This is the Left’s Kill-Shot on America…Who is Trump Listening To?

This is the Left’s Kill-Shot on America…Who is Trump Listening To?

President Trump’s criticism of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for moving too soon to open up certain facilities “ahead of federal Phase One guidelines” is a five-alarm danger signal. It suggests that for all Trump’s street savvy and purported genius at staying ten moves ahead in a 3D chess match—he doesn’t yet see what he’s dealing with.

President Trump is in the middle of the organized left’s execution of a decades-long dream of a final kill shot at America. Whether through the formulation of Cloward-Piven or the sick vision of George Soros, the end goal of the left has been a fundamental transformation of America–from the land of the free to a government-controlled society of a mass of dependents with no inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

They are well on their way.  Based on the way things are going, if the shutdown can be made to last just a little while longer in enough places—15 days, 30 days, 45 days—they will seal the deal. Funny money stimulus solutions are already in the category of an irresponsible house-of-cards farce; they cannot continue; the country is manifestly bankrupt. The American economy will have lost the confidence and capital to be able to recover. And the place and role of freedom in any plan for recovery will have been buried by an over-reacting government.


That’s why Trump’s criticism of Governor Kemp is such a danger signal. Trump just greenlighted every leftist governor and mayor and local official of every kind to extend shelter-in-place orders—because they can wrap their decisions in the noble and earnest desire to err on the side of ‘safety’, just as President Trump urged them to.

Even worse than the greenlighting symbolism, Trump’s decision at this late date to continue to hallow the Fauci/Birx “Phase One guidelines” says he still doesn’t see the difference between the coronavirus disease, which deserves focused attention and care, and the ‘fear pandemic’-driven shutdown, which is completely unjustified at this stage.

Whatever the initial case for sheltering in place, facts on the ground are accumulating daily (though buried by the MSM) that indicate it was the wrong prescription then, and it most certainly is now. But the Trump administration is apparently so invested in the rightness of the original prescription—and so forgiving of the outrageously wrong models behind that prescription—that it is willing to salute the Phase One guidelines prepared by the very same team that botched the initial prescription. The message seems to be—damn it, we’ve got our experts, we believe in our experts, we trust our experts and we’re going to ride them to the end.

This frankly feels a lot more like a judgment of Jared and Ivanka than it does of Donald Trump. The young power couple is earnest and means well, but they are lifetime limousine liberals who have never shown a grasp of the evil motivations and ruthless tactics of those who hate what Donald Trump’s election represents. It’s not hard to see them respectful to a fault of the great and legendary Anthony Fauci and the sincere Deborah Birx—and never process for even a moment all the ways in which their antipathy to President Trump and particularly to MAGA and the deplorables, could skew their advice and judgement toward recommendations and conclusions dramatically different than those that might be reached by medical experts without such antipathy.

Trump should have appointed new medical ‘generals’ a long time ago.

In any case, the fear pandemic is being played to a fare-thee-well by the MSM/leftists who believe they can ride it all the way to the final destruction of Trump’s presidency and the end of the America First agenda. They just have to keep the country shut down a little longer. And so…every item of news that alters the required narrative for an extended shutdown is shot down within 48 hours. A Stanford study suggests the virus has been around since fall and isn’t nearly as lethal as projected?…immediately ‘discredited’. Hydrochloroquine shows promising results?…immediately countered by a new ‘study’ showing dangerous side effects and doubtful efficacy. Evidence everywhere of being on the decline side of the infection curve?…immediately countered by concerns over a second wave.

The predictability of this would be comical if it weren’t so profoundly serious and dangerous. We think Donald Trump senses this; we think Jared and Ivanka don’t. But Donald Trump is the President, and he needs to realize the invisible enemy is not the virus; it is the left; the problem isn’t defeating a disease pandemic—the problem is defeating the leftists in a war for the survival of America.

We were late to the Trump train in 2016, but have been strong supporters ever since, especially as travesty-level criminality of the Obama administration and later Adam Schiff became clear. The left’s willingness at the highest levels to defile every principle of honesty and decency and fairness and truth and justice is so wildly out of bounds, it’s hard not to root for a President who is still standing and still fighting and will not give an inch to those who attack him. So take this post as one from an ally, not an enemy.

We don’t know who you’re listening to. But here’s our two cents worth: Fauci and Birx are not on your team, and Jared and Ivanka do not understand the depravity and purposefulness of your leftist enemies. Mark Meadows gets the bigger picture, and is allied with a House Freedom Caucus filled with people who also get it. Get more of their input.

Publicly retract your criticism of Governor Kemp, and find a way to force the re-opening of the US economy faster and more broadly. Admitting that Fauci/Birx gave bad advice was our suggestion; if you’ve got a better way, do it. ASAP. You’re running out of time to get this right.

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America under her founding ideals.