Let’s Open a National Discussion of HAMMER/Scorecard (Updated)

Let’s Open a National Discussion of HAMMER/Scorecard (Updated)

Context”.  That’s the one-word reminder that can’t be repeated too often as the 2020 presidential election is ‘decided’.  Because when context is taken into account, common sense suggests that as fraud-filled as Election Day vote-counting has been in Democrat-run cities and states—and is it ever fraud-filled—the real, monumental fraud was likely in the tabulation of nationwide early voting.

HAMMER and Scorecard are the names for software programs said to have been developed by American intelligence agencies for use in controlling the outcomes of elections through algorithms that adjust vote tabulation.  Their existence and their purpose do not appear to be denied or disputed; the only question is whether and when they have been deployed. (Update:  a friend says Dennis Montgomery is not to be trusted, which may make the story of HAMMER, per se, not credible.  But what HAMMER is described as capable of doing is essentially what was done in Texas in 2018…see below).

(UPDATE #2:  Within a matter of hours after this post went online, Attorney Sidney Powell was interviewed by Lou Dobbs, and spoke specifically about HAMMER and Scorecard.  You can watch the interview here.  Our post was based on gut instinct and a common sense read of ‘context’.  But knowing Ms. Powell, we have high confidence that she is not engaging in speculation–i.e., she has seen evidence.  The significance of her comments cannot be overstated.)

INSERT HERE space for the usual hyper-ventilating denouncement of all tin foil hat conspiracy theories.  And after the hyper-ventilating is done, take a deep breath, and again, consider context.

In the mid-term election of 2018, when early voting results were announced as soon as the polls closed, the political phenom known as “Beto” O’Rourke was on course to achieve a monumental upset of incumbent Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.  Election Day voting, however, swamped O’Rourke, and Cruz pulled out a 2.5% victory (after poll after poll prior to the election had Cruz comfortably ahead by 8-10 points or more).

Post-2018 election detective work exposed what had happened:  there was clear manipulation of the early voting tabulation.  It’s been openly described and discussed many times (here is a good place to start; follow the links within for more detail).  The technological validity of what was discovered—i.e., concurrence that what was alleged to have happened could indeed have happened in exactly the ways described–has been verified by independent IT experts.

Now let’s look at the ‘context’ of the 2020 election.

No honest, informed, objective, intelligent adult (“Adult”) could look at the totality of the Russia collusion hoax and fail to grasp the absolute determination of everyone involved—the mainstream media, the CIA under Brennan, the FBI under Comey, Mueller and his 18 partisan Democrat investigators, Adam Schiff—to tell any lie, fabricate any evidence, leak any untruth, intimidate any witness, and frame innocent people, if it would serve the purpose of getting Donald Trump out of the Presidency.

This is the mindset of opposition to the outsider Trump, whether it is grouped under the label ‘Deep State’, ‘ruling class’, ‘Uniparty’, mainstream media, entrenched bureaucracy, or under the old biblical term ‘rulers of men’.   Just call it the Enemy.  And their modus operandi?  No holds barred.  The end justifies any means.

The impeachment farce was Act 2, and reaffirmed every takeaway from the Russia collusion hoax.  Again, no Adult could look at the totality of evidence surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop—and the word is evidence, not allegation—and fail to see that impeaching Donald Trump for having expressed concern about Biden’s corruption in the Ukraine was a blatant attempt to turn the truth upside down…yet another example of no holds barred, any means justify the end tactics to get rid of the outsider Donald Trump.

Next up in ‘context’ is the pandemic.  It’s nearly perfect as a tactic to get rid of Trump, because good and decent people just cannot accept that it could be a tactic.  People have been sick!  People have died!  Of course this is true.  And it has been true for thousands of years that bad flus make people sick, and the infirm elderly often die from them.

But the shouting about the reality of covid as a sickness is obscuring the relentless accumulation of evidence that profoundly calls into question the legitimacy of shutdowns and masks and the mantra that ‘only a vaccine can save us’.  Mortality data and recovery data and effective therapy data are also shouting that institutional voices perpetuating fear (and prohibiting the use of verified therapies) are following a political agenda, not ‘science’.

But again, put aside noisy debate about disease and therapies.  Think again about context, and the Enemy.  “The pandemic was poorly handled by Trump!” is one useful dimension of the fear pandemic as a means to turn electoral attitudes against Trump.  But there’s a more important dimension.

