The Four-Legged Stool of Election Fraud

The Four-Legged Stool of Election Fraud

Election fraud deniers want to silence all questioning by announcing that (1) all claims of fraud have been ‘debunked’ (without evidence); (2) courts have reviewed the evidence and dismissed the claims; (3) the claims are just random, unrelated s**t thrown against the wall to see if anything might stick; (4) the election results have been ‘certified’ and of course, most of all, (5) Donald Trump issued mean tweets and deserved to lose and therefore he did lose and all fraud claims are void.

The reality is that evidence of election fraud abounds and is growing in magnitude and ‘irrefutability’ every day; that no ‘debunking’—apart from character assassination of those raising questions—has occurred on a substantive, technical level; that no court has examined the entirety or even a significant part of the evidence; that evidence is growing that ‘certifiers’ did not know or did not try to find out the extent of the evidence of election fraud; and most important of all, that the evidence of election fraud is anything but random, unrelated and anecdotal but instead is gelling with cold, hard consistency toward one and only one conclusion:  the election was stolen through massive, coordinated fraud.

Think of the evidence of election fraud as a four-legged stool.

Leg #1:  Unconstitutional, illegal processes.  This is the category for a variety of transparently fraudulent activities:  changes to voting procedures approved by political apparatchiks and not, as required by the US Constitution, state legislatures; unverified signatures on mail-in ballots; ballot harvesting; dead people voting; election night ballot dumps of hundreds of thousands of ballots with absurdly high proportions of Biden votes; failed chain-of-custody requirements for assuring integrity in ballot handling and counting (including mishandled USB drives).  These were present throughout the country, and most especially in the swing-states…and every one of them aided Joe Biden (think Georgia and Pennsylvania for now, with more to come).

Leg #2:  Algorithm-driven, predictable voting results in every county of a state.  Think of this as the Dr. Douglas Frank leg.  Frank’s discovery is staggering in its implications, and no one to our knowledge has refuted any of it on the mathematical merits.  He has demonstrated that he can take US census data from 2010, project it forward to 2020, and apply an algorithm to determine with essentially 100% accuracy what number of ballots were cast by what age group in every county of a particular state (Ohio was the first state for which he determined the Ohio algorithm; he is apparently finding similar algorithmic functions in other states).

This mathematically certain predictability of election results is not possible in any way, shape, manner or form…except through voting machine manipulation—i.e., through computer programming.  (And once the number of ballots cast is controlled by software, the way those ballots are cast/tallied for particular candidates is merely an additional software programming task).

Dr. Frank’s proof is absolutely devastating to any vestige of trust in the integrity of any election that involved use of internet-accessible voting machines—which is probably why most (all?) of Ohio’s elected officials and officials throughout the country are terrified to even acknowledge Dr. Frank’s evidence exists.  Denial and ‘move-along, nothing-to-see-here’ is far preferable to spineless politicians than coming to grips with Dr. Frank’s evidence.  “The American people just can’t handle the truth” is the ruling class’ fallback rationale for blocking the truth.

The reality is that America cannot survive unless it knows, faces and handles the truth.

Leg #3: Consistent, substantial voting anomalies—all in support of Joe Biden.  Think of this as the Seth Keshel leg of the stool.  Keshel is a former military intelligence analyst, and he has been poring through enormous amounts of historical data on presidential elections–examining correlations, patterns and trends within political party registration over time and actual election turnout data on a county-by-county, state-by-state basis.  The anomalies he is documenting are clearly material in amount and they are relentlessly consistent:  they point to massive, recurring, nationwide election fraud favoring Joe Biden.

Leg #4:  Data packet capture chronicling voting machine manipulation.  This is the Mike Lindell/Patrick Byrne leg of the election fraud stool.  Lindell is conducting a global online cyber symposium on August 10-12, 2021, at which he will present (again) the packet capture data he has assembled that points conclusively to massive manipulation of the 2020 election, accomplished through internet communications originating from China and connecting to the USA.  (And the possibility of an Italian assist to China still looms).

Lindell is every leftist’s favorite punching bag in terms of personality and Christian faith, but his evidence stands.  To his credit, and in sharp contrast to the actions of many Democrat politicians, he’s unafraid of an audit…he’s inviting an audit of his findings by putting his evidence out there publicly in his symposium; he’s calling on cyber security experts from around the world to question it; and he’s absolutely certain it will hold up to their scrutiny.

And Patrick Byrne is every bit as certain that the evidence will hold up to scrutiny.


Election fraud deniers are fond of constructing and picking off tiny straw man issues—e.g., “just because Biden won a lot of extra votes in one county in one state doesn’t prove the whole election was stolen”.  This is silly-level elementary school analysis.  And it gets trounced by the sturdiness of the four-legged stool:  none of the legs are minor or insubstantial; not one of them undercuts any of the others—they simply represent different ways of ‘examining the elephant’; and any one of the legs is sufficient of itself to establish the magnitude and result of the fraud—i.e., it changed the outcome of the election.

The four-legged stool stands out in the open for everyone to see, and it is not going to be knocked over or dismantled or turned to ashes, no matter how much the Deep State tries to do so.   (The Biden administration efforts to stop further forensic audits of state election results do nothing but throw gasoline on the fire of election fraud suspicion.  Even a sixth grader in gym class knows there’s nothing to fear from the principal opening his locker if there’s nothing illegal in the locker…and he also knows that the classmate who screams in protest of having his locker opened is screaming because he’s about to get caught with something illegal in that locker).

All of the election fraud evidence the four-legged stool represents seems to be shouting: “Joe Biden may be occupying the office of the President, but he did not win the November 3, 2020 election”.

All that is left is for Americans to decide what to do about the fraud, and demand that it be done.  Not politicians.  Not bureaucrats.  Not the media.  Not Deep State string-pullers or intelligence agency manipulators.  Americans.