazi. We talked about his passion to stop this evil and protect our communities. I founded FEC United, which means faith, education and commerce… the three pillars of our society. He founded UADF, United american defense force, a humanitarian organization created to protect our communities from these Marxist communist evil terrorists.

As our membership swelled to 80,000 in just months and 300-1000 would show up to weekly meetings, the attacks in the media intensified. They wrote things about me calling me militia and dishonoring Tig.

An Antifa member showed up to one of our meetings. Told me he was an Antifa member trying to walk away and that I needed to know that the people in journalism writing this stuff were in fact mostly Antifa.

Second meeting after I did not pay attention to it, because I did not trust the source, he told me he could prove it. He could get me connected into a meeting. It got my attention and I got on the call with his assistance to listen in, hoping to get some journalist or more specifically activist information.

That is when I heard Eric. Did research and validated it was him, and what he said. It was not till later I discovered the significance when I read an article with Eric Coomer as the spokesperson for Dominion. My heart sank and I had a decision to make. One that to this day made me choke up a bit recognizing the magnitude of the sacrifice I made for myself and unfortunately my family.

Joe Oltmann, [16.08.21 09:51]

So I did not get involved in this because of politics, I got involved because I care about my country and the people in it. I built a company by the grace of God from a cocktail napkin. I knew the gifts God gave me we’re at that moment meant for something bigger. So I listened and here I am.

I listened because our country is worth it… you are worth it.

Hope this helps you and others understand a very high level reason why and how I got to this place. God bless you.


Reposted from Ashe in America

the ultimate gaslight: susan dominus, eric coomer, & the mainstream fairy tales of the new york times

If you need any further proof that the mainstream media is absolute trash, may I introduce you to Susan Dominus from the New York Times Magazine. Earlier this week, Susan delivered a glowing, sympathetic framing of one of the November 2020 election’s most notorious villains: Eric Coomer.

In her August 24, 2021 fictional short story, He Was the ‘Perfect Villain’ for Voting Conspiracists, Dominus paints an interesting, surprisingly honest at moments, picture of Mr. Coomer. She shares:

“He was a gifted programmer, known to be serious about his work but informal about almost everything else — prone to profanities, with a sense of humor that could have blunt force.”

“…traveled around the world for competitive endurance bike races, would have blended in on the campus of Google, just one in a crowd of nonconformist tech types.”

“…he stood out for the full-sleeve tattoos on his arms (one of Francis Bacon’s “Screaming Popes,” some Picasso bulls) and the half-inch holes in his ears where he once wore what are known as plugs.”

Eric is just an alt-personality, a non-conformist type — but he’s super gifted at programming. The kind of guy you’d find at a big tech company (do you feel your confidence and trust levels rising yet?)

Deeper into the article, we get to understand a bit more about Mr. Coomer’s past and how he came to be involved in our elections. And, I’m not gonna lie, this is my favorite part of this piece by Dominus:

“As a teenager and into his 20s, he considered himself a skinhead, but he was aligned with a faction who were opposed to racism. ‘To me, being skin is being proud that you have a shaved — at least short — hair,’ he wrote in 1991.”

As someone who also grew up in the 1990’s – with a front row seat to the decade of race wars in Atlanta and other cities – I feel confident in saying that literally no one in the 1990’s called themselves a skinhead without proclaiming pride in white skin. The two were synonymous.

Was Coomer the inspiration for Remy?

Higher Learning, 1995

To me, it sounds like Coomer is admitting he was a skinhead, but trying to associate that more with the 1990’s punk rock and straight-edge movements, which were in full swing during the decade. Rewriting history.

Dominus goes on:

“In 2004, at age 34, he wrote on a climbing message board about his struggles with heroin and cocaine and how much they had damaged his life. By then, he was on the verge of bankruptcy, had lost his marriage and had ended up in prison after being charged with several counts of driving under the influence. ‘Another bout of dry heaves racked my body as I lay on the cold cement floor of the jail cell,’ he wrote. ‘Jail is no picnic under the best of circumstances — being in jail while withdrawing from heroin is absolutely the worst I can imagine.’”

