The ‘Invisible Enemy’ isn’t a Virus; it is Leftists and Leftism

Consider three seemingly unrelated items from yesterday’s news links.

  1. The thirteen revelations showing the FBI never really had a Russia collusion case to begin with
  2. One of America’s largest meat producers has ominous warning about the grocery store supply
  3. Possible ‘Rebound’ of Coronavirus Could Hit in May According to Predictions from Top Forecaster

Item 1: John Solomon’s story, following on the record comments of AG Bill Barr in an interview with Laura Ingraham last week, presents the ultimate “let that sink in” moment. The increasingly obvious, unavoidable, staggering takeaway from Solomon’s latest report:

The administration of President Barack Obama and campaign of Hillary Clinton (and their accomplices in the mainstream media) worked together to fabricate a pretense to investigate and undermine the campaign of a political opponent, and following that opponent’s election, fabricated and hyped a protracted investigation to ‘sabotage’ (Barr’s word) the opponent’s Presidency, with a view to causing his resignation or impeachment and removal.

This has never happened in American history. It is, in Barr’s words, ‘the greatest travesty in the history of America’. This is in itself war on America as founded, by the administration of a US President: Barack Obama. Let that sink in.

The perpetrators are enemies of America. Period. Full Stop.

And the very same leftist mindset was plainly at work in the Ukraine impeachment sham. IG Atkinson deliberately manipulated whistleblower rules to enable an Obama holdover—Eric Ciarmella—to plant an utterly phony story about Trump wanting to investigate Joe Biden for 2020 campaign advantages…in the face of documented billion-dollar level corruption and videotaped quid-pro-quo abuse of power by Biden and his son Hunter. With the MSM as accomplices once again. And all for the purpose of overturning the 2016 election; of getting rid of a President they oppose.

The perpetrators are enemies of America. Period. Full Stop.

These leftist attacks on America as founded are every bit as consequential as the attacks on the Union in the Civil War. The future of freedom under the Constitution in America has been and still is at stake.

And that’s without COVID-19 on the scene.

Which brings us to Item #2, the meat producer’s warning of danger to the supply of meat to grocery stores in America.

The meat producer that is issuing the warning: Smithfield Foods.

The owner of Smithfield Foods: Communist China[1]. (When was Smithfield Foods acquired by Communist China? In 2013, during the second term of Barack Obama.)

And the reason for the current shutdown of the Smithfield Foods plant in South Dakota: 300 workers came down with COVID-19, so shutdown is necessary to protect the health of other workers.

Does this prove the Obama administration allowed Communist China to buy Smithfield Foods in 2013 so that Smithfield Foods could shut down the meat supply to America in 2020 due to a coronavirus outbreak? Of course not. There’s no need to make that leap.

The facts, without any speculation as to motives, speak loudly enough: a critical food supplier in the United States of America is owned and controlled by communist China.

Who could possibly think it was a good idea to let communist China control a major US meat producer? The simple answer: anyone who thinks communism is NOT the enemy of America as founded; anyone who thinks leftism/globalism/communism is better for America than “America First” and constitutional freedom; anyone who thinks ‘make America great again’ is silly, outdated, not viable, and dangerous.

In other words, the same set of ‘anyones’ in and around the Obama administration who thought orchestrated subversion of Trump’s campaign, and attempted coups against his Presidency, were good ideas—and for the same anti-American reasons.

In other words, leftists.

Item #3: Finally, we have the Bill Gates-sponsored Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (“IMHE”), the should-be-discredited source of the sky-is-falling, wildly wrong coronavirus infection and mortality models that triggered the shutdown of America in the first place. IMHE, with impeccable timing, just entered into a news-stream dominated by ‘reopening the economy’ discussion this contrarian fear: a second wave of coronavirus may hit in May if there is ‘premature reopening’ of the economy.   Better not reopen too soon!

Sorry folks, but this stuff is getting too frequent; too predictable; too scripted. These people never stop stoking fear; they never stop efforts to prolong a shutdown American economy and the increasingly weakened and vulnerable America that follows in its wake.

If President Trump greenlights the reopening effort, even leaving in place social distancing guidelines, the MSM will scour the world for ‘second wave’ stories, for new CV-19 deaths that ‘didn’t have to happen’…the beat goes on and on and on. Which is why tomorrow and next day and the next day and the day after that, there will be another 3 or 5 or 10 or 20 story dots that can be connected in the same way.

These people want a weakened America. They want MAGA, KAG and Trump, gone.   They want globalism governing the world; they want Americans controlled by government. They do not want Americans self-governed under freedom.

They are leftists.


In the COVID-19 ‘era’, Trump has taken to referring to America’s fight against the ‘invisible enemy’, with most interpreting him to be referring to the virus. But as these three stories suggest, and as the next umpteen stories of the next umpteen days will confirm, the invisible enemy is leftists and leftism, and they are waging an ongoing and existential war on America. President Trump probably intuits this, and is well aware of the minefield he would have to cross if he started to connect the dots of Coups #1 and #2 and America’s pandemic shutdown with the work of leftists, foreign and domestic.

But we think that’s what he ultimately will have to do. America is not in a medical fight against a virus; it is in a war with leftism; a continuation and escalation of a war of fundamental transformation begun by Barack Obama. President Trump needs to call this out, and mobilize American patriots to reset their assessment of COVID-19 accordingly. Victory can’t be achieved unless and until the enemy has been accurately identified.

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America under her founding ideals.

[1] The nominal Chinese owner is WH Group; the reality is the CCP controls every business in China.