Dr. Douglas Frank – 21st Century American Hero

Dr. Douglas Frank – 21st Century American Hero

It’s not a coincidence that on the day of Trump’s third indictment–this time essentially for questioning the results of the 2020 election–Dr. Douglas Frank posted the video below.  It’s taken from a presentation he made in South Carolina about a year and a half ago.  His posting of it today suggests that he thinks it is among his most succinct and convincing presentations.  (BTW, in the South Carolina video, Dr. Frank repeatedly refers to the fact that has replicated his findings of election rigging/centralized control in 40 states.  Last time we spoke with him, he was up to 46 states.)

Probably few people reading this feel they have the time to watch an hour and five minutes of Dr. Frank.  Plus he self-identifies as a ‘geek’ and has a folksy style of presentation that some might not warm to.

He’s authentic, genuine, and as honest as the day is long.  And the bottom line is, he has the receipts:    the 2020 election was rigged, and there is ZERO doubt about that fact.  He explains it in terms anyone can understand.  (To be super clear and precise, Dr. Frank’s work does not prove ‘Trump won”; it proves conclusively that the 2020 election was rigged.  Once the fact of the rigging is understood, it ain’t rocket science to know who it was rigged for and who it was rigged against).

Emotional reactions to the personality of Donald Trump, pro or con, are irrelevant to an evaluation of the data and predictive algorithms Dr. Frank has discovered and exposed.  The implications of rigged elections are vastly more lasting and consequential to the survival of the United States of America as a constitutional Republic than the political fates of one man.

We’ve reproduced Dr. Frank’s South Carolina video below because it is so critical to understanding what is at stake in America in 2023.  (We’ve also posted our own attempt at simply describing one of his core findings HERE.)

We now have the institution known as the United States Department of Justice, along with the White House and a largely silent Congress, along with a cheerleading mainstream media, proceeding with the indictment of a former President because he dared to question the results of an election that was demonstrably and irrefutably rigged.   They are determined to enforce a monstrous lie on the American people, once and for all.

Millions of Americans know of Dr. Douglas Frank and his work.  Jack Smith and Merrick Garland have no excuse for NOT knowing of it.  They are instead proceeding with an absolute and unconscionable abomination of the rule of law built upon affirming the results of a stolen election.  History will never forgive them.

As Dr. Frank points out, ‘truth resonates’.  It is resonating now, more than ever before; Jack Smith’s indictment has assured it.

Truth will prevail.  Always.  May not yet be clear how or in what form or at what cost.  But it will prevail.

Trump was right to question the 2020 election results; Dr. Frank has proven beyond any doubt whatsoever:  those results were rigged.

Dr. Douglas Frank will someday have a prominent place in American history books.  He was never a political guy.  He didn’t seek the role he finds himself in.  He has no ambition for power or riches.  But he has God-given talents; he put them to use; and to his great regret, what he found out about American elections shook him to his core.  But his reaction was not to shut up or retreat in the face of smug hit pieces by people with less than half his IQ.  He answered the call to protect and preserve freedom under God in America. He has explained for anyone humble enough to listen, exactly what happened.

God bless him for that; we are honored to call him a friend.