Enough with the Hysteria

Enough with the Hysteria

Okay, we get that the Democrat/media/Hollywood complex hates Donald Trump; we get that they still can’t process that Donald Trump won an electoral landslide; and we also get that Americans collectively may have become numb to the idea that an elected leader might do what he said he would do.

But does all of that really require daily hysteria?  Is there no one left in the mainstream media who is capable of calming down, and going back to reporting what’s going on without a Chicken Little embrace of every apocalyptic narrative?

Even the Wall Street Journal, once led by adults, goes with these headlines today:  “Immigration Order Sows Chaos”, and “Trump Team Kept Ban Quiet”.

Well, no doubt they can spin their story to support their headlines.  But the bigger picture just doesn’t support the hysteria that is really driving them. 

Trump’s immigration order imposed temporary measures related to seven countries previously identified by the Obama administration as worthy of special caution.  There are some 42 other Muslim majority countries to whom the temporary ban on visas does not apply.  So the entire hysterical ‘ban on Muslims’ narrative is simply nonsense.

What ‘sows chaos’ is an out-of-control immigration system that is not working to protect American citizens (of every race, creed or ethnic origin) from the Boston Marathon bombers, the San Bernardino murderers, the Ft. Lauderdale shooter, and on and on and on.  What sows chaos is an unwillingness to squarely face the legitimate questions about Islamic terrorism and Islamic ‘sharia’ relative to the American Bill of Rights.  Trump’s order is a small step in the right direction; it is by no means a comprehensive plan for addressing the Islamic problem.

And as to the sinister-sounding headline to the effect that the Trump team kept the ban quiet before springing it on an unprepared and unsuspecting innocent world in which everyone is trying so earnestly to get along…please.  We haven’t attempted a count, but our guess is that Trump talked about a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, reduction of refugees from terrorist countries, and ‘extreme vetting’ at least a dozen times on the campaign trail.  He didn’t keep these ideas quiet; he ran on them.

Yes, we know the WSJ and its reporters can scream that their headline refers only to a certain window of time relative to the actual announcement of the order.  But that’s not what their headline is intended to convey.  It is intended to whip up hysteria by implying that the Trump administration is working recklessly and in secret to upend everything rational and normal in American government.  What nonsense.  Trump is doing what he said publicly and repeatedly he would do if elected.  That is the opposite of operating recklessly and in secret.

Trump wasn’t our first choice for President among the GOP candidates.  We’re fairly sure he will do some things we don’t agree with.  But so far, he hasn’t done anything other than begin to implement what he promised he would do.  And on the subjects of border security and immigration vetting, he’s doing exactly what needs to be done.

We think Americans are growing increasingly tired of the mainstream media’s daily hysteria-fest.  The  relentless left-wing bias is bad enough; an agenda to constantly whip up fear and rage is too much.  Americans will tune out, perhaps in numbers large enough to finally put some of these mainstream media outlets out of business.

Paul Gable