Dear Mr. Comey…

Dear Mr. Comey…

We really don’t want to read any more of your carefully crafted memos to yourself, or your carefully crafted personal statements to Senators, or listen to your carefully crafted testimony and posturing in public hearings.  We’d like you to read the ‘take’ of an American who is fed up with every Beltway elitist, which most assuredly includes you.

Here it is:

It’s obvious you despise Donald Trump, and believe he should not have been elected President.  You decided to do everything in your power to bring him down, while retaining your job as FBI Director.

You have known all along that the Trump/Russian collusion narrative was false; you knew all along that Trump was not personally a target in any investigation–but you would never publicly say so, for the sole purpose of keeping the narrative alive in the MSM, and damaging Trump.  (Remarkably parallel to the way your pal Patrick Fitzgerald kept alive the Valerie Plame leak case to damage Bush, Cheney and Rove, even though he and presumably you knew early on that Richard Armitage was the source of that leak.)

You knew instinctively that Donald Trump was NOT ordering you to stop any investigation into Michael Flynn.  You knew by Trump’s tone and Trump’s contemporaneous and identical public statements that he in fact thought Flynn was a good guy who had suffered enough and ‘hoped’ you would reach the same conclusion.  You knew Trump was not attempting or intending to obstruct justice in his comment about Flynn.

But when Trump fired you, and made clear you had told him three times he was not the subject of any investigation and also warned you that he might have tapes confirming what you told him, you realized Trump had eviscerated most of your strategy for taking him down.

So what was left that you could do to move forward with your decision to take Trump down?

Volunteer to testify in public again, and carefully craft every word written and spoken so as to not to deny the truth of what Trump had claimed about your three assurances, or about the bogus Trump/Russian collusion narrative, but to move past that as smoothly as possible while cleverly recasting the Flynn conversation to keep alive an obstruction claim for your buddy James Mueller to pursue against the President.  And along the way, throw in some red meat for the MSM in the form of a characterization of Trump as a ‘liar’ because, after all, Trump said you were doing a poor job as FBI Director.

(Please note Mr. Comey:  Trump’s view of your performance is an ‘opinion’; not a statement of fact.  Opinions may be wise or unwise, well-founded or not well-founded, but they are not ‘lies’.  Maybe you think the folks down home don’t know the difference, especially with the MSM aligned to obscure the difference.  But the folks down home do know the difference.  The truth is you could not find a case of Trump actually lying; the best you could come up with is to recast his opinion of your performance as a lie.)

Additionally, you openly admitted to being the source of one leak to the NYT in support of your post-termination take-down-Trump agenda.  You spoke of that leak as one who knows very clearly how and when to do it to serve a political purpose.

Only a fool would discount the probability that you have been the source of many leaks, including leaks prior to your termination.  The Director of the FBI, an admitted leaker of privileged and possibly even classified info to the MSM.

So what do normal Americans think of all this?

You certainly have the right to think Trump should not have been elected President; lots of people do.  Lots of us who supported Ted Cruz in the GOP primary also think Trump plays hardball at a level that crosses ethical and moral lines.

But your obvious machinations to take Trump down are an abuse of power; they are too clever by half; your recasting of the Flynn narrative is transparently a purposeful artifice; and at the end of your day yesterday, you simply confirmed you are part of the monstrously arrogant ruling class elitist swamp that Americans so want to be drained.

Paul Gable