Dr. Douglas Frank – SCOTUS Exhibit

Dr. Douglas Frank – SCOTUS Exhibit

We noted yesterday that a monumental SCOTUS filing was expected; we updated that post to describe what has happened so far.  But as noted, part of the moving parties’ strategy is to take their case to the court of “we the people” by letting the general public take a look at the proof of election fraud that has been assembled.

Dr. Douglas Frank is a friend.  He’s also a mathematical genius and a very warm and decent man.  By his own Telegram postings, he says he is attaching a 30+ page exhibit to the SCOTUS filing.  The length of an exhibit is not necessarily correlated with its persuasiveness, but knowing Dr. Frank, his exhibit will be very persuasive  because he has ‘the receipts’.

Here’s one graph apparently to be included in the SCOTUS filing.

Even if you’re not graph-minded, it’s relatively easy to grasp.  And when you realize Dr. Frank has the hard data to back up the graph, you will start to see the picture of the magnitude of the fraud.

Eighteen states (that’s 18 states) apparently had voter rolls purporting to have registered more than 100% of the eligible voting population in the state.  Stated another way, if there was a total population in ‘state A’ of 100,000 eligible voters, state A (in the form of 18 actual states) had voter rolls with more than 100,000 registered voters.

It is NEVER the case that the entirety of the population of eligible voters is registered to vote.  NEVER.  Seventy percent would be high in most states.  But Dr. Frank’s DATA shows 18 states with more than 100% of the population registered to vote.  That’s fraudulent, and the foundation for executing the steal.  Dr. Frank explained why this is done:

Remember, one of the first steps in the steal is to inflate the voter rolls… this gives them a credit line of phantom voters to stuff ballots for.  During the election phase of the steal, the machines are used to keep track of who has voted and what the current tallies are.

This is important so they can know how much to stuff and to disguise the stuffing.

During the cleanup phase of the steal, the anomalies are minimized and phantom voters are hidden.

This is why the electronic machines and pollbooks are being forced on us. They need them to execute the fraud on such a wide scale.

This is just one graph in one exhibit to the SCOTUS complaint.

The full complaint is going to be EPIC.