Breaking the Fear Pandemic

Stanford University’s just-completed study of a random sample of 3,300 Santa Clara County adults showed the presence of coronavirus antibodies at levels which medical authorities say are nearly conclusive as to the presence of the virus in Santa Clara County back in the fall of 2019.

In other words, antibodies unique to the coronavirus developed in response to the presence of the virus, and such antibodies could not exist at the levels the Stanford researchers detected except in response to months of exposure to the virus.

In other, other words, the coronavirus did not first arrive in America in 2020.

The implications of this study could be the trigger for finally breaking the nation’s fear—so don’t be surprised if it is soon officially dismissed or discredited in one way or another. Because what it ultimately points to—and what polite company does not want to contemplate—is that there is something very, very rotten at the core of the fear pandemic that has gripped and ultimately shut down the nation. The fear pandemic smells of a set play. It smells of another Deep State attempt to get rid of President Donald Trump.

The good news about that smell? It is not the smell of fear. But it is a smell that will stoke fierce and righteous anger in the American people toward those who would deliberately orchestrate fear and manipulate Americans and their leaders into rash acts that destroy an entire nation’s way of life.

Something definitely did arrive in January, February and March 2020—and that was a freight-train of apocalyptic fear-mongering. The origin of the virus is in Wuhan, China! Bats and pangolins! Wuhan has a stage 4 virology lab! Engineered HIV links are in the virus! The virus is super-contagious, and we don’t have a vaccine! Fauci/Birx tell President Trump there will be 1.5M to 2.2M dead Americans if immediate action isn’t taken to shut down the country! Impose social distancing! Mandatory masks! Shelter-in-place! Get used to a new normal of life in America characterized by frightened helplessness in the people, who can’t function without government directives!

Yet the Stanford study suggests the fear was wildly (unnaturally?) overblown; in fact, it suggests that promoting herd-immunity—NOT social distancing and shutdown, shelter-in-place orders—may have been the far better response from a public health perspective.   But the fear pandemic assured that there would be no time for study or vigorous debate among medical experts; the urgency and danger demanded that worst-case assumptions be made about everything associated with the virus, and acted upon.

So here we are in mid-April…the economy is cratered; the MSM is filled with Great Depression comparison stories packaged with ‘Trump’s fault’ op-eds; the movement for mail-in ballots (which every objective, knowledgeable election expert knows is an open invitation to cheating) is full speed ahead; and Democrat office holders throughout the country can continue to grab hold of some statistic or sad anecdote and leverage it into extended shutdown periods that assure the economic wreckage will grow and deepen.

All of this fits like a glove as a prescription for thwarting what was a certain landslide re-election of President Trump just two months ago; all of it fulfills a leftist’s dream for the takedown of America as a freedom-based constitutional Republic. And the emergence of immunity cards and Covid-19 compliance apps represent the perfect ticket to the leftists’ dream of finally achieving government monitoring and control of every individual—with the consent of the [fearful] governed.

Yet Americans keep noticing: the numbers on the disease pandemic aren’t matching the fear pandemic. Hospitals and ICU units are not close to maxed out; not even New York is claiming any loss of life for lack of ventilators or other equipment; and ‘cause of death’ determinations have had to be deliberately exaggerated to even have a chance of showing Covid-19 deaths at a level comparable to a bad flu season.

But all over the country, politicians, professors, pundits, friends, relatives and neighbors are deeply and profoundly invested in defending the reasonableness of their fear and the rightness of the shutdown remedies, as well as the certainty of a long, labored and doubt-filled recovery. They have an easy non-disprovable default argument for the shutdown—how do we know things wouldn’t have been horrendously worse had we not shut everything down?

And in any case, try telling someone who has lost or nearly lost a loved one to Covid-19 that they were played by a deliberate fear-mongering operation, and they might take a swing at you. The disease is damn real, they would say, and the idea that anyone would deliberately act to make it seem worse is a kind of evil that is nearly impossible to contemplate, especially by the American character so deeply anchored in human decency. Nobody could possibly be that evil.

And that’s exactly what the perpetrators of this fear pandemic would count on. Suggest any aspect of this pandemic paralysis was deliberately engineered for political purposes—and expect the cat-calls and twitter-sewer (and Deep State trolls) to dump all over you.

But a CIA that had John Brennan as its Director for four years has Brennan loyalists and fellow ideologues all over the place. If there’s any expertise certain to be in the premier intelligence agency of the USA, it is individual and mass psychology, and how to manipulate both. And Brennan himself—as John Durham undoubtedly now knows beyond a reasonable doubt—would stop at nothing to take down President Trump. Nothing.

When the truth finally outs as to the full story of the 2020 pandemic, we think there will be US domestic leftist fingerprints all over it. The truth will be that the fear pandemic was not built by a random string of bad coincidences or a confluence of multiple good faith misunderstandings; it was as planned and executed as the scheme to abuse and leverage Carter Page for unlawful surveillance, frame George Papadopoulos, and set up and prop up the Mueller investigation with whatever lies needed to be told. It will be shown again that US domestic leftists in high places will stop at nothing to get rid of President Donald Trump. Nothing.

If we’re right, Americans will have lived through the darkest, ugliest, most deeply disturbing period of American history (a ‘travesty’, as AG Barr has said, will be the nicest word for it). It will take another American miracle to emerge intact and able to return to a sense of confidence and optimism about the future. But the good news is that to get there, Americans will not be battling the crippling fear of a mysterious disease, burdened by a sense of medical helplessness. That fear will be largely cancelled because the truth will show Americans are not medically helpless and the disease is not as mysterious or even as dangerous as the fear pandemic led everyone to believe. This will be a tremendous help to America’s recovery.

Americans will, however, be reaching the apex of an ongoing epic battle (of which Barr/Durham is just a part) to prove we still have the collective moral clarity and courage to call out the evil in our midst for who and what it is, and to persist and insist that our justice system will not relent until truth matters again, and accountability and appropriately severe punishment has been imposed.

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America under her founding ideals.