#FireFauci; CV Destroying America First; CV Tyranny; Reopening

Articles reviewed in preparation for the April 13th show:

Trump to #FireFauci?

Trump Retweets Call to Fire Fauci after He Admits Earlier Lockdown ‘Could Have Saved Lives’

 White House health advisor Fauci says we may never get back to ‘normal’ after coronavirus pandemic

Mr. President, If It’s a War – Appoint New Generals


Corona Destroying America First

Coronavirus batters US economy as 6.65m file for unemployment last week

Democrats twice as likely as Republicans to call coronavirus imminent threat: poll

Washington’s field hospital to be dismantled before ever treating a patient


CoronaTyranny Spreads; From Churches to HomeDepot


Mississippi Churchgoers Fined $500 while attending Drive-in services

DOJ says to ‘expect action’ next week on social distancing regulation and religious services


Virus & Reopening America

 Eight Reasons to End Lockdowns As Soon As Possible

Trump plans to launch second coronavirus task force focused on economy

Governor Abbott to roll out plan to reopen Texas economy

As Gov. Abbott weighs reopening Texas economy, Trump says it’s president’s decision

CDC Explains what 90% of Coronavirus Patients Have in Common

Temporary hospital at St. John the Divine Closes before it even opened

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