So, in 2004, Coomer was withdrawing from heroin in jail because he was caught driving “under the influence,” presumably the influence of heroin since he was withdrawing from the substance while in jail. Does he treat our election security with the same rigor he treats road safety?

To summarize where we are in Coomer’s journey, he was a skinhead who was addicted to heroin and blow, withdrawing in jail due to “several counts” of driving under the influence. I think the author here is trying to paint this as Coomer’s “bottom” in his struggle with addiction. And, I swear, I am not removing anything — this is the actual transition Dominus uses:

“In 2005 he managed to stop using heroin for good.” 

Wow, that’s nice! Well done, Eric. What’s your secret?

“‘I stayed with a friend for a week and told him to take my shoes and my wallet,’ Coomer told me.”

No steps or anything? Just taking your shoes off? Hey addicts, lose the shoes and you’ll be healed!

“Three months later, while he was still in withdrawal, he received a cold call from someone asking if he would consider doing programming work for Sequoia, the voting-machine company whose assets Dominion purchased five years later.”

– Susan Dominus, Creative Writer at the New York Times Magazine

A cold call. He got a cold call. This junkie’s fairy godmother waved her magic wand and all of a sudden a voting machine company — an industry that should be driven by public trust, whose primary metrics should be accuracy and transparency — reached out and gave him the opportunity of a lifetime. A set of glass slippers and a pumpkin carriage to legitimize him.

What is unclear is what this company’s public vetting policy was at the time, and who said (after vetting Coomer three months into sobriety), “Let’s go with the heroin addict that has the criminal record. He seems like a smart business decision given that our buyers are state and local governments, and our business is integrity and transparency.”

Dominus paints this as the moment Coomer found his calling in life. She continues:

“Soon, he was channeling the same obsessive focus he had for climbing [read: heroin and sexual battery fantasies, but we will get into that shortly] into the voting-machine business, its obscure state laws and county regulations, its competing and complicated demands for privacy, security, access and verifiability. ‘I fell in love with the election business,’ Coomer said. ‘There’s no money in it [literally LOL], and you only ever hear from people complaining about what went wrong. But it felt meaningful.’”

Awwww. He found his purpose. He took all the energy and effort that he previously put into doing heroin and driving around while high on heroin and sweating in jail for driving around while high on heroin, and he channeled that into the noble cause of securing our most sacred institution: The Vote.

Does anyone actually believe this? Dominus provides no receipts, spins yarn about the poor little junkie and his sad, sad tale, and sets up the evil Joe Oltmann — and we’ll get into that in my next piece — as the man who ruined Eric’s life. In a bolded call out on the NYT release of this “article” — which, honestly, should have “Advertorial” written across the top and a link to Dominion’s website and Coomer’s CashApp in the footer — Dominious says:

“Coomer had given conspiracy theorists a valuable resource, a grain of sand they could transform into something that had the feel — the false promise — of proof.”

– Susan Dominus, Creative Writer at the New York Times Magazine



This “journalist” claims, without evidence, substantiation or an examination of the facts, that the allegations brought against Mr. Coomer and his employer, Dominion Voting Services, are false. So let’s take a look at a few of these claims.

Dominus Claim #1: “And then on Sunday, Nov. 8, Sidney Powell, a lawyer representing the Trump campaign, appeared on Fox News and claimed, without evidence, that Dominion had an algorithm that switched votes from Trump to Biden.”

Evidence of the algorithm has been shown since November. Around the same time that Dominus and the NYT say there was no evidence, Dr. Shiva Aayadurai presented evidence of the algorithm publicly.

The media will tell you, “Dr. Shiva has been debunked!” Where? Show us. The media NEVER tells you how something has been debunked, they just say it. And people who outsource their critical thinking to the six corporations that own the corporate media believe them. I have heard many pundits claim that Dr. Shiva’s theory has been debunked, including personalities on the right, but I have never seen the debunking. And I’ve looked.

Dr. Shiva’s analysis basically shows that the more Republican the Precinct, the worse President Trump performed. I wrote about this in my November 11, 2o20 piece, This is an Algorithm.

In these charts:
The Y-axis (up and down) is Trump’s Support.
The X-axis (left to right) is the percentage of Registered Republicans.
The Red line is a Straight Party Ticket.
Each Blue dot is a Precinct.
The Yellow line is the Trend.

