Pandemic 2020: A Mass Hypnosis Operation?

Pandemic 2020: A Mass Hypnosis Operation?

When Drs. Fauci and Birx come out the same day with the suggestion of wearing goggles to protect against Covid-19—at the very time when data everywhere is suggesting the virus is fading—it’s not hard to imagine them hysterically laughing off camera—”is there anything our little subjects won’t do at our command?  Just for kicks, Tony, let’s tell them to dye their hair purple to ward off the virus…you think we can get the Aspen city council to go along?

Joking aside, casual internet research says ‘mass hypnosis’ is possible under three conditions:

  • Focused attention
  • Impaired or reduced peripheral awareness
  • Vastly increased suggestibility

America is nothing if not focused on Covid-19.  Every day for months the ‘front page’ of every newspaper and every news website and every cable news show has included one or more Covid-19 stories, and probably 95 out of 100 are fear-inducing.  It’s virtually impossible to have even half a day free of thinking about it.  Everyone is made to focus, and be afraid.

So…’focused attention’?  Check.

Impaired or reduced peripheral awareness?  How about the coordinated stifling of all news and information of successful Covid-19 treatments?  There are already thousands of worldwide recoveries under hydroxychloroquine—they are absolutely NOT one-off aberrations.  Yet Fauci can sneer at the idea, and say sorry, ‘the science is not there’—without studying for one minute the actual cases of recovery.  And all heads dutifully bow, even among civic bodies, like the Ohio Medical Board, who ought to be the last people blocking treatments that have shown actual efficacy and saved lives. (The Ohio Board later reversed its ban on HCL at the request of Governor DeWine).

Awareness of those successful treatments would profoundly decrease public fear or ‘defocus attention’—and likely end the entire lockdown regime—but that awareness is being blocked.  It’s nominally being blocked by the social media companies (Google, Facebook and Twitter) rather than the government, but the one thing Fauci and Birx have in common with the ‘masters of the universe’ at Big Tech is a leftist/globalist/shut-up-about-American-exceptionalism mindset.  They don’t want independent-minded, creative American doctors straying from the party line, and they don’t want the hypnotized masses to snap out of it (and they are also united in wanting Donald Trump defeated)—so no hydroxychloroquine, no budesonide, no herd immunity…no hope whatsoever except as dictated by them.

An even simpler aspect of ‘reduced peripheral awareness’:  the MSM’s resolute refusal to draw attention to the enormous disparity between what was projected to occur back in March and what has occurred through July.  If we knew then what we know now, the panicked shutdown would never have started in the first place—which means it should not have to continue now.  But you’ll never hear this angle explored in the MSM.

So…’impaired or reduced peripheral awareness’?  Check.

When fear has been fanned to a high enough level (and fear surrounding Covid-19 exceeded the ‘high enough’ level back in March), and access to fear-dissipating information is blocked or denied, suggestibility necessarily goes off the charts.

Do you or do you not want safety from this horrendous pandemic!!??  YES,  YES, I do want safety!  Are you or are you not willing to do anything to be free of this menace!!??  YES, YES, I will do anything!

Ok then…first up:  masks!  Never mind that initially they were dismissed as unnecessary, ineffective and/or inappropriate.  Now?  They are mandatory immediately and everywhere and all the time, or we haven’t got a chance.  And listen up, subjects.  Not wearing them is not merely selfish and unpatriotic, it’s endangering lives…got that?

Ok then, let’s mace people who aren’t wearing them or wish death on children who aren’t wearing them.

So…’vastly increased suggestibility’?  Check.


The conditions for mass hypnosis are certainly present.  But of course, we all know—and if we don’t, we will be reminded by the MSM–that America’s esteemed, selfless public health authorities and their globalist friends would never participate in a mass hypnosis operation; they would never even think of the psychological dimensions of gaming out a pandemic; and they would never have their medical view of vaccines swayed by either financial interests or engineered utopia aspirations.  It is fringe-level kookiness to even consider such thoughts.  (Which is another way to keep attention focused and reduce peripheral awareness:  by making sure that no one will call ‘BS’ for fear of scorn and ridicule by the Twitter mob.)

Look at all the evidence, and consider a rephrasing of the title of this post:  If the pandemic isn’t a mass hypnosis operation—how different would it be if it was?

Anyone have a good answer?

The good news is that resisting or breaking free of hypnosis is simple though not easy.  It requires refusing to allow anyone or anything to control your own thought.  Retain your individuality.  Assert your self-reliance.  Believe in the power of freedom.  Doesn’t mean you can’t still listen to inputs from a variety of sources about the issues of the day, but it does mean you’ll think and reason for yourself.  All of which are very American things to do.

America needs more Americans thinking for themselves, and refusing to accept narratives or boundaries on what they can and can’t consider—as to Covid-19, ‘peaceful protestors’, BLM/Marxism and everything else.

No time like the present to get started.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?