Destroying America’s Historic Symbols: What’s the Real Agenda?

Destroying America’s Historic Symbols: What’s the Real Agenda?

Destroying symbols and statues of the Confederacy is all the rage in the Antifa movement and in Left Wing America. But what will the tearing down accomplish, and what will that violent destruction really destroy?


The tearing down will accomplish nothing except feeding the appetite for more destruction.  These Antifa and other radical leftists will not be happy until this country is in ruins. No amount of apology, explanation, coming together to talk or any other cozy-sounding solution will accomplish anything. They do not want to understand or reach common ground; they want to destroy.


The tearing down will not change America’s history, only obscure it. And that will destroy our common and future understanding of the rich history of America as a “best country on earth” that suffered real life and death struggles to make itself into a ‘more perfect union’.


Our founders wrote deep and profound ideas into our nation’s historical documents, including the idea that we are all created equal with rights from our Creator.  But the founders could not instantly create a society that carried out those ideas in practical terms to their fullest extent.


But over the centuries, we self-corrected. We ended the horrible evil of slavery through the Civil War. Women won the vote and equal rights. We further advanced racial equality by outlawing segregation.


During those wars and battles, Americans fought on both sides, and in every case, the right side won. The battles and wars are part of our collective American history. 


Confederate symbols and statues have stood in our public squares for decades, not honoring slavery, but honoring the course and truth of American history, including honoring the victims and the struggle.


It is only recently that a volatile anger erupted, violently demanding their removal.


Why?  Why now?


The most important, sinister and immediate answer to why is that there are forces beneath the surface appearance that are agitating and fomenting. George Soros is the primary and perpetual philosophical backer and financier of all anti-American causes, both through direct or indirect payment of agitators and protesters of all kinds, and because he funds organizations that thrive on creating suspicion, division and distrust among Americans.


Blame also lies with Left Wing politicians who benefit electorally from identity politics and seeding racial tension. The Soros/Leftist hypnotized Antifa protesters knock down mindless pieces of cement out of outrage against racism that does not exist in America.


Where does this “tear it all down” movement stop? Thomas Jefferson and George Washington owned slaves. Shall we tear down the DC monuments to those towering historical American figures?


If that seems like a ridiculous outcome, why are lesser statues of lesser figures in American history fair game for random destruction?


And the Constitution itself includes original provisions that contemplate the existence of slavery. That could be considered the ultimate American historical affront to equality, and worthy itself of being abolished due to its textual flaw.


In a notable hypocrisy, the Antifa Leftists have not yet to my knowledge turned their attention to the many buildings and roads named after US Senator Robert Byrd, who served as a Democrat in the US Senate for over 50 years—and once served as a Grand Kleagle in the Ku Klux Klan.  How about a little equal time for Antifa to take down Byrd’s name from various buildings?  Their selective outrage is deeply revealing.


As they always do, the Radical Left draws either/or lines that offer no opportunity and no safe place for open discussion among thoughtful Americans.  On this issue, agree with the Antifa leftists that Confederate symbols must be destroyed, or concede that you harbor secretive support for racism. No room to contemplate the truth that virtually everyone opposed to destroying historic monuments also deplores racism and slavery.


What the statue destroyers are destroying, beside the cement statues, are the symbols of American history and the real and substantive progress woven into that history.


Listeners to my radio show know that I am always all about recognizing, honoring and holding on to all of the ideas and values that make up the unique greatness of America.  Our collective American historic struggles to improve America’s demonstration of the great ideals on which we were founded, are memorialized in statues and symbols around the country.  They should not be destroyed.