As Benny Smith says in the video, “Even if you wanted to believe that Republicans hated Trump so much, they still wouldn’t be able to hate him in such a straight line.”

Colorado saw a very similar trend that Dr. Shiva found in his analysis. The more Republican the county, the worse Trump did versus down ticket Republicans.  El Paso County, for example, had Trump underperform versus other Republican candidates.  Colorado Republicans sure loved their DA’s, but they really hated Trump.

Trump was the fourth most popular Republican in El Paso? After CORY GARNDNER? GTFO.

Additionally, Dr. Shiva’s theory of vote switching has been further validated by Dr. Frank’s phantom voter analysis, where you can see the curve-fitting (voting in the same, statistically impossible patterns) of Unaffiliated and Republican voters and registration spikes in red counties that match the 2019 update of the 2010 public census data. These spikes and curve fitting don’t happen with blue voters in blue counties.

Republican and Unaffiliated voters cast their ballots at the same interval patterns in Republican counties. This did not happen in Democrat counties.

Then there is Draza Smith, whose analysis of the Edison election night reporting data, via the New York Times API — the same NYT whose author just said, “no evidence” — actually shows the votes switching at consistent margins, in every state, after the polls closed. The reporting intervals to the NYT API literally return at the same margin differential across the three buckets of Trump, Biden, and Third Party.

The reporting intervals to the NYT API literally return at the same margin differential across the three buckets of Trump, Biden, and Third Party. 

I’m not a lawyer, but I wonder if there is legal liability for the NYT repeating that there is no evidence of election fraud when their own API publicly rendered the evidence of election fraud. Especially the magical resets to zero from the NYT Edison feed that happened — in all states — following the announcement on election night that Florida was called for Trump.

Then there is Jovan Pulitzer’s paper analysis, Bobby Piton’s last name analysis, Col Shawn Smith’s vulnerabilities and systems testing analysis, COL Phil Waldren’s cyber systems analysis, and many other expert-level analyses in the public realm, not to mention thousands of witness affidavits — from witnesses risking penalty of perjury — detailing the first hand accounts of fraud across multiple states.

And, of course, there is the voter verification canvassing happening all over the country. For example, Dr. Frank’s analysis for Ohio was confirmed by the door-to-door canvassing completed by citizens in Ohio.

Colorado — the election fraud test kitchen — plays the long game with overinflated voter rolls, having refined the practice over the years to ensure they have their buffer and don’t get surprised on election night. So they don’t, say, have to stop counting, kick out poll watchers and press, and make up a lie about a water main break to adjust for the win. Hypothetically, of course.

Since 2016, the voter rolls in Colorado have increased 15% while the actual voting population growth has only been about 8%.  Lets not forget that the steepest increase is always in time for the election and the decline (culling) is always right after. Gotta make sure to keep those phantom voters disappear quickly in case anyone tries to look more closely.

Voter roll build up and purges in Adams County, Colorado, 2016 – present.

We’ve been canvassing in Colorado as well, and we are most definitely finding phantom votes and voters.  A teaser of some of the canvassing results was revealed on CannCon (Colorado Vote Canvassing UNDER the radar!!! The results are shocking!). We are still analyzing the data and compiling our results, but we know 100% that this is not a conspiracy theory.

It’s a conspiracy fact: There was an interstate conspiracy to defraud the American People on November 3, 2020. There is overwhelming evidence to support this, most of this evidence is already available in the public sphere, and all of this evidence will be presented in court.

Earlier this week, for example, a federal judge ruled that Judicial Watch’s Colorado lawsuit to clean up the state’s voter rolls can proceed.

The corporate media propagandists can’t refute ALL this evidence of election fraud, so their approach is to gaslight the American People by telling them it doesn’t exist. They smear all of these experienced, renowned and credentialed experts (and witnesses) as nutjobs or liars  and, instead, tell us we should listen to the junkie with plug holes in his ears who hates America and most Americans. Right.

