Beware the Anger of the American People

Beware the Anger of the American People

The mainstream media, the ruling class of both political parties, and now much of the punditry class have joined in fanning the flames of outrage over the conduct of Donald Trump as President.

They are fomenting a fury of anger among the American people, but here’s the untold story:  the bulk of that growing anger is directed not at Trump, but at them.

The American people delivered a political shock in November 2016, and they never would have delivered it had they been a contented people.  They were not content.

They were sick of eight years of Obama, of economic stagnation, of foreign retreat, of military decline, of institutional denial of the obvious threat of ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, of out of control borders, of the mess that was and is Obamacare.

They were further sickened by the obvious corruption of the Department of Justice and FBI, as Hillary Clinton was given a pass over conduct that the FBI Director himself made plain was sufficient for felony guilt.

The American people wanted change, and they voted it in.  Donald Trump was elected to create jobs, repeal Obamacare, secure the borders, and reset the federal government to realism as it relates to the Islamic threat.

But the ruling class does not want Donald Trump to be President, and they are now collaborating on both sides of the aisle to reverse and thereby deny the electoral wishes of the American people.

They are delivering a giant “F-You” to the American people:  we don’t care who you wanted to be President; he is not one of us and he will not be allowed to serve.

The controversies surrounding Russian ‘collusion’ and leaked information that contradicts this or that comment by Trump are manufactured to look like crises.  They are nothing of the sort.

There isn’t a shred of evidence the Russians ‘fixed’ the election results.  As sure as night follows day, had there been even a shred of evidence, it would have been leaked by now and on the front page of the New York Times and Washington Post.

The volume of leaking demonstrates an establishment hell bent on destroying Trump; it doesn’t demonstrate anything else.

This is why Americans are entering into dangerous, uncharted territory.  An entire ruling class of people on both sides of the aisle and in the media think they are whipping up anger at Trump when they are in fact whipping up anger at themselves.

If this delusion continues and they actually move toward impeaching Trump over nothing, after giving Obama an “America’s first black President pass” on profoundly more egregious, impeachable conduct—e.g., fast and furious, lying to pass Obamacare, weaponizing the IRS against American citizens, committing treason in support of Iran—the American people will not just sit back and take it.

The ruling class is playing with fire, and they don’t even know it.  Their DC bubble of self-importance has made them unable to grasp how far out of touch they are from the sensibilities of those who make the country work.

We’re not aware of a similar situation in American history.  The ruling class majorities simply don’t understand and don’t care why the American people promoted an outsider to drain the swamp.  They are determined to put the American people back in their place as the ruled, and not the rulers.

The American nation came into being because of a spirit that didn’t take kindly to the idea of ‘rulers’.  We think that spirit and love of freedom still exists in America, and it is much stronger and more widely held than anyone in the ruling class contemplates.  It will not be put down.

A bunch of people in Washington DC may be about to find that out.

Paul Gable