Eye-opening like you can hardly believe…the reality of the Fourth Branch

Eye-opening like you can hardly believe…the reality of the Fourth Branch

For Americans of a certain vintage and heritage (i.e., over age 50 or maybe 60, and steeped in the Christian faith), the last five+ years of the exposure of the US federal government’s corruption–the scale, sophistication and moral depravity of all of it–is unsettling, disillusioning, and truly astonishing.  But on the theory and hope that exposure is the first step to treatment and correction and restoration, these can be seen as the best of times.

Tucker Carlson is plowing new ground almost every day on his show (watch below), and the raw truth-power of what he is putting out there is to be admired.  He is making himself an enemy of all the lying, cheating and stealing–and those who do the lying, cheating and stealing–and history suggests that puts him in harm’s way.  So he deserves credit for moral courage and bravery.

Carlson’s monologue below connects dots that Americans of that certain vintage can barely process…Richard Nixon as America’s most popular President (as measured by popular vote differential) and 4 of the 5 Watergate burglars (and by implication, Bob Woodward) as working for the CIA to get rid of him?  With Gerald Ford of the white-washing Warren Commission on the JFK assassination installed as Nixon’s replacement?

Carlson is unveiling a level of ‘intentionality’ and manipulation within America’s ‘fourth branch‘–the intelligence agencies–that is breathtakingly brazen and has been going on for decades, dating at least as far back as 1963.  And everything Carlson is saying rings true…especially when viewed with the benefit of hindsight provided by these last five+ years (to wit, recall the Mike Flynn episode at the outset of the Trump presidency that Carslon refers to).

The unfortunate aspect of Tucker Carlson’s position is that Fox News–under the control of Rupert Murdoch’s left-wing sons–will not allow Carlson to delve into one of the most important ‘dots’ that need connecting:  the role of the fourth branch in the rigging of US elections.  To put it bluntly, Gerald Ford may have been the first ‘installed’ President but he was not the last…and Joe Biden is simply the latest.

All of this exposure is only strengthening the case that we are living in historic, even biblically significant times.  The task of restoring a collective understanding and practice of America’s divinely inspired founding ideals seems monumental…dependent on having a class of thinkers and leaders equal to or even stronger and deeper than the Founders…and it can seem we just don’t have them.  But maybe we do…and Tucker Carlson may be one of them.

We’ll see what happens…