Dominus Claim #2: “Bipartisan audits of paper ballots in closely contested states such as Georgia and Arizona confirmed Biden’s victory…”

Oh, Susan. So, what she is referring to here are the Risk-Limiting Audits, or the “audit ourselves” methodology that was piloted in my state, Colorado, in 2017 before being rolled out to other states looking to destroy the public trust and pull a fast one on their constituents. The only comprehensive, full forensic audit of an election that has ever taken place in American history is the audit that recently wrapped up in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Dominus doesn’t even mention the Arizona audit. Not a peep. Which is weird, because there are preliminary results from that audit that have been released to the Arizona Senate and Dominus doesn’t even hint that she knows about these unprecedented results. Weird for the old Gray Lady, right?

Other media personalities have taken to calling this — again without any evidence or even an examination of the audit dubbed, “The Manhattan Project of Election Audits” — a “Fraudit.” They get their whole cabal to repeat the hashtag, including embattled Colorado Secretary of State Jonestown Jena Griswold who tweeted “Fraudit” the day she banned audits in Colorado.

Jonestown Jena Griswold repeats “Fraudit” – right on cue!

They don’t back up these claims with any facts or data because they believe their audiences too stupid to think beyond hashtags. And, sadly, most of their audiences are. If you’re still outsourcing your critical thinking to the corporate media and repeating their headlines as truth, you’re brainwashed. Proceed to a deprogramming camp immediately. I think you can reach out to Milo for further instructions.

So, what did the Arizona audit find? While the full audit report is expected soon, but has been delayed due to Covid-19 cases within the audit team, we do have the preliminary results that were released by the audit team to AZ Senate President Karen Fann:

  • Thousands of Duplicate Ballots with No Serial Numbers in the Ballot Boxes
  • 11,326 Votes from Voters who were NOT on the Voter Rolls as of November 7, 2020
  • Ballots cast on non Vote Secure Paper (allowing them to bleed and reject)
  • 3,981 Votes from Voters Registered in Violation of Supreme Court Law
  • 74,000 More Mail-in Votes RECEIVED AND COUNTED than were ACTUALLY MAILED
  • A Breach of the Public Server and Evidence of Unauthorized Access

As a reminder, the presidential vote margin in all of Arizona (not just Maricopa) is 10,457 votes. But there is “no evidence of fraud.”

Big lie, indeed.

Serious Question: If physical evidence, machine images, forensic image analysis, statistical analysis, mathematical analysis, witness testimony, expert testimony, and the results of a full forensic audit are now considered “no evidence,” what kind of evidence would these criminals and fools accept?

Dominus Claim #3: “Over all, the results were accurate, the election process was secure and no widespread fraud capable of changing the outcome has been uncovered.”

She just says this one. No evidence, no receipts, no experts… she just says it. In the New York Times Magazine — and they print it. This is not terribly surprising though, as this story they’re peddling has as much basis in reality as RussiaGate. Same playbook.

So, now it is becoming clear what Dominus meant when she said, “What he saw, he quickly realized, was something that was likely to wreck his life, hurt his employer and possibly erode trust in the electoral process.”

No kidding. As it should. Treason is a pretty damn big deal.


Warning: This section is graphic. 

Dominus wants us to believe that a small group of conspiracy theorists have undertaken a campaign to smear and defame Mr. Coomer. She paints Coomer as misunderstood, claiming:

“As Coomer watched the [Oltmann] video, though, he felt a second strong emotion: a powerful sense of regret — because the Facebook posts were, in fact, authentic. Why, he thought, hadn’t he just deleted them? Coomer could imagine how his words would sound to just about any Republican, let alone someone already hearing on Fox News that Dominion was switching votes for Biden. He told me that he believed every word of what he said on Facebook, but when colleagues later asked him what he was thinking, he was frank: He had screwed up.

You caught that, right? “I said it, I meant it, but I am super unhappy that people found out what I said and meant.” They always tell you who they are.

Dominus fails to share these contentious social posts in her fluffy short story about Eric Coomer, so let’s take a look through Eric’s social media journey during the Trump era.

Remember, Eric has confirmed these posts are authentic, and he also confirmed that he meant every word. 

I’m sure this bias didn’t bleed into his work on elections…right?

Now this is 2016, at the election. Eric starts becoming less diplomatic.

He’s with her.

Here, it’s possible Eric is beginning to wonder if his methods are being found out.


