America’s Survival Soon to be in SCOTUS’ Hands

America’s Survival Soon to be in SCOTUS’ Hands

Sometime before Thanksgiving SCOTUS is going to be presented with an all-time, gut-check, character test.  It will be a quo warranto petition, that effectively asks the Supreme Court to act with its enormous equitable powers to rectify the worst wrong ever done to this country:  the brazen, criminal theft of the presidential election of November 2020.

Make no mistake.  The evidence of the theft of the election has accumulated to overwhelming levels.  The evidence does not show proof beyond a reasonable doubt; it shows proof beyond any doubt.

We will have no role in the preparation of the quo warranto filing.  But we are deeply familiar with the work of Dr. Douglas Frank, and former Army Captain Seth Keshel; we also know what Liz Harris’ canvassing work uncovered in Arizona (to supplement the timid official audit).

There has never been any substantive rebuttal to what Dr. Frank is able to show about the rigged voter turnout, enabled and supercharged by drawing from inflated, phony voter registration rolls (also confirmed by Liz Harris and other canvassing efforts).  And Dr. Frank’s ability to calculate the algorithms by which he can accurately predict voting results across every county of a state—based on analysis of the actual results in one county of the state—has been demonstrated across red and blue states.  The inescapable conclusion:  the entire election was rigged, in all 50 states.

Seth Keshel’s detailed presentation of statistical anomalies in all 50 states is also compelling, and it brings into focus a critical question SCOTUS needs to come to grips with.  In an age of electronic voting, what exactly does and does not constitute ‘proof’ of election fraud?

Non-tech-savvy people stuck in a time warp who hold to a long-ago paradigm of paper ballots counted manually inevitably hold also to a notion that election fraud ‘proof’ can only consist of somebody in a backroom erasing ballots cast for candidate X and remarking them for candidate Y.  Anything other than videotape of the backroom perpetrator erasing and remarking the ballots, or a signed confession, just isn’t ‘proof’.

This is infantile reasoning.  Computers run on software code, and computers can be hacked.  Voting machines are computers.  There isn’t going to be videotape of a perpetrator changing individual ballots.  But evidence of computer hacking abounds…and is proof.  More specifically, election fraud ‘proof’ DOES consist of the 50-state statistical anomalies discovered and explained by Keshel; it most assuredly consists of the Dr. Frank’s discovery of algorithm-driven voting outcomes.

And all of Dr. Frank’s and Seth Keshel’s evidence is separate and apart from whatever Mike Lindell will add from his ‘pcap’ data capture.  The extent to which the Deep State has sought to discredit and physically intimidate (and actually physically attack) Lindell ought to tell SCOTUS all SCOTUS needs to know about the proverbial ‘over the target’ nature of his evidence.

All the smirking in the world about the former crack addict/pillow salesman doesn’t have the slightest relevance to evaluating the probative value of his evidence.

John Roberts is constantly being accused of folding to pressure brought on him by the Deep State that seems to have dirt on him.  We don’t know anything about that, but we do know that Roberts reportedly feared riots in the streets if SCOTUS agreed to hear any case questioning the 2020 election.  In our view that was a grotesque and immoral misjudgment—the official suppression of truth is what assures unrest and, eventually, riots or worse.

But Roberts and the rest of the justices will now get a second chance to do the right thing.  If they don’t see the results of the stolen election/an installed president/an agenda unsupported by even 5% of Americans, all around them:

  • an orchestrated lawless invasion of America at the southern border;
  • a transparent sell-out of American interests in Afghanistan to the Taliban, Russia and China (don’t be surprised if Taiwan has fallen before SCOTUS receives the quo warranto petition);
  • a US military hierarchy engaged in obvious and admitted treason;
  • the divisive poison of CRT unleashed and enforced with weaponized law enforcement determined to root out the non-problem artifice of ‘white supremacy’; and
  • a transparently senile occupant of the White House who constantly presents the uncomfortable question of who is actually running the country…

—then America is done.

There is almost no doubt that the social circles of SCOTUS justices are dominated by those holding the worldview that Donald Trump was the most evil, despicable human being ever to walk the face of the earth, much less to be elected to the U.S. Presidency.  And so Roberts will probably continue to want to find a way to say the election fraud evidence is disturbing, but any legal or equitable action to ‘vitiate’ or nullify the 2020 election results is even more disturbing, and cannot be countenanced by the Supreme Court.

Such reasoning is vacuous; it is morally bankrupt.  The proof of election fraud that changed the outcome IS deeply disturbing, as is the trail of evidence that suggests America hasn’t had honest elections for twenty years or more.  But it is infinitely more disturbing, rattling, and likely riot-inducing to have the supreme institution of the judicial branch of the American Constitutional Republic…deny truth and its essential connection to justice.

There is no chance of maintaining stability in American society without SCOTUS demonstrating honesty and respect for the truth that the 2020 election was stolen, and must be rectified.

Yes, we know that sounds Pollyanna; and we have no delusions that the Supreme Court has engaged and will continue to engage in intellectual gymnastics from time to time to skirt or shade the truth in other contexts.  But the stolen election of 2020—and what America as a society will do about it—is fundamental and foundational to the survival of the Republic.

The radical left firmly believes it can intimidate SCOTUS away from venturing into 2020 election fraud analysis by screaming that anything that leans toward invalidating Biden’s installation or re-instating Trump will lead to riots in the streets.   The CCP and Soros and company would certainly be capable of paying for a few riots.  But the real threat of violent division in America comes from a systemic institutional denial of truth.  There can be no ‘justice’ in the American sense of that word except that which is derived from and based upon an acknowledgement of truth.

SCOTUS justices are bound by an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  They must step up to that oath.  They must hear and consider all the evidence in the quo warranto petition.  And they must acknowledge and rectify the wrong.  If they do so, they won’t be hastening the demise of America; they will be giving America a chance—perhaps a last chance—to recover.