From American Thinker…

From American Thinker…

Discouraged?  Remember:  Truth Always Prevails – February 13, 2021

Excerpts from the piece by Tom McAllister:

The prevailing culture has now removed the unifying pillars of God and country, and the resultant instability and lack of wisdom have become readily apparent.  Many have lamented for years the irrationality and adverse impact of political correctness.  Well, wake up, because now it’s the apex predator.  Say something perceived to be politically incorrect, and you lose your job or fail to get hired.  With politics as our raison d’être, Big Tech companies can ban you, politicians threaten to write laws to prosecute you, and even your friends or family members unfriend you.  Even full compliance with their laws and ideology is insufficient because they’ll investigate your past — what organizations did you support, what ideals did you endorse, what foolish joke did you tell when you were fifteen — sorry, we’re pulling that college scholarship, canceling that book contract, or removing that recommendation for an award.

There are a lot of facts and rumors of facts going around, but here are two truths:

1a. There is near 100% agreement that election fraud occurred in the 2020 election.

2a. There is disagreement whether this fraud actually flipped the results of the presidential election.

Here are the truths necessary for our nation to remain a viable Republic.

1b. There must be near 100% agreement that the 2020 election was accurately tabulated and reconciled.

2b. There must be near 100% confidence that sufficient safeguard procedures and processes are in place in all 50 states such that every future election will be extremely accurate, precisely counting only legal, legitimate votes.

…a thorough, detailed, independent forensic audit of the election needs to be done in at least the seven contested states as these discoveries will assist in the development of a failsafe election process.  This is critical to the stability of our Republic.  This also will validate the election of our 46th* president and remove the asterisk (as roughly half the nation believes that it belongs there), or it may lead to one helluva constitutional crisis, but the most important issue will be resolved.  We will know the truth.

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