What the Country Can’t Handle

We hear it said, “Barr/Durham can’t expose everything…the corrupt coup efforts were so vast and broad, with US Senators, House members, and government officials all over the federal government and from both political parties conspiring, aiding and abetting the overturning of the 2016 election and the overthrow of a President…the country just can’t handle the truth.   The people would be so shocked as to lose all trust in their institutions of government.”

Also:  “President Trump can’t acknowledge the original pandemic lockdown response was a colossal mistake; he cannot expose Fauci/Birx and the vaccine mafia after having embraced them; he must continue to pretend everything is just as serious and dangerous as it appeared from the inception of the ‘crisis’…the country just can’t handle the truth. To have been played on this scale is just too confidence-shattering to the American people’s faith in their country and their experts and their government.”

On the contrary.

What the country cannot handle is continued denial of the truth. Americans have not lost faith in their Constitution or in the ‘exceptionalism’ that comes from living in freedom. But every day that obvious truth is denied, they ARE losing faith and confidence in the character of their leaders. They are increasingly desperate about what to do to save their country.


The truth of what Barr/Durham are investigating is already widely known and understood by the American public. From Barack Obama on down through the top of the CIA, DOJ, and FBI, a ‘witch hunt’ or ‘hoax’ or coup was carried out against President Trump. Perjury and lying to Congress by top officials is all over the place; false sworn statements to FISA courts and others are obvious; a coordinated conspiracy among top officials to invent crime, frame innocent people, and otherwise pervert and obstruct justice is as plain as day.

Barr’s recent interview with Laura Ingraham indicated he already knows this truth, and since the time of the interview, the documents exposing the Michael Flynn entrapment led by FBI Director James Comey have tumbled out into public view. And today a less-redacted ‘second scope’ memo from Acting AG Rod Rosenstein to Special Counsel Robert Mueller was released, and, among other things, the outline of the Special Counsel’s tactics to frame and entrap George Papadopoulos are confirmed.

The Obama DOJ/FBI was a criminal organization acting in furtherance of a leftist agenda. Period. Full Stop.

The country cannot survive a lack of complete accountability for this obvious corruption and criminality. And complete accountability requires following the truth wherever it leads, and acting on it. At minimum, indictments MUST be brought against Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Mueller, Weissman, Wray, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Page, Baker and Boente. And if indictments are NOT brought against Barack Obama, there had better be a rock solid publicly stated legal and factual basis for why not.


The truth of the pandemic lockdown is also evident, and gaining in clarity every day. Simple fact: had America known at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ what it knows now, there would have been no lockdown of the country, and the economy would not have collapsed. Yet here we are. Theories are swirling everywhere that the lockdown was no accident, and the American people increasingly sense that forces pushing for its continuance are not motivated by health or compassion—they are motivated by the desire to kill free market, free America.

President Trump is going to have to acknowledge and confront this truth. He has so far stuck to the party line that every decision of the Trump administration made sense at the time and still makes sense.

If he ever opts to insist only on the first part—that the decisions made sense at the time they were made—but is willing to publicly acknowledge that subsequent data indicates the early decisions were over-reactions, then he has a path to remove Americans’ fear and energize nationwide re-opening by the simple admission: “it isn’t nearly as bad as we feared”.

But so long as President Trump sticks with the notion that the lockdown still makes sense, he really has only one way to help bring America out of its paralyzing fear—and that’s for someone to deliver a vaccine asap. But the reality is that there is no assurance there will ever be a perfect, comprehensive, efficacious vaccine (there never is); there is no assurance that any vaccine actually developed will have no dangerous side effects (there always are some); and whether he knows or cares now, President Trump is going to find out his base of supporters is not universally confident at the way this whole episode has gone down—and therefore will most definitely not be enthralled with the idea floated by some experts of a new nationally mandated vaccine and related ‘immunity cards’.

In other words, even if most Trump supporters are inclined in most cases to listen objectively to the pros and cons of a particular vaccine, the orchestrated way in which all of this came about, and the widely known conflict of interest that Fauci/Birx/Gates have in their medical advice recommendations, portends a lot of popular resistance to it—which likely portends a prolonging of the re-opening stagnation.

The country can’t handle its leaders refusing to acknowledge the truth the American people can see for themselves: America has been played, and is near to committing national suicide in unwavering adherence to a wrong medical diagnosis and wrong medical prescription. And leftist governors and mayors and county executives are long past basing any of their lockdown decisions on ‘science’; they are exercising raw political power for a simple reason: because they can. And because they have never cared about the Bill of Rights and have longed for the day they can ignore or trample all of it.


The window of time is shortening in which Barr/Durham and President Trump are going to have to face the core question: publicly acknowledge and act on the truth, or decide the country can’t handle the truth.

The country can handle the truth about government corruption and criminality in the Russia collusion hoax; and it can handle the truth that its health experts whiffed on the lockdown recommendation.

The truth will set America free. Let’s get on with it.


Eric Georgatos blogs regularly at America, Can We Talk?