Criminality in Plain Sight

Criminality in Plain Sight

News of Obama administration-authorized wiretapping of short-term Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has raised the stakes of what is unfolding in Washington DC.

The news was first broken by CNN, which has a transparently pathological hatred for Trump. This can only mean that the leftist Deep State wanted this news to get out on its preferred timing and terms—so stand by for Mueller to soon announce an indictment of Manafort.

The indictment of Manafort will be intended to provide the cover for what the American heartland can see in plain sight: the Obama administration, including its DOJ under Loretta Lynch and its FBI under James Comey, was running a full surveillance campaign against its political opponents—because it could, and for no reason other than to preserve and enhance its own power and control. And after Trump’s election but before his inauguration, the Obama team used surveillance powers to undermine and sabotage the duly elected President (e.g., transcripts of conversations involving National Security Advisor designee Michael Flynn).

This is criminality on a breathtaking scale; referring to this monumental abuse of power as part of the Swamp understates its importance. This exemplifies the anti-American moral cesspool that Washington has become, and the American people had better step up and flush it—or the country will be lost.

Drawing on old-fashioned common sense, along with reported facts, here’s pretty much what happened:

The Obama administration was an anti-American leftist authoritarian administration that politicized every arm of the federal government into a tool for implementing and enforcing its worldview. All opponents were and are to be destroyed by any and all available means.

The Obama team had finagled a FISA warrant sometime in 2014 to surveil Paul Manafort because of his business dealings with Russia, but never found evidence of any crime worth pursuing, and the warrant expired. But as Trump’s star was rising in the GOP presidential primary, the Obama team flat out wanted Trump surveilled for the benefit of the Democrat campaign—and the ticket to do that was to resurrect the expired first FISA warrant for surveilling Manafort.

But how to get the FISA court to go along? Pay up for a concocted foreign-origin “Trump dossier” to create grounds for a new warrant.
Evidence for months has pointed to the creation of the Trump dossier as a joint venture of the Democrat Party, the FBI Director and certain of Trump’s GOP opponents. So a blatantly political tactic involving fraud on the FISA court was orchestrated and implemented by the Obama administration, and the FISA court went along with it in October of 2016.

Fast forward to Trump’s famous post-election tweet about having his wires tapped—which amounted to a death threat to the Deep State opposition to Trump—and the fact that Trump’s tweet is proving to have been true has them apoplectic. Because they know: if the nation were governed by honest people with respect for the rule of law, then Obama, Lynch, Comey, Rice, Clapper, Brennan—all of them would be jailed. It’s that clear.

Mueller appears to view his role as the designated Uniparty/Deep State preserver in charge of getting rid of Trump, and he knows the truth of what the Obama administration was really doing would blow his investigation completely out of the water.

There is only one fig leaf to cover this rampant criminality, deceit and treason, and that’s to make Manafort into an evil guy who was a legitimate object of law enforcement concern and FISA surveillance. The Obama team’s argument then becomes, gee, we really didn’t want to surveil Trump, but we had no choice because of this evil guy Manafort. So expect a particularly dastardly sounding indictment of Manafort.

We don’t think Mueller is going to succeed. His staff hires are so partisan and agenda-driven as to be laughable. Mueller is acting like Comey in the Clinton non-investigation: he’s already decided the endgame; he’s just figuring out how to get there.

But the fig leaf of indicting Manafort isn’t big enough, and the truth is obvious for anyone to see. Obama and his leftist cabal were out to fundamentally transform America, and that meant so completely ignoring the Constitution as to effectively abolish it. It meant corrupting every agency of the federal government with leftist loyalists, and pursuing the leftist agenda at all costs, using every power of government to do so, and even to the extent of sabotaging the duly elected President of the United States.

Trump’s victory shocked them and has been a ticking time bomb of exposure for all of them. They are pulling out all the stops to rid themselves of Trump.

But there is an angry and informed electorate that is not going to let them get away with it. One way or another, the Mueller investigation is going to be stopped by the American people.

The criminality that is in plain sight is simply too egregious and enormous to cover up.

Paul Gable