Do American Leaders Have No “Fear of the Lord”?

Do American Leaders Have No “Fear of the Lord”?

Dennis Prager often describes the jumping off point in his personal journey to better understand the world around him.  It was in graduate school when he realized the enormous difference between the accumulation of directionless knowledge and the acquisition of wisdom that has power and purpose.  Prager highlights how the Bible instructs: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.

According to various Bible translations, “fear” in this context combines the element of reverence with the good old-fashioned concept of learning to do the right thing not only because it is the right or ‘wise’ thing—as defined by centuries of moral ‘wisdom’ teachings anchored in the Bible—but for fear that doing otherwise brings the ultimate danger of living on the wrong side of a higher power.

The Cadet Honor Code at the US Military Academy at West Point instills this basic concept of doing the right thing this way:  “a cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.”

America in 2020 is facing moral wreckage on a scale perhaps never before seen in her history.  A presidential election has been manifestly stolen through in-your-face corruption that spreads far and wide throughout the country and high and low through multiple offices in federal, state and local ‘government’, as well as in Big Tech.   Lying, cheating and stealing, and toleration of those who do, seems to be the order of the day.

Whether its Rand Paul’s highlighting of perfectly timed middle-of-the-night ballot dumps for Biden, or Russ Ramsland’s painstaking exposure of the complete ‘hackability’ of DVS and related software, or Sidney Powell’s catalog of horrors spelled out in her lawsuits, or statistical anomalies, or the incongruity between the Presidential race ‘result’ and everything down ballot, or just a common sense look at the state of the election on Election Night when vote-counting stopped, virtually simultaneously, in five states, and the state of the election thereafter—ALL the evidence points to colossal fraud, to coordinated criminal behavior on a breathtaking scale.

Yet Americans are watching as Attorney General Bill Barr went silent and invisible for weeks; as FBI Director Chris Wray has done the same; as so-called “Republican” Governors Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp turn a blind eye to obvious fraud and work to hurry up and certify fraudulent results; as judges here and there either do the fingers-in-the-ears-la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you routine and ignore the evidence, or make fits and starts toward questioning the legitimacy of the election in their states, but then seem to back away from dealing with it forcefully.

Barr popped up yesterday to announce that the DOJ has not ‘to date’ uncovered any fraud that would change the election result, without specifying what had or had not been investigated. Trump lawyers quickly pointed out that “there hasn’t been any semblance of a Department of Justice investigation,” a fact that should call into serious question the motive for Barr’s announcement.

A DOJ announcement of this kind might have carried weight with the American people twenty years ago.  But after four years of manifest DOJ/FBI corruption in the Russia collusion hoax and the sham impeachment; four years of idiotic Wray-harping about white supremacists as the top terrorist threat to America; a ridiculous mega-SWAT team show arrest of Roger Stone; an umpteen FBI agent dispatch to investigate a bogus noose at a NASCAR garage; and capped most recently by the unconscionable, indefensible, outrageous suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop—allowing an obviously compromised Joe Biden to remain a presidential candidate—in our view yesterday’s DOJ announcement carries exactly ZERO weight with the American people.

What in the world has happened to Barr and the rest of these people?

Sidney Powell has alluded to the idea that the CIA has known about and made use of Dominion Voting Systems (and Hammer and Scorecard) for years and in many countries.  Her implication is that the CIA is somehow behind the use of such systems in America in 2020—either actively itself or by turning a blind eye to the perpetrators—and for the same purpose of rigging election results.

This is hardly a leap of logic.  The CIA under John Brennan was clearly behind the Russia collusion hoax; a Brennan protégé was clearly behind the impeachment hoax; and a Brennan protégé is currently the Director of the CIA.  John Brennan leaves no doubt about his desire to see Donald Trump removed from office; his hate-filled anti-Trump tweets are the 2020 incarnation of ‘thou doth protest too much’.

And when rumors circulate to the effect that America lost five soldiers in a firefight between the US Army and an apparent CIA-controlled server station in Frankfurt Germany that appears to be at the center of election fraud—the signs start to point in an ominous direction: could the CIA have been involved in rigging the US election and therefore be willing to fight its compatriots in the US Army to perpetuate the coverup ? Could the CIA have put out the word that it wants Trump gone, and that no one in any official capacity, from governors to state legislators all the way up to the DOJ and FBI, had better mess with the CIA’s engineered result?  If you comply, your political career will be relatively safe; if you don’t, you won’t want to find out what will happen to you.

As much as most Americans would prefer to dismiss such a theory as unimaginable in America and therefore untrue, it goes a long way toward explaining the actions and inactions of Bill Barr, Chris Wray, Doug Ducey, Brian Kemp, assorted spineless judges and legislators, and a generally silent GOP.  Chuck Schumer warned everyone that the intelligence agencies have ‘six ways from Sunday’ of getting back at anyone who bucks them; it looks like these people have heard the warning, and fear the CIA more than anyone or anything else.

Which brings us back to ‘the fear of the Lord’.  Apparently, none of these people have that fear.  They fear the ‘rulers of men’ who lie, cheat and steal, more than they fear the consequences to themselves and their country of their abject dishonesty and utter denial of truth.

They aren’t the first people to make that choice; they won’t be the last.  But they aren’t made of the stuff that founded and built and preserved America.  Despite their ‘deal with the devil’ to maintain their political viability, they will soon be outed and forced to give way to better American leaders.

That’s because as a whole, the American people do embrace the humility and decency and courage inherent in the right idea of the ‘the fear of the Lord’.  They will find better leaders among themselves.  They may even start a new political party to help find those leaders and get the country back on track.

And as for Joe Biden, the ‘fear of the Lord’ suggests it’s time for him to concede the election.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?