Transitioning into the burn/loot/murder era, this just five days after George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest. Eric posted his playlist:

Eric’s published playlist in the spring of 2020

And here, Eric is defending the summer of love in which his comrades burned down the country. With some choice words for anyone who disagreed.

This next one is one of my faves.

“Antifa is an idea, man!”
(Kind of like “QAnon,” only add in unchecked violence and a requirement for ideological purity.)

And that’s just on Facebook.

Former White House staffer Garrett Ziegler recently shared a profile document on Eric Coomer on his Telegram channel, with receipts, and it’s quite clear that Coomer has a long history of saying what he means (with literally no filter).

The profile shows in detail that Eric has hostility towards Christians, a hatred of America (especially smalls towns), and sexual deviance (at best) that presents as sexually predatory behavior (like making jokes about rape).

Here are a couple examples. For context, the profile suggests the dog/slut references are in regards Emily, his wife at the time (she ditched him — his words — in 2003):

Eric Coomer’s fantasy (?) world

And another:

Side note: Also in the profile, Coomer says they were miserable during their marriage and that Emily was depressed. I can’t imagine why. 

Now, I don’t care what people do in their personal lives, how many shades of gray they are into, and if it gets them off to write about it and share it with others. That’s between Mr. and (former) Mrs. Coomer, their lifeless readers, and God.

But given this dude’s level of influence in our elections, I find this relevant. Eric Coomer holds a boatload of patents for America’s current election systems. The Facebook posts show a vicious, radical leftist with an axe to grind. The deeper profile reveals a sexual deviant with fantasies of female humiliation and battery in addition to being an admitted, allegedly former, heroin and cocaine addict with a criminal record. Goes to character, Your Honor.

And don’t tell me, “but he is a private citizen!” That standard simply can’t apply during the time of these posts. He worked for a private company, yes, but he held an incredible amount of public power over American democracy — way more than any elected official. As he told his audience at the Hacker One conference in 2020:

“My name’s Eric Coomer. I’m with Dominion Voting Systems as a Director of Product strategy and Security. It really is my focus to develop not just new products but also re-evaluating our existing product base with the focus really on securing that the best way we can. I’ve also been instrumental in developing Dominion’s most recent co-ordinated voter vulnerability disclosure policy – we released that last year. I’m the main conduit for that information that comes in, any vulnerability that are [sic] reported to the company come directly to me. I manage that whole process.”

He manages the whole vulnerability process, guys. That information comes directly to him. The guy who meant every word of those Facebook posts above.

How’s that public trust and confidence level looking? 

This (realistic) view of Coomer is hard to reconcile with the attempt at sympathetic character development Dominus tries to get the reader to believe: The Dominion Executive, who really is just a funky everyman, but who “screwed up” with his social media…but otherwise is a trusted source for election security.

Remember that Coomer was Product Strategy and Security Leader for Dominion during the time of the election.

Dominion’s Former Strategy & Security Leader, as depicted in NYT Magazine

Security. Security. Security.

Interestingly, in this piece, we hear about several regrets that Mr. Coomer has due to “mistakes” he made with his social media, which led to his current predicament.

“…the Facebook posts were, in fact, authentic. Why, he thought, hadn’t he just deleted them?” 

“Before he left for work on Nov. 10, Coomer checked the settings on his Facebook account. Had he been careless?”

“…he poured all his disgust and disappointment into a 200-word anti-Trump screed that he posted on Facebook. ‘It was not intended for the general public,’ Coomer said. ‘It was a lashing out.’”

“Coomer started deleting old posts, but he realized how foolishly he had put his faith in a notion of digital privacy.”  This one is my favorite.

This is the hindsight narrative of the former SECURITY LEADER for Dominion. As a technology professional, I have worked with security professionals for close to 20 years, from CISOs down to security engineers. None of those professionals had Facebook accounts because, in the world of technology, it’s widely known that Facebook is a data mining operation and not even remotely private. Everyone with even a cursory knowledge of digital security and data privacy knows this. Except Eric Coomer, apparently.

Restated: Everyone knows Facebook is NOT private except for the leader responsible for the security of American elections on the platform/vendor side of many, many states.

