Takin’ it to the Streets [Updated]

Takin’ it to the Streets [Updated]

Winston Churchill famously noted that the American people can be counted on to do the right thing…after exhausting every other possibility.  Which is to say, the American people take a long while to get fully stirred–and it can be awfully frustrating while awaiting the American people’s full and final resolve.

This original post is a little more than 11 months old, and was first written in the near immediate aftermath of the stolen November 3rd election.  But what was clear then as a matter of intuition and discernment is now clear in spades of actual evidence:  remember the names Dr. Douglas Frank, former Army Captain Seth Keshel, ‘lady Draza’; the Arizona audit (and related canvassing by Liz Harris); the official suppression o the Hunter Biden laptop and Mark Zuckerberg’s $500M ballot harvesting operation.  Proof of election fraud is irrefutable in all 50 states; it is conclusive.

We’ll soon see what SCOTUS is made of, in facing the facts and evidence, but are not counting on people who wear robes to work to be people of moral clarity and courage.  They’ve already shown themselves to be weak and cowardly in upholding truth as the foundation of justice.

But the American people are not weak or cowardly; they are simply slow and reluctant to finally take a stand.  But as the meme points out, when they do, the game will be over.

We think the American people are about ready to stand.  Not with violence or bloodshed.   But with absolute resolve:  ‘takin it to the streets‘ for as long as it takes to put an end this installed/imposed tyranny.


Original Post

I ain’t blind and I don’t like what I think I see
Takin’ it to the streets

Doobie Brothers, 1976

The American people ain’t blind, and they don’t like what they’re seeing from almost every one of their so-called leaders and ‘institutions’ regarding the presidential election of 2020.

The next step:  the American people are going to be taking this to the streets.  Rallies like America has never seen, growing in size and intensity (and with patriotism, not violence, as their guiding force) in probably every state in the country, and in multiple cities in every state—are going to take place until President Trump is rightly declared the winner of the election.

The American people voted in the outsider Donald Trump in 2016.  And since then, they ain’t been blind.  They saw:

  • A Russia collusion hoax, with a ruling class-organized star chamber prosecution called the Mueller investigation, engineered by America’s ruling class institutions through leaks and falsified documents and the framing of innocent people (read: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos and Roger Stone) and with the MSM in obvious cahoots—all for the purpose of taking down the unwelcome outsider.


  • An impeachment hoax, with Obama holdovers at the Department of Defense and State Department fabricating charges against Donald Trump to accomplish the dual purpose of taking down Trump while covering up for Joe and Hunter Biden’s obvious, egregious corruption.



But if the pandemic is seen as vehicle to destroy a vibrant economy that would otherwise assure Trump’s re-election AND a perfect tool to legitimize mail-in balloting as another tool of voting fraud to control the 2020 election, it starts to make sense, not as a public health crisis, but as the latest manufactured coup attempt.



  • Election Night behavior by the MSM and Dem-controlled swing states that simply does not pass the smell test. President Trump was running away with another solid electoral college victory, when ‘stop-the-counting’ suddenly popped up in all the critical states.  And lo and behold, in the days following November 3rd, mail in ballots erased Trump’s leads by just the right amount—sometimes with the great fortuity of receiving a batch of 100,000+ votes, all for Biden, and all voted only for Biden (no down-ballot votes recorded).


Americans by the millions are not going to ‘unsee’ any of this.  And when they put it all together, they know for an absolute certainty that they, the American people, did not elect Joe Biden as President.  They know Joe Biden did not get the most votes in the history of American presidential candidates.  They know President Trump won re-election.

And now they are hearing about Dominion Voting Systems (whose management is suddenly nowhere to be found?) and Smartmatic and Venezuela and Barcelona and Frankfurt, and they are hearing from Sidney Powell and Lin Wood and others who sound a whole lot like genuine American patriots—and what they sense is that the 2020 election fraud is a product of Swamp-directed or Swamp-accommodated malfeasance on a scale they can barely comprehend, with the express purpose of taking down their country and putting it under the control of leftists and globalists, aka, of rulers of men.

The American people are over-the-top irate at what is being done to them and their country in election 2020.  They have been awakened, just as they were awakened after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.  They are the ‘sleeping giant’ the Japanese rightly feared.

The Swamp should be afraid, too.  There is no force quite like a fully-awakened and righteously indignant 80 million-member swath of irate, patriotic Americans.   Clever lawyers and legal arguments and political hack judges can’t put them down; the MSM and Big Tech cannot silence them or make them go away or convince them to move on.  And the whole world is about to see them take to the streets until their will is implemented.

Joe Biden might achieve a measure of redemption for his colossally corrupt political career by acknowledging what the American people now see…and conceding the election. 

That’s obviously not likely to happen.  Joe Biden was never more than a controllable puppet to implement the ‘fundamental transformation’ that the left had designed for America but that Donald Trump interrupted and then threatened to destroy.  But we can always hope–if Biden could awaken from his own puppet stupor and do the right thing, he might save the country a lot of heartache, or worse.

In the meantime, watch the streets of America in the coming weeks.  We the People are not done with protecting and preserving this country.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?

Thanks to American Thinker for posting November 21, 2020!