“The pandemic was for the vaccine” –??

“The pandemic was for the vaccine” –??

Dr. Peter McCullough of Dallas is taking on national prominence with his very stark and serious questions about the increasingly strident, no questions allowed, you-must-be-vaccinated stance of Dr. Anthony Fauci and his allies in the media and Big Tech.  This video of Dr. McCullough is getting millions of views; the ACWT interview of him also appears to be going viral.

There are few things Americans have been more completely trustful about in their country than (1) the integrity of elections; and (2) the integrity and good faith of ‘public health authorities’.   Trust in both appears headed toward a major collapse.  But the biggest mistake America and American leaders could make at this time is to back off from pursuit of the truth based on some  rationalization that the American people can’t handle the truth.

Suppressing or denying the truth might well destroy America; facing it can bring about a restoration.

So in that spirit, view again this post replying to a WaPo reporter on one aspect of the election fraud story.  You’ll find plenty within the post to help you get prepared for what’s coming on the election fraud front.  The relentless leftist’ obstruction of election audits is not going to hold; centuries of common sense say those with nothing to hide welcome audits.  Up to this point, American common sense has been countered by Americans’ innocent faith in the integrity of American government–i.e., many and probably most Americans simply can’t believe that elections in America could be completely hacked and manipulated.  But the evidence of a gargantuan fraudulent result is going to be piling up to the point of overwhelming that innocent faith.

The bizarre ‘mandatory vaccine’ frenzy for a disease with (1) a 99.8% recovery rate, and (2) data-based age stratification showing relative vulnerability to the disease is nearly nil among huge segments of the population, is starting to be impossible not to notice. The experimental nature of the vaccines has also been noticed; the unprecedented 4,000+ deaths and 10,000+ hospitalizations have been noticed (Dr. McCullough says other experimental drugs have been shut down after 25-50 deaths???); the irrational urgency to vaccinate children (who have almost zero risk of death from covid) has been noticed; the medically unnecessary vaccination of recovered covid patients–who have necessarily developed the strongest natural antibodies–has been noticed.

Mandatory vaccination hysteria does not make sense from a healthcare perspective; that’s the message of Dr. McCullough–he is no medical lightweight, and he is not alone.  He cites and agrees with journalist/researcher Whitney Webb for her ‘aha’ observation:  ‘the pandemic was for the vaccine‘–and there are dots that connect in support of that very creepy observation.

Just as millions of Americans have had trouble grasping even the possibility that American elections could be rigged, millions of Americans are reluctant to even entertain the idea that their own government and Big Pharma and ‘great reset‘ globalists could be colluding to leverage a pandemic of suspicious origin toward a goal of vaccinating the masses in pursuit of an agenda that is not purely and solely about protection from covid-19.

Millions, too, have already been vaccinated in reliance on American health ‘authorities’; they will not want to think they have accepted something into their bodies that not only did not have behind it a good faith motive to help them, but may have had a concealed motive to control them and potentially make them more vulnerable to disease and death.

Is it still possible that the pandemic was a fluke of nature, and that Anthony Fauci’s core motivation in managing America’s (and indirectly but with enormous influence, the world’s) response to the pandemic was an honest desire to help Joe and Jane Everyman be well?

Is the leftist, opposite worldview–that the vaccines are noble achievements by our best and  brightest against a horrific virus, and the only people in danger are those NOT taking the vaccine–closer to accurate?

The upcoming children’s book lauding Fauci as ‘America’s doctor’–will that prove to be a fair take?

Or will the prediction that “Fauci will be gone in 90 days” prove well-founded?

Time will tell.

In any event

Fauci’s obvious dissembling about his involvement with and funding of the Wuhan lab has raised doubts about his character and motivation; his admitted lying and play-acting regarding masks for the sake of protecting the rubes and fools that he apparently thinks comprise most of the population, have not engendered trust; and his relentless stridency in denying the existence of covid therapies–hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and budesonide–that have demonstrated undisputed efficacy (in the case of budesonide, with an Oxford-based double blind study), just don’t add up to an endorsement of the honesty and transparency of Fauci’s motives.

But posit a man who believes the ignorant masses need to be controlled–and perhaps depopulated; posit a man who believes himself to be smarter than everyone else not only in ‘public health’ but in ‘life philosophy’; posit a man up to his eyeballs in imagining and gaming pandemics (including how to maintain them by stoking various fears)–and it is not difficult to posit that same man believing that a mandated-for-the-world, gene-altering vaccine would be good for the world.   And especially good for his legacy as a great man (in his own mind).

Here’s the problem:  America was founded on the conviction that there is one Creator, who has created all men (and women) equal, and endowed them with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Fauci seems to be acting on a vision of himself that supplants the role of the Creator upon which America was founded.  He has taken it upon himself to decide the right way to modify men and women and children, and has effectively brushed off the idea of God-given, inalienable individual rights to life and liberty.  That’s why Americans are increasingly distrustful and outright suspicious of Fauci; they did not choose him to play god or replace God, and they instinctively turn away from people who claim that mantle.

If the evidence continues to pile up that Fauci knew, sought and executed on a vision that ‘the pandemic was for the vaccine’–and if that vaccine proves to be about far more physiological engineering than simple protection against covid-19–Fauci will definitely have a legacy, but it will be dark and ugly…he will not be another Jonas Salk.  [UPDATE:  A reader notes that a review of Salk’s writings–e.g., “Survival of the Wisest”–shows him to be possibly as deep into the materialist/Darwinest/men-should-modify-men mindset as Fauci; it’s only the passage of time and lack of scrutiny and familiarity with those writings that affords Salk a comparatively honored place in American medical history.  So maybe the better way to have ended this post is with a period after ‘dark and ugly’.]