Blow the Lid Off Las Vegas

Blow the Lid Off Las Vegas

The cultural upheaval going on in America in 2017 can be positive, even restorative, as it exposes the corruption and immorality that have infected sports, entertainment, media, etc.  It is imperative that this upheaval include a cleansing of government and its investigation and law enforcement functions.

Unraveling the Las Vegas mass-murder presents a real opportunity to do just that.

Americans are awake to how the leftists play their games:  take (or create) a crisis; determine the best fit of a left-wing anti-American narrative to exploit that crisis; and then pile mockery and ‘conspiracy theorist!’ disdain upon anyone who dares question the narrative.  If the truth would radically upset the narrative, then by all means suppress the truth.

The Las Vegas mass-murder has been perfect for a fresh round of gun control hysteria:  a plain vanilla white guy apparently considered to be the shooter; no public message of the ‘why’ of the shooting; nearly 60 innocent Americans killed and hundreds injured—presto, there’s nothing to talk about except sadness at the randomness of a psycho lone wolf, and, most importantly, the evil of guns.

But count us extremely skeptical about the narrative.  There is something deeply rotten at the core of what happened in Las Vegas, and when the truth ‘outs’, we think the important discussion will be either about ISIS or the US federal government running amok.  The real issues will dwarf a gun control debate.

One should not underestimate the pressure to suppress truth in the Las Vegas case.  Las Vegas draws 40+M visitors per year.  Casino owners are among the wealthiest, most politically connected people in the world.  The casino owners MUST have an answer to what happened that allows them to contain the PR damage.  And they can make sure federal and local law enforcement get that message.

A one-off, ‘lone crazy man’ with an unknown agenda is about the best narrative they can hope for.  Steps of enhanced security can then be the remedy; PR about how the one-off circumstances can never be repeated become possible; and just like that, the casino owners are on the way to recovery.

But the internet age is going to make keeping the lid on this investigation very, very difficult.  The MSM cannot control hordes of citizen investigators, and intelligent armchair observers.

Ann Coulter did a great job launching reputable lines of inquiry based on facts currently known.  She didn’t claim to know the answers to the inquiries, but the inquiries themselves will make suppression of the truth more difficult.

To borrow from Ms. Coulter, the facts already known point to gun-running and money laundering as the obvious center of the Las Vegas event.  Stephen Paddock’s perfectly clean background made him an ideal buyer of guns—which he very obviously did at rates far beyond any explanation of gun-collection-as-hobby. His affinity for gambling also positioned him perfectly for money laundering activities.

We don’t believe the guns in his Mandalay Bay hotel room were there for decoration, and we don’t think they were there to provide a menu of alternative choices for use in gunning down innocents over some leisurely shootout.   We think they were there to be sold or transferred.  The only questions are:  to whom?  And why?

Barack Obama and Eric Holder engineered the federal government’s distribution of traceable US-made guns to Mexican drug cartels in the hope and expectation that such guns would be used to kill innocent people, including Americans, and the ensuing media frenzy mounted against US gun manufacturers would accelerate and expand pressure to impose tighter and tighter gun controls—maybe even open a path to repeal the Second Amendment.  That is what “Fast and Furious” was all about.  It was that evil; it was that deliberate; it was that much of an insider plot to undermine this country and its Constitution.

Obama and Holder never paid a price for this act of unconscionable subversion of America (which is one of many reasons people like Bob Corker are viewed with contempt by Americans, and why Donald Trump was elected and is unwaveringly supported in his efforts to drain the swamp).  But the American people haven’t forgotten.

Was the Las Vegas mass-murder the work of Obama administration holdovers in the Deep State—some sort of Fast and Furious 2.0 involving gun-running to an ISIS cell?

The most that can be said at this writing is that the known facts don’t disprove this possibility.

And what about the ISIS angle, with or without US government involvement?

It defies even the most common of common sense to have Las Vegas law enforcement and FBI officials standing before the public more than a week after the event and uncertain and/or mistaken about huge aspects of the investigation—except that they have known since two hours after the shooting that there is no Islamic terrorism involved.  The certainty of their stance on this one question in the face of uncertainty as to all the others reeks of ‘thou doth protest too much’.  In any event, why should any American believe anything these people say?

Coulter and others have speculated that Paddock ended up as nothing more than a patsy in a gun-running scheme which went awry; that he himself was shot by the Las Vegas shooters who entered, shot up the concert, and escaped the Mandalay Bay hotel through a service elevator.

To the obvious question of how they could have done all this without Mandalay Bay security being alerted to it—the easy answer could be that Mandalay Bay security was compromised.

And how could that happen?  Well, MGM CEO Jim Murren is an enthusiastic supporter of CAIR and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and implements diversity hiring programs that are consistent with this support.  Could ISIS cell members infiltrate such an organization?

The answer is obviously yes, they could.  But did they?

Here’s where we go back to the interests of Las Vegas casino owners:  they CAN’T allow an answer that indicates casino security functions were compromised by Islamic terrorists.  That answer, in their minds, could cause a near fatal blow to the future of tourism in Las Vegas.

We don’t claim to know exactly what happened in Las Vegas, and we don’t wish ill on the thousands of Las Vegas employees, and millions of Las Vegas visitors who do not commit crimes in their daily lives.  But we do believe the truth matters, and that the American people can handle the truth, and can make their country better if they know the truth.

Here’s to blowing the lid of truth-suppression off the Las Vegas investigation, immediately and lastingly.  Here’s to moral clarity and moral courage up and down the ranks of honest law enforcement officials, that they may be able to resist any efforts by their ‘superiors’ to suppress the truth.

Americans know that inanimate objects called guns have never killed anyone of their own volition.  They want to know what really happened in Las Vegas; they want to know who is responsible.  NOW.

Paul Gable