1776 was the Great Reset

1776 was the Great Reset

Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Bill Gates are in the mix of those architecting and leading their self-proclaimed ‘Great Reset’ of the world in 2020.  David Solway and others have written powerfully and clearly about the more specific elements of their ‘globalist’ vision of what the world ought to look like when all the right smart people have all the power.

America, in particular, will be cut down to size, and will take its more appropriate place as merely one among many influential countries.

These big ideas are all wrapped in the virtue packaging of a more ‘inclusive, resilient and sustainable world’, so the skeptic is set up for mockery at the outset.  Who could profess doubt at the rightness of a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world designed by only the best and brightest?

But here’s the answer to the question of who could profess doubt:   American patriots, by the tens of millions.

America is founded very explicitly upon the acknowledgement of a Creator as the one who has already decided at the deepest level what the world ought to look like.

That Creator, as understood in the American founding, is not arbitrary—‘all men are created equal’—and is essentially loving—endowing all men (and women) with ‘unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.  And the proper and principal role of a humble-before-God human government in America is to protect these God-given rights.

The founders trusted that the Creator’s men and women, enjoying freedom and exercising self-government guided by the moral law of that Creator—would develop, over time, a stable, good and vibrant nation.

Ignorance of human history leads to obscuring just how enormously consequential the American ‘reset’ of 1776 really was, and still is.  The relationship of the people to their leaders was, for the first time ever, reset so as to be made structurally subordinate to the relationship of individual people to their Creator.  This was and is radical, revolutionary.  It was and is rightly understood as exceptional.

And the fruits of that exceptional reset are undeniable—American advances in the standard of living, as measured by health and abundance and convenience and enjoyment in all manner of human activity, are beyond those experienced anywhere or at any other time in human history.   Viewed in relative terms and with a long-term perspective, the nation has in fact been stable, good and vibrant to a degree never before seen.  American patriots know this.

The human beings who have benefited from this reset represent every skin color, ethnicity and social and economic background.  That’s the truth, and no amount of 1619 revisionism will change it.  The wrong of slavery was not buried but actually made obvious by America’s radical founding ideals.  Ninety years in the chronology of human history is nothing; yet in less than that amount of time, the irreconcilability of slavery with the American reset became clear and forced it to be expunged.

The Great Reset spoken of in 2020 is architected by those who either actively disdain the God of the Bible (Soros) or by the latest in a long line of people who at various times in history have viewed themselves to be smarter than the Creator and able and entitled to arrange or rearrange creation more in their own image or to their own liking.

Go a little deeper, and these episodes are always about the wrestling that has occurred since time began over the question of whether there is such a thing as Spirit that is powerful and relevant, and beyond the grasp of the materialism that worldly men and women have always felt represents the domain over which they are supreme.

The Great Reset of 2020 would have God replaced by men who by reason of the measure of material wealth view themselves as the smartest people in the world, and therefore the rightful masters of a universe dominated by the materialism of gasses, viruses, food and energy.  God is a fictional creation of the weakest of human minds; theirs are the stronger minds who need not be bothered by the myth of a higher power.

Once God is removed from any relevance to the human experience—once we are not all created equal—it’s pretty clear that the strong minds need to direct and control the weak minds of the masses or else the idiot masses will mess up the world.  Ergo, the strong minds will decide who shall be in power (elections be damned); they will decide when the masses can procreate (abortion must be available at all times); they will decide when the masses can be allowed to be maskless, roaming about on their own; they will decide which vaccines ought to be administered, when, and for what reasons; and they will decide what can or cannot be done in relation to the preservation of the ‘climate’ of the world as they think it ought to be.


A hundred American patriots may articulate their version of patriotism in a hundred slightly different ways, but at the core they would be unanimous:  America has already provided the only great reset the world will ever need, and American patriots are not giving it up.

If there is a God of truth and a core theological principle that links truth and freedom—and America’s founding says there are—then no election corrupted by massive fraud and intended to enable a stripping away of God-given freedoms can or will stand.  Not in 2020.  Not in 2021.  Not ever.

If the Creator is a loving God (“for God so loved the world…”), there will not be a resignation to the suggestion that some part of creation can rise up to either kill enormous numbers of men and women through a virus, or force all men and women to become masked, joyless, soulless versions of themselves, huddled in some containment facility with only regulated permission to come and go.

There will instead be an operating presumption that free Americans will exercise God-given rights and God-given dominion to overcome these challenges of the material world…through ‘divine Providence’.

Here’s the kicker:  the American patriots are right; the Great Reset of 2020 architects are wrong—and history is about to see another proof of that.

At this writing it may not appear what the official path out of the current election fraud darkness will be, but make no mistake, American patriots by the millions are awake, and they will not allow the destruction of the great reset they were bequeathed in 1776.

The ruling class should consider itself warned.  John Roberts is apparently afraid of paid antifa rioters and therefore decided to run from the Constitutional duties and responsibilities of his position.  He’s about to learn of the fury of American patriots that will make antifa look like the spoiled, confused children they are.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?