But for the existence of the pandemic and its ‘fear clamor’ of quarantining and social distancing, there would have been no talk of using mail-in ballots in the 2020 election.  (If there were no mail-in ballots in the 2020 election, Donald Trump would have already been declared the winner.  The Election Day in person vote was decisive in favor of Trump; it’s the ‘keep counting’ efforts tied to mail-in ballots that have been central to moving every swing-state that was solidly for Trump on election night all in one way against him ever since).

So would the Enemy resort to use of an orchestrated campaign of sustained fear about a ‘pandemic’ to aid and abet election fraud via mail-in ballots that would serve the end of getting rid of Trump?

Well, no Adult could look at what the Enemy already did with the Russia collusion hoax and the impeachment and the pandemic management farce and be dismissive of this possibility.  The Enemy has made it overwhelmingly clear:  no holds barred; and the end justifies any means to get rid of Trump.  And if you think the pandemic’s appearance was a random occurrence, and everything that followed was simply rationally reactive and not planned, start with Event 201, and then do a study of Dr. Fauci’s bizarre behavior.

Now for a final dose of context, do just a brief review of Biden’s ‘popularity’ and apparent post-election data.  This is a man who is obviously suffering mentally, who barely campaigned, who never had a campaign event able to draw even 200 people.  This is a man who did not receive 95% of the black vote or anywhere near historical Democrat percentages of the overall minority vote.  (Decades of political wisdom has told Americans if the Democrats don’t get 95% of the black vote, they won’t win another election.)  Yet we are to believe not only that he won, but that he is simultaneously a man more popular—as measured by total votes—than ‘first black President’ Barack Obama in 2008 and ‘first woman President’ Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This is also an election where Republicans retained control of the Senate, and gained seats in the House—an embrace and affirmation of support of the Trump agenda and rejection of the Biden agenda.

This is also an election where pre-election polling—a device of the Enemy—was so wrong as to be outside a presumption of good faith error.  They were conditioning/suppression polls by the Enemy.

Which brings us back to HAMMER and Scorecard (or the same thing by another name).  The use of vote manipulation software on early voting results is tricky business, even when focused on only one race—the Presidential race.  It cannot generate results ate are too obviously suspect.  It must stay within the bounds of pre-election polls and expectations, and the 10-11 point polling lead Biden allegedly had gave them major leeway.  But as 2018 showed in Texas, the Election Day turnout can swamp the built-in early voting victory margin provided by the software.  With Trump’s very obvious populist popularity, the Enemy could not be sure how strong the Election Day turnout for Trump might be (which is why the mail in ballot mechanism was yet another necessary ‘insurance policy’).

Election Day turnout for Trump did in fact swamp the early voting fix, which is why all the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin were strongly trending toward Trump victory on Election Night until all the vote counting was called off, and time was set aside to start rolling in the ‘found’ mail in ballots.  (And at this writing, it looks like the found mail-in ballots will be sufficient to have Biden declared the victor in enough states to nominally claim an Electoral College win).


Americans know in their gut that an election result ‘installing’ President Joe Biden is fraudulent.  They will be lectured by the Enemy that their gut feelings are wrong, that there really were 70+ million Americans who hated Trump so badly that although they support his agenda, they voted for Biden because—despite monumental corruption and criminality evidenced by Hunter’s laptop (and censored by the Enemy)—he was clearly a nicer man.

Well, maybe.

But the context of the past four years screams total fraud.

Our guess is that HAMMER or Scorecard of some version thereof is at the root of the fraud, and that it infected and inflated early voting tallies in favor of Biden throughout the country.

Can we prove it?  Well, duh.  We don’t have the investigative powers to go beyond looking at context and applying common sense.

But the same can’t be said for the DOJ and FBI and the intelligence agencies.  If they want any chance at institutional redemption and public trust (are you listening, Bill Barr? John Ratcliffe?), they need to publicly take up the question of HAMMER and Scorecard and provide evidentiary proof based on rigorous investigation—not surface level ritual denial—that no such tampering occurred.

Because it’s our guess that the American people will not stand for an obviously stolen election, no matter how much the Enemy calls it legitimate and yells at them to accept it.

Nor should they.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?