Barr/Durham…A Key to Restoring America’s Health?

Maria Bartiromo was out with a tweet on Sunday that predicted Michael Flynn will be exonerated this week. The setup and framing of lifelong Democrat and American patriot Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn by the American government—in the person of the Obama administration and its holdovers in the FBI and DOJ and intelligence agencies—will finally be exposed in a way that can’t be debated. Ignored by the MSM, probably, but no longer debated. That’s huge and portentous for the health of America—and yes, that may even include help in the recovery from the fear pandemic associated with Covid-19.

Let’s hope Ms. Bartiromo is right. And let’s hope Flynn’s exoneration blows a hole in the dike that has been holding back the floodgates of truth and justice from the entire cabal of leftist criminals who infiltrated every nook and cranny of the federal government during the eight years of the radical leftist administration of Barack Obama.

As the incomparable Sundance of Conservative Treehouse has long been chronicling, the American people who are paying attention already know what happened in the Russia collusion hoax; they already know what happened in the Ukraine impeachment scam; and they have long known what happened to Michael Flynn. They don’t ‘surmise’ it, or guess at it. They know. From publicly available information. The FBI and DOJ and CIA were run by leftists who had no qualms whatsoever in using every conceivable power of the federal government to entrap and prosecute and jail political enemies—all in service to an Obama-approved cause of bringing down a President they hated—and to lie and lie and lie in denial of the dishonesty and deceit of what they were doing. And many in the US Senate were willing accomplices and co-conspirators.

The scope and the relentlessness of the lies, and the high level of ‘officials’ telling those lies, and the MSM facilitating, endorsing, and collaborating in the creation and spread of those lies, has been nothing short of breathtaking to American patriots who have been paying attention. How could this happen in America? What is it about Donald Trump that warranted this moral insanity? And how can it be continuing, without accountability, so long after the American public knows what happened? Is there no one besides Donald Trump in the US government who has the decency and strength to rise and stand against this utter corruption and abomination of justice in America?

AG Bill Barr has been one figure of hope. His worldview of America and his moral bearings are clearly informed by his Catholic faith, and his experience hearkens back to a time when ‘G-men’ were still given the benefit of the doubt as to their basic decency and integrity, and the rightness of their motivation to do justice in light of the truth.   And his recent interview with Laura Ingraham shows conclusively that he, too, knows the ‘travesty’ of what happened.

But waiting for Barr/Durham to indict somebody (or in Flynn’s case, to exonerate him) is taking a tremendous toll on America—and yes, that toll may include holding back America’s recovery from the pandemic.

Here’s why: large segments of Americans—notably millennials and those within 10 years on either side of them—do not have the experience or discernment to grasp the level of corruption that defiled the US government and the MSM under Obama. Their still-forming thoughts of politics and culture are swayed and skewed by their inability to discern when, why and to what extent they are being lied to. Their immaturity and leftist education has inclined them to embrace some version of ‘Orange Man Bad’ (from dismissive distaste for his crudeness to blithering, blind hatred) because there just has to be something wrong with Trump or there wouldn’t be so much media antagonism toward him.

This ‘discernment dullness’ is deadly to America. When you don’t know you’re being lied to, you’ll blindly go along with the lies; you may even join in and pile on to signal your virtue.

But if, as and when Barr/Durham come down hard on criminals at the highest levels of the CIA, FBI and DOJ and spell out the setups and entrapment and framing they engaged in, and the lies they told multiple courts multiple times, then it’s at least possible a large segment of those large segments of vaguely engaged Americans will finally stop and think: maybe there is something deeper going on here; maybe this level of criminality in American government is not ‘business as usual’ and should not be acceptable to anyone; maybe I’ve been lied to about Trump being the problem—maybe the mindset of the people who did this is the problem.

Which may bring America help in the effort to recover from the pandemic. Because no matter how much panic anyone assigns to the mysterious origin of the coronavirus, it doesn’t compare to the panic being generated, manufactured, prolonged and exacerbated in order to prolong the lockdown by the same cast of MSM liars who lied about the Russia collusion hoax and the Ukraine impeachment scam. That’s not to say Covid-19 isn’t a disease; it IS to say the pandemic shutdown looks more and more like a mass psy-ops project being executed by leftists to take down America under Trump…just as they tried with Coup #1 and Coup #2.

Every single day, almost every hour, not one bit of optimistic news about the coronavirus is allowed to breathe; it is denounced, discredited, countered, denied within hours if not minutes. Proliferating studies confirm a significant presence of antibodies—which dramatically reduces the lethality profile of this virus—and could sap the fear? Well, the antibodies might not last. Herd immunity is what’s needed? No, social distancing may be needed throughout the summer. The warming temperatures of summer will help? No, the virus spreads through air conditioning, plus there will be a second wave. The list goes on and on, and is added to every day.

Just responsible reporting on a balance of factors? Just earnestness but not knee-jerk bias in support of an agenda? Well, in another stark parallel to the Russia collusion hoax, when every leak and every MSM story and every fact-checking error pointed in exactly the same way every time—i.e., to “Trump Guilty!” in the Russia collusion, and “Extend the Shutdown!” with the pandemic—Americans have reason to be highly suspicious that they are being lied to again by the very same MSM voices who brought you the lies of Coup #1 and Coup #2.

There’s no reasoning with a person under hypnosis. And there’s an argument that millennials and other passively engaged Americans who have so far had trouble accepting that so many elements of their ruling class could be so corrupt and so full of lies, are effectively in a hypnotic trance that blocks them from grasping the truth of what is happening. But a thunderclap can snap them out of the trance.

A fresh look at how this same ruling class operated in the case of a fully exonerated Michael Flynn might just be the thunderclap that’s needed.

Let’s hope so. A full stop in the acceptance of lies is key to the recovery of America’s health—by every meaning of that term.

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America under her founding ideals.