Pay Attention to the Cyber Symposium August 10-12 (UPDATED, AGAIN)

Pay Attention to the Cyber Symposium August 10-12 (UPDATED, AGAIN)

UPDATE – August 12, 2021

The Symposium is wrapping up as this is posted.

If there was one striking takeaway, it’s that Lindell must be over the target.  The manifest, multiple ways in which the Symposium and its presenters were attacked–via cyber, via onsite impersonators, via physical attack on Lindell himself–look very much like the actions of extremely panicked criminals lashing out in every way imaginable to smother the evidence of the crime.    So the gaslighting of America continues.  If there was no outcome-changing election fraud in November 2020, the victorious side would do everything possible to encourage and enable Lindell’s Symposium to go off uninterrupted–i.e., let him expose himself as a crackpot conspiracy theorist, then volunteer the routers and servers and ballot images and all the software in all counties and all states, and rub Lindell’s face in it.

But that’s not what happened; and it’s not what’s happening on an ongoing basis.  The actions of the Colorado Secretary of State with regard to Mesa County are by themselves unconscionable, indefensible and unexplainable as honest actions.

To the extent legacy media will even touch the information coming out of the Symposium, it will be to highlight that Lindell’s much vaunted ‘pcap’ data was not presented, leading to broad speculation that Lindell discovered late in the process that he had been duped (possibly by the nefarious Dennis Montgomery).

Count us as undecided as to what the absence of pcap data signifies.  37 terabytes of fabricated data is a lot to be fabricated, and who exactly has the motive and means to produce fabricated data on that scale is an interesting question.    Who exactly led Lindell to believe it had all been verified and validated is another interesting question.

But a staggering reality remains:  Dr. Douglas Frank’s discovery of voting algorithms has not been refuted or challenged, and by itself, algorithmic determination of voting is per se rigging.  Further, Seth Keshel’s fraud analysis is also unrefuted, and is based entirely on public record data.

So the missing pcap data is a let down for all who were looking to the Symposium to deliver a very pointed kill shot on the magnitude of election fraud.  But the scope of organized, evil resistance and sabotage of the Symposium and those attending it make it seem highly likely that we haven’t heard the final story on the pcaps.


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We’ve previously drawn attention to Patrick Byrne; he is a uniquely credible character in the exposure of the massive election fraud of November 2020.  He has recently weighed in on Mike Lindell’s upcoming Cyber Symposium with this:  “I Predict: In Mike Lindell’s South Dakota Reveal this Week, Data will not be Shown Fake“.   Read it for yourself.

An interesting side bar:  will anyone among the key ‘conservative’ enablers of the fraud–Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell, John Roberts, the Wall Street Journal editorial board, Fox News –have a pang of conscience and finally say:  “I didn’t know then what I know now…and our nation MUST take action to correct this fraud”?  We may soon find out.


You can tune in and watch it yourself on; 72 hours straight of live-streaming; 37 terabytes of ‘packet capture’ data, showing electronic vote manipulation in the November 3rd, 2020 election.

The man the Atlantic identifies as ‘the most dangerous man in the world’—Mike Lindell—is going to present in the Symposium his ‘absolute proof’ that the 2020 election was rigged by China and stolen from the American people.  And not just the office of the presidency, but down-ballot races as well.  Lindell has offered a $5 million reward to anyone who can disprove the accuracy of what he intends to present.

Lindell’s decision to hold this public symposium is brilliant and inspired.

Trump-haters and leftists generally can mock, scoff, smirk and otherwise ridicule Lindell for his MyPillow schtick, and for his silly (in their eyes) Christian faith, but at the end of the day, his Symposium literally puts his money where his mouth is, and puts the election fraud deniers to the test: stop vilifying the messenger, and start facing the evidence.

The 37 terabytes are all a setup or a fabrication somehow produced by the supposedly nefarious Dennis Montgomery?  Well, then, take a look at all the Symposium data, and prove it.  Show everyone how and why that’s true.

There can never be cyber ‘proof’ of fraud because data packet flow instructions are too complicated for the layperson—including SCOTUS justices—to understand?  Well, then, listen and observe.  What exactly is so hard to understand?

Listen, too, to Dr. Douglas Frank, who will be part of the Symposium, and has been interviewed on America Can We Talk and the subject of a blog posting on this site.  He has discovered the algorithms by which voter turnout was programmed.  His evidence is irrefutable.  By itself it proves the election was rigged.  (It does not prove, by itself, who rightfully won any given election; the other legs of the election fraud stool take care of that).

When honest people finally come to grips with the reality that algorithms and not Americans controlled the November 3rd voting, those honest people—no matter their political leanings—ought to be outraged, indignant, united, and resolved to radically overhaul the election systems used in America.  It’s now or never time.  They ought also to want the rightful winner of the 2020 elections to be put in office or, at the very least, a redo of the election.

If those honest people do come to grips with the fact of a rigged election, but still believe it’s better to have a stolen election and get rid of Trump than it is to have legitimate elections—well, then the Symposium will have served the purpose of bringing into focus a much deeper question facing America’s and the world’s future: does truth still matter? Do fair and honest elections matter? And how are we going to assure election integrity in the future if we don’t fix things now?

History will be very kind to Mike Lindell.  He has the heart of a patriot that truly compares favorably to the hearts of the founding fathers.  He has effectively put everything on the line—‘lives, fortunes and sacred honor’—in the effort to save America at this critical, historic time.

Those who want to cast him as a huckster who wants to sell pillows simply have no earthly idea what he has gone through and sacrificed to get to this Symposium.  Those who think he’s some kind of Trump shill just have no ability to discern character.  Lindell radiates love for America.  That is what is driving him.

More than a few observers have wondered whether the current covid hysteria is not about medicine or science or public health but is instead a concocted ‘squirrel’ intended to keep media and public attention away from Mike Lindell’s Symposium (the effort to distract attention from the Symposium and state election audits by covid hysteria has also been called the ‘Audit Variant’).  And more than a few observers have wondered what else the Deep State would be willing to do to sabotage the Symposium.

America is about to find out.

Truth can’t be forever hidden, and truth always prevails.

Tune in to the Cyber Symposium August 10-12.