Be An #AlwaysAmerica Voter

Be An #AlwaysAmerica Voter

Be an #AlwaysAmerica Voter

Sad and unfortunate that so much time is wasted in focusing on the personality of Donald Trump.  The whole exercise is mostly one of self-centered virtue signaling—the proud NeverTrumper can pronounce all the ways he or she is a vastly superior human being than Trump and certainly than a Trump supporter, and the proud Trump supporter can explain his or her sophisticated way of tallying Trump’s virtues and vices so as to make the virtues come out on top.

To focus on the personality of Donald Trump is to miss or deny the infinitely more consequential stakes presented by the times.

America is the first and only nation founded on the affirmation of ‘self-evident’ truths that (1) there is a good and benevolent Creator who did not create classes or castes or hierarchies among mankind, but created all equal, (2) men and women are the created, and are entitled to the dignity that springs from God-endowed, inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This founding is by definition exceptional (it has never happened before or since); and it asserts human freedom under God as the rightful heritage of mankind.  The 230+ years of American history show that affirming this heritage has opened up the spirit of innovation—of overcoming the limits of material existence—on a scale never before seen, with the result of advancement in the standard of living to levels never before imagined.

It’s the rightness of the founding ideals that has propelled America and Americans, not men or women of any particular physical description.  An “American” isn’t defined by physical description, but by the love for and embrace of the founding ideals.  Immigrants who earnestly and proudly seek to become—and do become—Americans citizens, exemplify this love.

The almost exclusively American holiday of Thanksgiving (to God) springs from the heritage of the American founding, as does the centrality of the celebration of the divine embrace of humanity known as Christmas.

The continued national reverence for the truth and divine Providence of America’s founding is what is on the ballot in 2020, and Donald Trump and only Donald Trump represents the path forward for renewing and building upon that reverence.

God represents a spiritual presence and power that is beyond the power or reach of human beings (which the Bible generically refers to as ‘the flesh’) to define or control.  God represents a transcendent truth that abides in the affairs of men, and cannot be defied by people, no matter how much they think they are ‘smarter than God’ masters of the universe.

Which is why the radical left has always hated God, and always hated America as founded.  But until 2020, the radical left has generally been unwilling to say so publicly, and has always privately cogitated instead on what they believe to be the most sophisticated, hidden and manipulative ways to undermine and ultimately destroy America.

But whether one characterizes Donald Trump as the cause or the effect of the current upheaval, the last four years have seen the godless left come out (or in some cases, be forced out) into the open and expose their indefensible moral rot more clearly than ever before.

The leftist ruling class—as exemplified by the permanent bureaucracy and the ‘institutions’ of the FBI and “Department of Justice” and even ‘public health’?  Worthy of Americans’ trust and respect?

The heads of these organizations during the Obama/Biden era have been exposed as abject liars, as not mere political hacks, but organized criminals, working together to fabricate evidence and leak lies to frame and defame political enemies, and conceal evidence and otherwise obstruct justice in their dealings with Congress.  These people belong in American jails, not in positions of authority in America.

And their counterparts in public health institutions are not much better.   Because of slavish obedience to Big Pharma/Big Vaccines, public health officials have defiled the notion of ‘following science’.  They have knowingly denied Americans full information as to effective, ‘scientific’ covid therapies; they are practically accelerating covid deaths by banning effective therapies except in too-late situations in hospitals.

This isn’t the American spirit of freedom and respect for truth; this is moral bankruptcy masquerading as authority.  And leftwing politicians (read:  blue state governors) are leveraging that ‘authority’ into direct assaults on American family gatherings in celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Make no mistake—these covid restriction schemes are not about public health; they are about destroying the spirit of America.

The leftist mainstream media?  They worked and collaborated and helped leak feverishly for 3+ years to create and sell a story of the enormous, indefensible evil of a Presidential candidate compromised by or otherwise sold out to an American enemy as a mortal danger to the national security of the country.  Only there was never any evidence that their story was true as to Trump—and they knew it.  Yet here they stand, in October 2020, in possession of overwhelming, authenticated, abundant documentary, audio and video evidence of a Presidential candidate completely compromised by and sold out to the nation’s most formidable enemy—Communist China—and they won’t report a word of it as to Joe Biden.  An unspeakable desecration of the privileges of the First Amendment’s protection of a ‘free press’.

The leftist, ascendant generation of ‘brilliant’ social media founder/billionaires?  Their aggressive censorship of all but leftist orthodoxy shows them to be the shallowest of thinkers, the most lightweight of students of human history.  They are two-bit totalitarians, made to look smart by the ways in which freedom and free markets have enriched them, yet oblivious to the ways in which the destruction of America will take it all away from them.

The leftist, ruling class-credentialed, ‘good and decent’ Joe Biden?  He is and has been transparently on the take for much of his political career, and there are legitimate, serious questions as to the moral makeup of a father who would use a clearly weak and vulnerable son to serve as bag man with some of the worst characters in the world, just to make sure the Biden crime family continued to collect on sale of his political office.  None of this is good or decent.

The virtuous BLM?  Exposed as seeking the destruction of the nuclear family, and aggressively supporting abortion-on-demand (a continuation of the racist eugenics of Margaret Sanger).  Making martyrs out of criminals.  Bringing destruction to black-owned businesses and neighborhoods.  Serving anything but black lives.

The personal virtues and vices of Donald Trump can be left for historians to debate.  The virtues of America’s founding ideals are not open to debate.  But the trend of the times has shown a serious and substantial eroding of appreciation and respect for those ideals, with the result of a wobbling and uncertain USA.   Donald Trump, whether or not he fully understands how it has happened, has reawakened Americans’ appreciation and respect (call it LOVE) for their country as founded.  He is stabilizing the wobbling; he is righting the ship.

The vote on November 3rd isn’t about pro-Trump or NeverTrump.  It’s about America or not America.  Vote #AlwaysAmerica.  Vote Trump!

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?