Joe, It’s Time for You to Concede

Joe, It’s Time for You to Concede

Joe Biden—you’ve got a once in lifetime chance to redeem yourself and your family, and to raise your name to a level of selfless American patriotism that very few ever attain.

Concede the Presidential election. 

Acknowledge that the evidence of election fraud is nationwide, appalling, unconscionable, and fundamentally anti-American, and admit that even though you’ve spent 47 years partaking of the perks of such fraud and corruption, you’re finally ashamed and have had enough.  You’re just not going to allow it to be on your conscience as you go to your grave that the miracle of the United States of America was crushed via the artifice and deception that was the Deep State ‘campaign of 2020’.   Nothing is worth that.

Concede the Presidential election.

The ruling class/mainstream media narrative is—as it has been throughout 2020–180 degrees out of phase.   Trump should concede!  There is no evidence of election fraud!  Allow the polarized American society to heal by accepting the ‘installation’ of Joe Biden as President!

When Sidney Powell’s election fraud allegations are fully aired in public, as they are expected to be by the end of Thanksgiving Week, no fair-minded observer will be able to look away from the corrupt catastrophe that has befallen the country as Dominion Voting Systems and others insinuated themselves into the election machinery in essentially every state of the union.

Lawyers and pontificators can argue back and forth until the cows come home as to whether this or that incident does or does not constitute ‘proof’ of sufficient fraud to require a particular court to issue this or that ruling.  But real people know what happened:  this election is being stolen–and those pulling the strings to make it happen are flat out enemies of America.

As Ms. Powell has made clear in recent interviews, the systemic election fraud made possible and carried out by DVS and others has been operating in the USA for more than a decade.  Bernie Sanders reportedly won the 2016 California Democrat primary over Hillary Clinton, but for the operation of election fraud on her behalf.  In the aftermath, Sanders was reportedly presented with the evidence of the fraud soon after the primary, but chose not to act on it and took instead a payoff to acquiesce in the result and quietly slink away.  What a small man.

Donald Trump is not a small man.  He has seen the evidence of election fraud, just as he saw the evidence of the Russia collusion hoax and the impeachment hoax.  And he is no doubt increasingly aware of the evidence that the pandemic itself is a fraud—i.e., part of an orchestrated ‘great reset’ of global society by which America and her heritage of individual freedom under God can be brought to heel under some sort of utopian socialism and healthcare dictatorship administered by globalist masters of the universe.

In the face of this historic, ‘biblical’, monumental, mankind-shaping fraud, Donald Trump has said no, America is not accepting this.  Not on my watch.

And the 80 to 100 million Americans who voted for him are right with him, not out of cultish loyalty to a personality, but out of love of country and a desire to preserve it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Americans are slowly awakening to just how devastatingly—and evilly—they have been played and deceived during this period of rigged elections.

Honest election results would have shown that Americans are NOT turning away from freedom; they are embracing it anew, with more unity among people of all backgrounds than ever before.  Honest election results would have shown that America is not a 50/50 nation; it has only been made to appear that way through rigged election results.

Just think how differently Americans would feel about their country in the face of an actual election result that showed Donald Trump adding no less than 10 million votes to his 2016 victory total (which he did)—and drawing more votes from minorities of every kind than any other Presidential candidate in US history (which he did)—and running away with a landslide of historic magnitude!   Where is the evidence of a systemically racist, polarized country in that result?

Just think of an honest media reporting to the American people on the health of a society that unites behind a reaffirmation of American sovereignty, of ‘one nation under God’, of secure borders with legal immigration, of a booming economy raising the well-being of people of every background and skin color, and at every rung of the economic ladder!

Americans would rightly see themselves as on the threshold of the brightest future imaginable for all Americans.  And as an enormously important side benefit of the reporting of truth as to election results:  the drumbeat of fear over antifa/BLM violence if Trump is re-elected would be hollowed out and exposed for what it is:  a paid-for fringe agitation movement that could quickly be put down by the vast America-loving majority.

Yet all the hope and inspiration represented by the honest votes of tens of millions of Americans is gutted by the Deep State’s determination to control the American people through the device of election fraud.

This is what Joe Biden could reverse by conceding the election now.  He could express how aghast he is at what became of an out of control Deep State, led by intelligence agencies determined to employ their mind manipulation expertise—including pandemic gaming—to direct what they decide to be best for the world.  He could reaffirm that the last best hope of earth is in fact the concept of government of the people, by the people and for the people—and that he will not be part of any effort that will cause it to perish from the earth.

So here’s your chance, Joe Biden, for a place of immortality in the pantheon of American heroes.

Concede the Presidential election.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?