Dr. David Martin – Again

Dr. David Martin – Again

We noticed Dr. David Martin about four months ago.  He was and is on a mission to expose and cause law enforcement action against what he believes is a clear case of criminal malfeasance and conspiracy behind the creation of the pandemic and the vaccines.

This 25+ minute interview of Martin represents a more concise presentation by Martin of what information he has assembled.

Martin is clearly no lightweight.  He is articulate, passionate, cerebral…and unfortunately pretty convincing.  It’s ‘unfortunately’, because he raises convincing but deeply disturbing concerns about Big Pharma, Big Health, and the apparent machinations involved in creating the pandemic and the vaccine solution.

There has forever been a tension between drug manufacturers’ desire (which may well be mostly in good faith) to find and engineer effective treatments for various human maladies, and the marketing techniques they use to create demand for their resulting drugs.   How truly serious is the malady?  How truly efficacious is the drug?  How much clinical study is enough to legitimize conclusive answers to these questions?  What can fairly be said about the efficacy and side effects of the drug?

The reality, too, has forever been that if they don’t sell drugs, they go broke.  So there is a built-in incentive for Big Pharma to overstate the seriousness of the malady and the efficacy of the drug.

Do they always overstate the seriousness of the malady and the efficacy of the drug?  No.  But do they always err on the side of caution in their marketing efforts?  No.  And is it possible that zealotry might find its way into the marketing of anything that could be considered a game-changing, blockbuster global drug  (or vaccine) worth hundreds of millions or even billions of revenue…zealotry to the point of concocting and hyping fear to the point of hysteria?  So long as Big Pharma is run by human beings, the answer will be (and has always been), yes.

Add to this the reality that there have always been a class of human beings (men and women) who believe they are especially enlightened and educated and understand and hold the keys to creating a better future for mankind (as they define a better future).

The perfect storm of danger to humanity arises when such people develop what they think of as scientific certainty as to what injection is necessary to trigger the evolutionary improvement of the human condition that they believe to be essential (which ‘improvement’ such people may earnestly believe requires a vast depopulation of the earth).  mRNA vaccines appear to fit that bill.  But they are not really vaccines in the historical sense, and the broad mass of humanity isn’t universally sold on even the historical form of vaccines.   So there’s a big problem–no way to sell mRNA ‘vaccines’ throughout the world with a traditional or even semi-aggressive marketing program.  There needs to be a dark and dangerous virus declared a pandemic, and a universal institutional insistence that the only possible way out is through mass mRNA vaccination.

And that’s what Dr. David Martin rather firmly believes is exactly what Dr. Fauci and his allies set out to do, and did.  There are a lot of facts that fit Dr. Martin’s thesis, including his very obvious yet medically unsubstantiated insistence that HCQ, ivermectin and budesonide are not viable alternative therapies.  There are mountains of reliable studies in support of these therapies, but if they had been acknowledged to exist, the emergency use authorization for mRNA vaccines could not legally have been issued.  For Dr. Martin, it’s a matter of cold, hard logic:  for Dr. Fauci to knowingly and falsely deny the efficacy of alternative therapies in order to secure ’emergency use authorization’ for an mRNA ‘device’ that would not have been authorized any other way, and is showing increasingly dangerous and disturbing ‘adverse effect’ and mortality data—how is that not criminal behavior?

We don’t know all that Dr. Martin  knows, and have not undertaken an independent verification of the medical and patent data behind his claims.  But from the interview it sounds like he is very aggressively putting his claims and the backup for them in writing and sharing them with, among others, the entire US Senate.

It’s probably safe to say most people would not want to believe Dr. Martin.  But what he says and writes rings true; there is no obvious hole in his analysis.