Trump’s Loyalty to ‘THE’ Experts is Bringing on National Suicide…Wake Up!

Anthony Fauci wasn’t elected President. Neither was Deborah Birx or Bill Gates. And none of them would win if they ran for President. Yet Donald Trump relentlessly follows them. It’s as if he wants to prove his liberal bona fides; to show how he’s not one of those ‘anti-science’ conservative rubes; to demonstrate he can win over even a Hillary sycophant like Fauci with obeisance to ‘the experts’.

Trump’s criticism of the Georgia governor for re-opening too much too soon; more recently, his taking a shot at Sweden for not following a ‘correct’ shutdown strategy (though neither Sweden nor the USA is experiencing panic-level mortality rates that justify a shutdown); and his embrace of “Operation Warp Speed” to channel billions of dollars to big pharma to develop a vaccine by year end—these are the actions of a President who has apparently decided it’s more important not to be seen as defying the anointed national medical experts (and one of the richest men in the world) than it is to even get a second medical opinion, much less put a stake in the ground for preserving American freedom.

If Trump doesn’t change course and get new medical generals very soon, it isn’t going to matter even if he wins re-election. He will be presiding in a second term over an America that will not be America; an America that after nearly 250 years surrendered the heritage of freedom that made it glorious to be her President. America will have surrendered that heritage of freedom in obedience to a panic induced and furthered by the policies President Donald Trump chose to follow. He will have brought on the American national suicide.

A wild exaggeration? Ridiculously pessimistic? Naïve as to the strength of that resilient American spirit? And too harsh on President Trump?

We certainly hope the answer is yes as to the first three questions. And as to the fourth, it’s only fair to say that President Trump has been forced to deal with so much that is unprecedented that it’s a tribute to his strength and character and determination that he is even still standing. He’s entitled to be cut some slack; nobody left him a presidential manual outlining a no-risk method of dealing with a modern-day global pandemic.

But the mistake of following Fauci/Birx, and then doubling and tripling down on following Fauci/Birx, can undo—and is in fact well on its way to undoing—all the good President Trump has accomplished.

Look hard at what is happening.

  • New spending of over $3 trillion, with more to come. The country doesn’t have the money to spend; it is printing money—borrowing from the future at levels it can’t possibly repay. The US Treasury/Fed balance sheet was a house of cards before the pandemic spending. The notion that America can grow its way out of spending at this level is increasingly preposterous. A reckoning will occur—debt downgrading, hyperinflation, collapsing currency—and it won’t be pretty.

This level of spending would never have been undertaken but for the policies President Donald Trump has chosen to follow based on the medical advice of Fauci/Birx.


  • Massive unemployment, with benefit/spending programs so rich that they exceed the pay that was being earned on the lost job.   These are Trump administration programs that dis-incentivize a return to work—creating a gigantic new class of government dependents.

This utter dismantling of the record-setting economy Trump rightly claimed a large portion of credit for would not have occurred but for the policies President Donald Trump has chosen to follow based on the medical advice of Fauci/Birx.


The even more tragic gutting of America’s heritage of freedom is occurring under the guise of promoting ‘safety’ for the people. Examples?


  1. In Georgia—perhaps in part to defend himself against Trump attacks for being careless—the governor appears to be ok with introducing a program under which state workers will go out into the community and randomly knock on doors and ask residents the question: “would you like to give us a blood sample?…Just trying to contain the pandemic; figure out who’s got it and who’s immune and who needs to be quarantined, you know. Just for your health and safety.”

What else might a government do with a comprehensive inventory of resident blood samples (which include DNA)? What happens to the resident who says “No”?


  1. How about the glories of ‘track and trace’? Apple and Google have prepared new operating system updates for the iPhone and Android phones (which constitute nearly all smartphones in the country) that will enable ‘authorities’ to track and trace where every person has been at every moment of every day. “The better to protect you, of course…helps us know who you came in contact with that had the virus, who you might have spread it to, etc. And of course, once we know you might be infected or have infected somebody else, we’ll just order a simple little 14-day house arrest quarantine for you.”

What could possibly go wrong with a government that can monitor where every citizen is every moment of every day (including what they are saying, texting, searching for, watching, etc., etc.), and has authority to impose fines and even imprisonment based on that data?


  1. And Operation Warp Speed? To what end? The ‘science’ of vaccines is a mixed bag, as any honest medical expert will tell you. There can be decent efficacy, though never close to 100%; the vaccine for one strand of coronavirus may not be effective for a mutated strand; side effects are certain, though never predictable as to severity or prevalence; and the temptation to load into vaccines the latest in micro-sensing and monitoring technology is overwhelming—and more creepy than anything George Orwell ever imagined.

But Fauci/Birx/Gates will approve, so full speed ahead; billions on the way.

It’s not hard to see how all of this creates the very stark and real potential to cut the heart out of American freedom and lay out a path to be ‘transformed’ into a totalitarian state.  So if President Trump sees this horrible potential for abuse, why not stop it?  Could he really believe that no future American administration would ever abuse such a system for anything other than pandemic control?  He of all people ought to see the obvious parallel to FISA.  FISA was a massive surveillance authority reasonably intended for the limited but vital purpose of protecting the country from foreign terrorists.  But enter the radical leftist Obama regime in 2009, and FISA was soon unconscionably abused to spy on domestic political opponents with the ultimate purpose to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States…namely, Donald Trump.

Every one of the virus detection/control/immunization methods being implemented or considered around the country has monstrous potential for enabling totalitarian government and destroying American freedom. None of it would be happening but for the crisis atmosphere created by Fauci/Birx’ diagnosis and Armageddon predictions—which have been proven to be grossly inaccurate and to have wildly overstated the danger.

Trump supporters know this, and they know there is real-time data and eminent medical expert opinion based on that data that show there is no need to continue the shutdown. (See David Katz; John Ioannidis; Scott Atlas) And they are watching their livelihoods and the American way of life destroyed. So why is it they can see all this…but Trump can’t?

We suggested ten days ago that he announce a mistaken over-reaction; others have voiced the same idea. But Trump appears to be sticking with Fauci/Birx/Gates no matter what they say or do, and what they are saying and doing continues to stoke fear, justify extended lockdowns, encourage ‘immunity card’ talk, and promote a culture of snitching on your neighbors. None of this makes America great; all of it is killing America.

Mr. President, your base will never desert you for Joe Biden, but you need to see that what is at stake is vastly more consequential than even your re-election.

Please stop following the advice of Fauci/Birx/Gates. Don’t allow national suicide on your watch. The shutdown should be ended everywhere, right now. It was, as Dennis Prager bravely announced, ‘the biggest mistake in the history of humanity”.

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America under her founding ideals.