Dr. Douglas Frank Spells It Out

Dr. Douglas Frank Spells It Out

We’ve been touting the election fraud analysis of Dr. Douglas Frank for quite some time.  In our view, Dr. Frank ‘has the receipts’ on the massive election fraud of 2020.  There is no one who has refuted his findings (and no one could, because he is showing how algorithms controlled the election throughout the country), but the implications of those findings are so staggering as to make most people prefer not to think about them.

Dr. Frank is regularly posting on his Telegram channel; for those who do not have the time or interest to add Telegram to the information sources they monitor, we’ll occasionally reproduce a few of his posts that seem especially clear and helpful.

Such as:

“How Our Elections Are Being Stolen, In a Nutshell”

1) Artificially inflate the voter rolls;
2) Track the voters and tallies in real time;
3) Stuff ballots to achieve the pre-determined outcome;
4) Clean up the evidence after the fact.

The entire process is controlled, aided, and monitored by computer algorithms. They’ve been developing these algorithms for years, and they are quite efficient. They also have the infrastructure and the resources to implement it.

If Trump wasn’t so popular, they wouldn’t have had to push the algorithms so hard, and the cheat would have been more difficult to glean from the real votes. But in 2020 it took everything they had, and it still didn’t work.

So they stopped the election, reset it, then resumed.

This is why we can’t have early voting, mail-in voting, and electronic voting systems. Makes it too easy to cheat.

Vote Amish… all paper, no machines.


People are asking me to name names. Well, some of them are obvious.

But I think our focus right now needs to be on winning the war. Then, afterward, we will have the trials.

And then there will be prison and firing squads, because there was treason. This was the crime of the century, and this is war.


“How to Run Your Own Election”

Those of you who want real elections are going to have to replace your local election officials if they are unwilling to get with the program.

In most states, the sheriff has more authority in the local communities than do state or federal officials. Your sheriff is your defense against the tyranny of government. Time for him to do some defending.

So get your sheriff on board and your local officials, and hold a real election. All paper poll books, all paper ballots, all in-person or with a deputy (military excepted), count the ballots and the votes by hand, and watch everything yourselves from start to finish.

The results will be far different than you’ve been conditioned to believe.

Imagine when your community election results are markedly different than the communities that are being manipulated.

It will send shock waves throughout the nation. There are already communities rising to this challenge. How about yours?