The Dark Winter of Politicized Medicine

The Dark Winter of Politicized Medicine

If Joe Biden’s vision of a dark winter for America is to materialize, it will be due in large part to the unconscionable politicization of medicine that he and the radical left/Democrat/MSM/Big Tech cabal have engineered against the American people.

The data is piling up—there is absolutely no medical reason for the relentless stoking of fear of covid-19.  Multiple therapies are documented to be working effectively—hydroxychloroquine and budesonide are just two—and the CDC itself confirms recovery rates among those infected to be 99+% for just about everybody under age 70.

“Cases” are simply not a measure of mortal danger.  They are mostly a measure of ever-increasing testing.  Not only are recovery rates very high, recovery times are very short—we know personally of several involving recovery in a day or two.

“Setting records” for numbers of cases is therefore not by itself cause for alarm and does not justify harsher lockdowns.  It does not mean covid is ‘out of control’; remember, the H1N1 virus—for which there was no shutdown, no masks, and no social distancing—spread to more than 60 million cases before it dissipated.  Covid isn’t even at 10 million cases.  There could be enormous spikes in ‘cases’, but a ‘case-demic’ is not a pandemic when the disease itself is manifestly not exceptionally lethal and effective therapies abound.

The world has never kept count of how many people catch a cold (a form of coronavirus) every winter month—but if it were ever done, the number of such ‘cases’ would be huge.  Yet there would be no panic; no arrests for not wearing a mask; no mass worldwide suspension of civil liberties.  Why exactly are we treating everything so oppositely for this particular coronavirus—i.e., can any panel of recognized medical experts agree and publicly explain the ‘science’ behind this?


While 210,000+ deaths is a disturbing number, there is widespread doubt of its veracity.  Over-inclusive counting—i.e., the deaths ‘with’ vs. deaths ‘from’ distinction—has been reported in multiple states.

Even more troublesome is the reality that politicized (primarily meaning Democrat-controlled) state medical boards and some private hospital boards have banned the use of HCQ for covid patients.  We know this has happened in Texas and California.   Doctors have been threatened in writing with loss of their licenses to practice medicine if they prescribe HCQ to a covid patient.

There is no medically sound scientific reason whatsoever for such bans; according to California-based Dr. Simone Gold, these actions by medical boards represent unprecedented state interference in the doctor-patient relationship.  As she has noted, since when do state medical boards take it upon themselves to dictate when a drug that has been safely used by humans for decades can or cannot be prescribed now?  Yet that is exactly what they are doing in California and Texas.

How many covid-related deaths have occurred because patients were denied an effective therapy because of these politically motivated bans?

The bans are for the simple reason that President Trump voiced support for the drug and they do not want President Trump receiving credit for a therapy that could end the fear pandemic.

Dr. Robin Armstrong of Houston—who has successfully prescribed HCQ to covid patients—has noted that he has found it possible to predict the political leanings of his fellow physicians by their opinions regarding HCQ:  scoff and disdain=Democrat; use and efficacious results=Republican.  How on earth is this possible if covid treatment is a matter of science?

And then there are the relentless, one-way-only censorship actions of Big Tech.  Absolutely everything that is different from or counter to the pronouncements of Dr. Anthony Fauci—who has never treated a covid patient—is taken down from public view.

All of this is radically counter to the spirit and decency of the American people.  Americans want sick people to be well; they want the resources and intelligence of the private and public sectors to pursue solutions and share successes, not suppress them.  If an American doctor discovers and applies effective covid treatments, Americans cheer them on, help spread the word to their friends and neighbors, and chalk up another triumph of liberty and innovation.  Aren’t there any Americans working at Big Tech?

There could be only one good faith rationale for Big Tech censorship, and that would be if there were solid, consistent clinical evidence of physical danger from the use of the particular therapies being discussed—i.e., there is documented, recurring evidence that the therapies represent ‘snake oil’ level quackery.  There is zero such evidence of quackery with regard to the use of HCQ or budesonide; on the contrary, there are multiple national and international studies documenting efficacious treatment of covid using HCQ.

The more disturbing question is:   how much physical harm and risk of death (and actual death) is being created and exacerbated by the deliberate refusal to prescribe known remedies?

And here is where Americans are starting to come face to face with a darkness that far exceeds the dark winter of Joe Biden’s imagination.  The darkness looms because of the increasingly frightening reality that there is no good faith answer to these questionsWHY is Big Tech doing this?  WHY is Dr. Fauci aiding and abetting their efforts?

When they are knowingly denying factual information regarding effective covid remedies–upholding falsity and enforcing ignorance—and Americans are dying as a direct result of what they are doing, who or what are they working for?  What is their objective?   What kind of morally vacuous monsters are they?

Listen up, Americans:  godless totalitarian control of mankind is their aspiration and objective, and it is diabolical and it is antithetical to America.

And with Biden and Fauci now openly talking about the federal government getting involved in mandating unnecessary and dehumanizing masks through various tentacles of regulation, the intended tyrannical reset of American society away from freedom and into absolute government control is plain for all to see.

Americans need to rise up, rebel, argue, dispute, question, resist, fight, defy and revolt against this coordinated attempt to impose darkness on America and the world.  Big Tech needs to be busted up; US public health institutions need the ‘burn down and start over’ remedy; and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to be resoundingly rejected on November 3rd.

Darkness doesn’t begin to describe the hell these leftists are getting ready to impose on America if Biden were to win.

Americans cannot, will not and must not allow this man-made dark winter to envelope their country.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?