But surely, NOW he has learned his lesson. These were just mistakes, right? He got caught up in passion and said things but he won’t make those mistakes on social media again…

Conversation between Garrett Ziegler and Eric Coomer in 2021

Oh, Eric.

Remember, Dominion holds their security vulnerabilities proprietary — a practice that is only acceptable in the crazy clown world of federal, state and local American government buyers who will buy a critical product stack without understanding where and how it’s vulnerable. With security vulnerabilities proprietary, it really is a pinky promise with Eric Coomer that our elections are secure.

Serious question: Who here finds Eric Coomer pinky promise-worthy?

Also appalling is this little nugget from Dominus’ piece, “No one ever raised any concerns with Coomer about his posts, because his posts were available only to his Facebook friends.”

From a corporate risk standpoint, this is further proof that Dominion — and the people running it — should be nowhere near American elections. If you don’t vet your Strategy and Security Leader, who exactly do you vet?


The lapse in judgement with Eric Coomer is not surprising given the Dominion CEO has lied before Congress and repeatedly to the American People about whether or not Dominion machines are connected to the internet. This is further repeated in Dominus story:

“Poulos was baffled: The technology did not allow for that kind of remote update, as the machines are not connected to the internet. ‘It would be like me saying I came into your house and updated your kitchen table without your [sic] knowing it,’ Poulos said.”

Dominion executives and media personalities have repeatedly told us that these machines don’t connect to the internet, hence the reference to “your kitchen table.”

There is only one problem with that: It’s not true.

Here are the receipts (El Paso County, Colorado but the same or similar components are used across Dominion hardware):

Dell networking components

This and the many, many other receipts are documented in USEIP’s April 24, 2021 Presentation Outlining System, Hardware and Process Vulnerabilities

That is why we now see the narrative shifting from, “They CAN’T connect to the internet,” to, “they WEREN’T connected to the internet.” Subtle but meaningful distinction. The mainstream lie peddlers don’t think you will notice.

Part of me felt bad for Poulos (briefly). When he first communicated that the machines weren’t capable of connecting to the internet, I believed that he really believed that. His Product Strategy and Security Leader probably told him that. But then again, he didn’t really vet his Product Strategy and Security Leader — the former skinhead, heroin junkie, sexually deviant, overtly misogynist bully with a history of criminal behavior and fantasies about the sexual battery of women — so, that’s kind of on Poulos. Bad feeling over.

It remains unclear if Poulos faces legal consequences for lying to Congress. Probably not. No one ever does.

In trying to generate sympathy for Coomer and Dominion, Dominus describes the panicked moments after he realized that he had been found out:

“After he left the airport, he stopped by his home to feed his cats and pick up a rifle.” 

Of course, he has cats. And probably soy in the fridge. I want to call BS on the rifle part — except for maybe a paintball gun and a couple of pussy-hat-pink-colored balls.

In my next piece, I will break down the second angle of this story: The NYT and Susan Dominus’ painting of Joe Oltmann as a villain who has become “famous” at the expense of Eric Coomer, the addict who wants to perform sexually battery on women (presumably consensually but unclear due to the rape jokes) and celebrate dead cops while doing his part to fight for free and fair elections (because he is just such a good dude). Her framing of Joe is just as fictional and hysterical as her fever dream about Eric Coomer.

Until then, I will leave you with this:

Sweet dreams.


UPDATE:  Joe Oltmann comments, September 1, 2021 (from his Telegram channel):

Part 1/2

Going to throw up what is in my brain at the moment… forgive me:


Do you know how absurd it feels to me that I was on that Antifa call. I have gone back and forth, over and over again… I ask myself the simple question, what if this is that bullets collide in mid air moment. What if I was wrong about Eric on the call being the Eric at Dominion. I validated the information, listened intently to videos. I did research to make sure it was actually him. Yet at the time, it was not significant. I was however 100% sure this is who was on the call. What are the chances… and why? Haunted by all of it honestly.  I wish I wasn’t and frankly I wish I did not have this obligation to serve others unselfishly.


The deeper we get into the election fraud, the more sinister it all appears and the more validated it all becomes. I’ve become somewhat of an architectural expert on election systems which leads me to wonder how anyone can use any of them. They are all flawed in the most basic forms of security.


