The Arizona Canvassing Report – The Great Unraveling is Underway

The Arizona Canvassing Report – The Great Unraveling is Underway

Liz Harris’ volunteer canvassing group in Arizona has produced a written report of their results.  As summarized by Patrick Byrne’s America Project:

To be clear, Ms. Harris group reportedly knocked on around 11,000 doors, and of those, approximately 4,600 doors were opened and the people inside responded to the canvasser’s questions.  Based on the results from those questioned, Ms. Harris group is projecting against the larger body of recorded votes in Arizona.  (By comparison to polling methodologies and their projection of the body politic at large, Ms. Harris group’s sample size is extraordinarily large, which points to a very small margin of error in her projections.)

According to Harris, the canvassers asked no questions as to who anyone voted for; they were asked only if they voted, and if all those recorded as having voted at a particular address do in fact reside there.

To find nearly 300,000 suspect votes in one canvassing effort is by itself enough to justify decertifying Arizona election results up and down the ballot.  But understand Ms. Harris’ efforts are NOT part of the formal Arizona audit that has been the focus of attention for months, and the results of which are rumored to be even more devastating to the idea of an honest election than is already indicated by Ms. Harris’ canvassing.

Folded in with this news is the absolute cratering of Biden’s approval/disapproval ratings, which even The Hill and Politico acknowledge.

As reported on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, Biden now stands at a -9 (or 44% approve/53% disapprove), which is approximating Bill Clinton at a similar time early in his presidency.

But here’s’ Bannon’s kicker:  Clinton had won his election in 1992 with 43% of the vote (GWH Bush and Ross Perot tallied together around 56%) and so Clinton was never popular with a majority of American voters.   A low approval rating for Clinton was to be expected for someone who received only 43% of the popular vote.

Yet Biden, we are constantly told, won the most popular votes in American history (81 million), even in an election in which the incumbent gained 12 million votes from 2016.  So how is it possible for Biden’s approval/disapproval rating to be so upside down so early?

Bannon is pointing to a commonsense answer that is the same for Biden as it was for Clinton:   Biden was never popular with a majority of the American people.  Biden’s 44/53 approval/disapproval ratings are simply moving closer to mirroring the actual popular vote results in November 2020.

A canvassing report, per se, does not indicate who won an election; it simply shows this election had zero integrity and results should not have been certified.  Yet Ms. Harris’ canvassing report adds to a floodtide of election data and analysis that backs up the commonsense answer, and does point to who did and did not win….and more is coming.  For now, this is how the data and analysis are shaping up:  Biden didn’t win Arizona.  He also didn’t win Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin, and probably not Nevada or Minnesota.  Biden didn’t receive 81 million legitimate votes, or anything close to 81 million legitimate votes.

The notion that he was ever the most popular man to be elected US President has always been transparently ridiculous.

Dr. Douglas Frank, Army Captain Seth Keshel and now Liz Harris are American heroes.  They’ve put the election fraud of 2020 on record for everyone to see.  (And America hasn’t yet heard the last on that subject from Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne.)

The Great Unraveling is underway.