Emmet Sullivan Confirms to AG Barr: The Institutions Cannot Be Saved


Bill Barr has long been very open about his motivation for accepting President Trump’s nomination to return to the office of Attorney General: he had a sense from the Russia collusion story (and other stories) that things were amiss at the DOJ/FBI, and his sincere love for these important American institutions made him want to get back in the saddle, to see if he could shepherd them back to traditional standards of fairness, integrity and justice.

Barr wanted to fix them from within, rather than see them continue to go off the rails, or be figuratively burned to the ground. He felt destruction of the institutions might be too much for America to handle.

Barr’s acknowledged motivation has long made ‘drain the Swamp’ advocates doubtful about whether Barr is really up to the job—i.e., whether he really grasped the extent of the corruption. Some of Barr’s early (and recent) comments praising FBI Director Christopher Wray and former Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein—both of whom are deeply implicated in the corruption—have increased that doubt.

Emmet Sullivan’s bizarre orders (no sense referring to him as “Judge” as he is plainly nothing more than a political operative at this point) in the aftermath of the DOJ’s dismissal of the Flynn case may have a silver lining in moving Bill Barr to the inescapable conclusion: there is no possible way to fix the DOJ/FBI from within.

Figuratively, they must both be burned to the ground. Every agent and every attorney must submit resignations effective in 60-90 days, and then Barr needs to go to work with extensive rechecks of backgrounds of every one of them, and extensive re-interviewing to determine which of them, if any, should be rehired. And the open positions need to be filled with new faces.

Eight years of leftist infiltration up and down the ranks of both institutions have left them devoid of respect for truth, and without a respect for—even reverence for—the truth, there is no way for these institutions to administer justice. There simply cannot be justice that does not start from an acknowledgement that truth exists and that it is central to judgement and justice.

Here’s the silver lining that emerges from Sullivan’s orders:

AG Barr, through US Attorney Jeffrey Jensen, acted to dismiss the charges against Michael Flynn with these words filed in Sullivan’s court:

“…the Government has concluded that the interview of Flynn was untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn—a no longer justifiably predicated investigation that the FBI had, in the Bureau’s own words, prepared to close because it had yielded an ‘absence of any derogatory information.”

Now, to Bill Barr, a man steeped in the finest traditions of the DOJ and the legal profession, those words are plenty potent and plenty direct in justifying the dismissal of charges. And, to be fair, to the lawyers of the world, the words are potent and direct.

But to the intelligent patriot layman aware of the facts, the Barr/Jensen words pull punches. They are indirect legalese; they wink and skip over the wrongful, lawless, corrupt motivation of Comey, Strzok, Pientka, Preistap and Van Grack in doing what they did. Barr/Jensen do not use words or phrases like framed, lied, deceived, willfully violated protocols, acted with corrupt intent. They refer to a ‘no longer justifiably predicated investigation’ when there are serious questions as to whether any investigation was ever justifiably predicated.

By what they address and fail to address, Barr and Jensen tiptoe around the rot and reflect a cautious save-the-institutions mindset.

And so political operative Sullivan and his political operative pal Gleeson have pounced. “Flynn pled guilty!”, they scream. “Barr is the one politicizing justice; Barr is the one who is corruptly obeying the President and ignoring the law.”

And so the charade continues; Flynn still has a cloud over him; no one in the Obama administration has been held accountable; and the blood of American patriots boils.

Barr and Jensen might at first recoil at the notion that they should have been more direct about what happened. Why say more than is needed to justify dismissal? Why use incendiary words that are not technically proven in a court of law?

Well, the answer is: you are dealing with corruption and evil on a scale you apparently still don’t comprehend.

There are eight years-worth of Obama/Holder/Comey staffing decisions that have put leftists everywhere in the DOJ and FBI.

There were 40 FBI agents working for years on the Mueller investigation that they all knew was baseless from the beginning—and not one of those agents called “BS” on the whole operation.

There were SWAT teams and frogmen activated to arrest a complete non-threat like Roger Stone, and nobody called BS.

There were FBI leaks to the NYT this week trying to shield their past wrongdoing by claiming their knowledge of the Flynn/Kislyak phone call was a product of ‘incidental collection’ when it manifestly was not…and nobody is calling BS.

You cannot play nice or be gentle with this level of corruption. You cannot fix it with a few narrow reprimands.  You have no basis to continue to assume the vast majority of the infamous ‘rank-and-file’ are free of leftist corruption.

You cannot save these institutions from within; this was and is an institutional collapse. You should not be worried that American can’t handle the reality of an institutional collapse; you should be worried that America can’t handle an official continued denial of the reality of an institutional collapse. You must figuratively burn them to the ground; you must start over.

Emmet Sullivan made this crystal clear.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?