And… Why was one man at Dominion traveling all over the world (not nation but world) selling, installing, updating, demonstrating, negotiating and representing the company? How does one man wear that many hats in a billion dollar company?


I was a successful tech company CEO. I understand consolidation of authority and access. Those jobs he was doing were not the type of jobs you would consolidate, ever. The only reason you would consolidate those positions is to keep the circle tight, and limit the amount of information available on the company to the public. There are only two types of environments where this happens. One is organized crime and the other is government op. I’ll let you all stew on that for a minute…


This is a company with over 200 employees, where code was written in Serbia, where the primary data center was built and maintained by a Serbian company who’s number [one] part[n]er was Huawei, the US restricted and sanctioned bank and investment firm in China. A company who in the US is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dominion Voting in Canada. A company who’s (sic) HQ in Canada sat on the same floor as a Soros shell non profit. Coincidence…


We are talking about a guy who was the speaker invited by Chris Krebs himself to speak at a conference. Hacker Conferences, public hearings.. you name it. We are talking about the Swiss Army knife of positions.


Now let’s talk about actions. I’ve talked to several people personally who said Eric likes to bully people, prone to rage and drinks profusely. Allegedly He once punched a contractor who he said hit on his girlfriend. He supposedly bought a bar, got in a fight with not one but two of his employees while in a drunken rage. This was not 10 years ago…


Keep in mind, I had no idea the significance of Eric or Dominion for that matter. I did not know of his history, initially I did not have access to his social media, did not know even initially he was the inventor of the adjudication process for Dominion. I did not know about him being a skinhead, a person who writes about sexually humiliating and abusing his wife. I did not know he was a heroine addict nor did I know he went to jail for DUIs. I did not know any of this.


Now I do… and it matters.


I knew he said he had a Doctorate in Nuclear Physics. Turned out to be that was a lie. Not a big lie, but significant enough for the nuclear community. His Doctorate was actually in Nuclear Engineering. Still impressive as it requires advanced math and computation skills, but it is NOT Nuclear Physics. That is a whole other animal of impressive.


I know he wrote a voluntary op-Ed in the Denver Post. His own words, driven by the purity of the whitest snow that he was a victim and those social postings were all fabricated. Only, that too was a lie… a rather large lie. A lie that caused a firestorm of rage and danger for me and my family. He later admitted those were in fact his social posts.


But that lie does not stop there. He went on to say later, those posts were “satire”.

Part 2/2

And even later than that, that they were no longer satire but were him voicing his frustration with Trump and our country. So the lie became another lie that dwarfed into yet another… lie? The only person that does that, is someone who is hiding, truth.


Let me dig a little deeper here… before the election, Dominion hired a firm to look into the social media of its employees. They met with some of them who openly posted things related to politics. In these meetings they recommended that they, “lock down, deactivate or close” social media accounts. It was preemptive… almost as if they knew. Now only someone with access to Dominion employees would know this. My question is simple… didn’t they have this conversation with Eric? If they didn’t, why?


There is also something else that happened. Right after the election, the CEO called an “all hands conference call”. Names that popped up all over were l, you guessed it… Serbian. On this call, they said people would be “watching them” for their own safety.


Now we get to the admission of destroying evidence. Eric admitted that prior to filing the fictitious lawsuit against me, he permanently deleted his social posts. He destroyed evidence. Then he filled a lawsuit. Completely illegal and disqualifying but, hey let’s not let law and preservation of evidence get in the way.


Now we deal with a corrupt judiciary… a lawyer for Eric who lies at every turn and all for not lying… and for standing up.


And at the end of what is in my brain at the moment is the knowledge that the election was 100% stolen. It does not matter how many times they lie and say “nothign to see here”. They have to do that, because even letting up for a minute will quicken the result of accountability.


Make no mistake, we will win. God will win. But anything good and worth it never happened easily. It is the hard work and determination to end the evil we face that will show the character and courage of our countrymen and women fighting for a restoration of our nation and an end to the perversions of our communities.


God wins… we win, and what we are seeing is an awakening of courage and sacrifice to defeat this evil terroristic cancer in our society.


And your verdict, juror?