Employer and Employees United Against Customers – A Sure Recipe for Business Success

Employer and Employees United Against Customers – A Sure Recipe for Business Success

Surely Roger Goodell has access to the advice of a few business professors as he tries to navigate through the NFL’s take-a-knee crisis. 

Here’s a simple version of that advice:  splendid, ‘locked-arms’ unity among owners and players to publicly defy the ugly, awful, hateful TRUMP!#$%! will no doubt make owners, players, the leftwing media and Trump-haters into a self-congratulating club of virtue-signalers.  But in the meantime, the NFL’s customers—known as “Americans”—are turned off.  Turning off customers will end the business of the NFL.

The club of virtue-signalers will explain that Americans who are turned off are turned off because they are racists.  This is out-and-out false, insulting and outrageous, and it is a monumentally stupid way to treat customers.

But the leftist echo-chamber of media and political elites wedded to political correctness will never understand this.  They will insist the NFL is far more than a business; it is a cultural juggernaut that must play its part in politics.  And because the echo chamber insists that the take-a-knee crisis is all about resistance to the evil TRUMP!#$%!—the righteousness of which cause they are in 100% agreement—they will plow forward, customers be damned.  

It is a stunning phenomenon of politics that black Americans have voted Democrat for decades at levels approaching unanimity (almost always near 95%), despite decades of proof that Democrat policies have destroyed the institution of the black family, have embedded Planned Parenthood and its culture of abortion in black neighborhoods, and have forever resisted any school choice initiatives that might lead to better education in poorer communities.  And now, black athletes are uniting in efforts that will destroy a career path that has inspired and hugely rewarded generations of superior black athletes—and all because of the acceptance of lies to the effect that America, and the free market economic system that produced this path, are rightly characterized as oppressive.

Words fail.

The NFL’s collapse will be one of the great business school case studies in another 10 years.  The ‘goldest’ of golden geese in the sports world, the NFL bought the BLM lies, the Kaapernick stance that was built upon those lies, and never attempted to refute or correct the lies, but instead gave them a megaphone to alienate the vast majority of NFL customers—who love football, admire great athletes demonstrating phenomenal skills, and happen to know and love their country as a good and decent place filled with good and decent people. 

Any business that makes a point of in-your-face insults of the vast majority of its customers will soon find itself with a lot less customers.  Mr. Goodell—this ain’t rocket science.

We are living in interesting times.

Paul Gable