Dr. Peter Breggin – A Declaration for ReFounding America Now

Dr. Peter Breggin – A Declaration for ReFounding America Now

Dr. Peter Breggin is a national treasure.  We first met him earlier this year, when his book “COVID-19 and the Global Predators:  We are the Prey” had yet to be printed.  The book is out now; we have it but haven’t finished it, but thoroughly recommend it.  Dr. Breggin is one of America’s most serious thinkers; his educational background made him uniquely equipped to deeply dig in to the whole Covid-19 scene and unpack it in all its dimensions.  He was and is courageous for doing so.

The heavily footnoted research backing up his book is a formidable barrier for a radical left intent on destroying anyone who exposes the truth.

Now he’s taken another step–to join with the doctors who endorsed his book to issue “A Declaration for ReFounding America Now”, which is reproduced in full below.  It obviously springs from and is in some ways a summary of his book, but the combination of brevity and substance make it worth the read.

An excerpt (bold italics added):

           The global predators include many multi-billionaires, but also government health agencies, deep state bureaucracies, giant philanthropic foundations, and international corporations, from fast food and sporting goods companies to big-box franchises, tech companies, and banks. These individuals and entities devalue patriotism, lack an appreciation of constitutional democracy and individual freedoms, and lack higher ideals or spiritual values superior to themselves. In a very sinister game, they look down on the world as their playground and us as their toys.

Great Americans like Dr. Breggin are rising all over the country.  Legacy media and Big Tech want to suppress them and deny their existence.  It’s not working.  As Victor Davis Hanson noted, ‘history will grind out the truth‘.



A Declaration
ReFounding America Now
November 11, 2021
Peter R. Breggin MD
Ginger R. Breggin
Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH
Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD
Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD