DC Democrat Mob Tries to Lynch Bannon, Miller & Gorka

DC Democrat Mob Tries to Lynch Bannon, Miller & Gorka

House Democrat leaders of the black, Hispanic, Asian and progressive caucus groups, and their media allies—rapidly morphing into a DC DemocratMob—wrote a ululating letter to President Trump yesterday urging/demanding that he fire Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka, supposedly because their continued presence in the White House is emboldening a “resurgent white supremacist movement” in America, as evidenced by the racist element of the Charlottesville rally.


I am with the nearly 100% of Americans who view white nationalism, white supremacy, and race-based political movements of all kinds, as wrong, evil and flat-out un-American. White supremacists are an actual and truly deplorable lunatic fringe.   Every American I know, of every political stripe, reviles them.


But exploiting this lunatic fringe to demand that three political appointees be fired is a mob attack.


The DC DemocratMob’s demand has nothing whatsoever to do with the bogus, contrived charge of racism they have leveled against these three men. It is all about pursuing the goal to destroy President Trump, to isolate, shame and undermine him and his team, and to derail his agenda.


Using the racism epithet against political enemies is a time-tested Democrat tactic that simultaneously alarms the ignorant (who don’t realize that they are being played by the Democrats yet again with false accusations), poisons the political environment in DC, and silences the Easily Silenced—those who otherwise would support President Trump and his team but fail to speak up out of fear of having that epithet flung at them next.


The effort is not just to delegitimize Donald Trump, but to send a message to the millions of Americans who poured into the voting booths to elect him, that they have no right to choose a President of this country who interferes with their left-wing agenda.


On top of that, nothing President Trump does in response to this DC DemocratMob attack on these three men will ever be enough to satisfy them.  Even if President Trump agreed they were racist and fired them tomorrow, the DC DemocratMob will not stop.


There will be the next incident, the next issue, the next policy decision, and the mob will always be able to imagine a ‘dog whistle’ of racism, attach it to anyone they do not like, use it to inflame the emotions of the ignorant, and continue their quest to destroy their political enemies.


Whether the Democrats choose the “you’re a racist” line of attack or some other tool in their bottomless arsenal of verbal attacks on their political enemies, the point is they have proven over decades that they are relentless, and they will fight dirty. If “racist” won’t work, they’ll find some other vile fabrication to hurl.


I always tell my listeners why the issues we talk about matter.  So, here is why this matters to you.


The DC DemocratMob claims the right to act as self-designated arbiters of who is a racist, and attack those they have chosen to malign. If we agree they can do that, we are agreeing they are in charge.  They are not in charge.


Millions of Americans see the relentless attacks on President Trump by the DCDemocratMob for what they are: attacks on the right of the people to elect the President.


America is not going to accept peacefully the outcome that the DC DemocratMob is seeking, removing President Trump, nor are they going to forget the many GOP #NeverTrumpers and Easily Silenced, those who acquiesce in the Democrat’s attempted overthrow of this election.


The election of 2016 was in fact the proverbial ‘most important election of our lifetime’.  It was a rising up of America’s heartland voters against the DC establishment in both parties. Watching from the heartland, those voters now see President Trump’s agenda thwarted by the DC DemocratMob that undermines him relentlessly, and by the GOP that fails to stand up.


I was not a Trump supporter in the primary and have criticized some of his decisions and actions.  I speak up not for particular officials, candidates or even parties, but for preserving the unique greatness of America and all of the values that includes.


Letting the DC DemocratMob take out some top Trump aides based on manufactured charges of racism would be a very wrong and dangerous step for our precious country.