Dear Mitt…

Dear Mitt…

Saw your Facebook post today, calling for Trump to apologize for his remarks about the Charlottesville riots, predicting an unraveling of our national fabric absent such an apology and absent a clear statement that racists were 100% responsible for the violence in that city.

Well, let’s get some bona fides on the table.  I voted for you in 2012, and I opposed Donald Trump throughout the 2016 GOP primaries, all the way up to the point he secured the GOP nomination.  I viewed him as dangerously unanchored by ideology, at a time when America is engaged in an ideological war.  I viewed his campaign tactics, particularly against Ted Cruz, to be shameless and disgusting–evidence of someone who thought winning the Presidency was just a larger game than winning a real estate development deal.

The preservation of America is not a game, and she cannot be preserved absent an understanding and affirmation of her founding ideology.

But once Trump won the nomination, I thought he would win the election.  Americans loved that he did not seem to be owned by anyone; that he was unafraid to fight and fight back against an entrenched ruling class and an obnoxiously biased media; that somewhere in the middle of his confusing and inarticulate bluster there was the heart of someone who at least loved America and did not want to fundamentally transform her.  He wanted to make America great again.

And most of all, he did not represent the abject criminality and venality of Hillary Clinton.

Here’s what you don’t seem to grasp, Mitt:  the unraveling of our national fabric has been going on for decades, but vividly accelerated in the last 8 years.  Barack Obama trampled on the Constitution with countless examples of executive overreach; lied repeatedly and knowingly in order to impose socialized medicine on Americans who did not want it; stoked the racism fires by refusing to speak the truth about Trayvon Martin’s death and Michael Brown’s; pursued the ‘fast and furious’ gun-running operation as an attempt at a willful, Machiavellian manipulation of public opinion regarding gun control; lied repeatedly and knowingly about the Benghazi  terrorist attack and what caused it (and you sir, did not have the guts to call him on his lies and it cost you the election); and engaged in overt and covert aiding and abetting of a sworn enemy of the United States: Iran.

For millions of Americans, none of this was ok.  It was not the ordinary back and forth of the political pendulum.  It was an obvious assault on this nation as founded.

Obama should have been impeached and removed from office for any and all of these abuses, not one of which has anything whatsoever to do with the pigment of his skin.  But neither you nor any Republican politician would ever call Obama out in precisely these terms because of one simple fact:  Obama was the first black President, and so you who feign to be a leader gave him a pass to fundamentally transform this nation.  You would not take a stand because you cowered in fear of being labeled racist.

Americans did not want what Obama did to this country.  They voted in November 2016 to put an end to Obama’s agenda.

So now let’s think about Charlottesville.  You and others like you in the GOP have largely stood silent at the preposterous labeling of racist and white supremacist thinking as alt-“right”.

Slavery was supported by Democrats; the Ku Klux Klan was a para-military arm of the Democrat Party; the Civil Rights laws of the 1960’s were passed despite Democrat obstruction.  Nazis are ‘national socialists’.  There is nothing remotely ‘right’ about this kind of thinking.  Yet fear of the “racist!” epithet still has you cowering, still has you scrambling to denounce white supremacists as if they are an actual political force of the ‘right’ in America.

And what about Antifa?  Do you really think these are peace-loving, hearth-and-home Americans idealistically striving for a more perfect union?  Are you really that obtuse and naïve?

Do you really think the American people are so stupid as not to see that people wearing masks and carrying baseball bats and blowtorches to a ‘rally’ do not have peaceful intentions?

Could you possibly find the backbone to speak forcefully against the obvious radical left destroy-America agenda embodied by Antifa?

America’s survival is at stake, and you and others like you seem to think the issue is the personality of the President, and if we just get him to bow down and toe the line with the radical left’s agenda, all will be lovely.

This is why you weren’t elected, Mitt.  You’re out of touch with what George Soros and others like him have as their agenda:  the complete annihilation of the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian culture that brought it into being and has sustained it for 230+ years.

You’re of the ilk that thinks the radical left can be pacified and/or reasoned with.  Name one example to support that possibility.

Trump publicly and vigorously denounced hatred and bigotry at the very outset of the events in Charlottesville.  Do you really think a change in his words, or even the words “I apologize” will change even one iota of the media’s hatred of him?  If you do, you are confirming that you simply don’t get what is going on in this country.

We suspect the truth of how the Charlottesville rally turned into riots is not fully known yet, and when it is known, it won’t be the 100% fault of any group, with the possible exception of radical leftist organizers.  We hope when that truth does come out, that you’ll find the moral clarity and courage to speak out again, and condemn what truly needs to be condemned.

Donald Trump may yet be his own undoing, for the simple reason that he, like you, does not understand what this country is up against and has always been up against within the human condition:  a basic hatred of America’s founding ideal of individual freedom and responsibility under God.

Our guess—based on the experience of the last eight years—is that Charlottesville will ultimately be shown as anything but an innocent unfortunate happenstance caused by white supremacists.  It was more likely a set play by leftist agitators, designed to later activate useful idiots to rise up and virtue signal their outrage at racism as the rationale for getting rid of Donald Trump and returning America to the fundamental transformation the left seeks.

Don’t be a useful idiot, Mitt.

Paul Gable