God bless you, Rush Limbaugh

God bless you, Rush Limbaugh

We’ve been writing a series of tributes to Americans who are stepping up to preserve and protect America in this most consequential time in American history.  The people we’ve mentioned—Bill Whittle, Patrick Byrne, Mark Steyn, Dennis Prager—are very deserving.

But there are American heroes, and then there is Rush Limbaugh, in a category of American hero all by himself.

A college dropout who never really wanted to do anything except be on radio to talk about America, he drove himself to a pinnacle of achievement and national and global influence never believed possible—until he did it.  Radio audience ratings—as unprecedentedly enormous as they were for the Rush Limbaugh show—will never capture the extent of his influence.  And it was entirely an influence for good.

His success in building such an enormous and loyal audience was never the result of clever technique or sophisticated marketing or visionary business/media strategy, although elements of all of these were no doubt present to some degree over the course of his 30+ year career.  His connection with his audience was based on his good humor, honesty and respect for truth, and was grounded every day in his genuine love of America, of the American people, and of life itself.

His passing today will leave millions in America and throughout the world with a sense of sadness and emptiness. But Rush’s life and message and success embody the character that keeps going in the toughest of times and when the stakes are highest. He spoke out of an inherent faith in and love for God, America and Americans, and he inspired his listeners to embrace that same faith.

Rush also inspired hundreds and maybe thousands of talk show hosts to carry on the legacy of speaking truth about America’s great goodness. There will only ever be one Rush Limbaugh, but he will live on in the voices of so many talk show hosts and everyday  Americans who strive to  live up to his example of upbeat, patriotic, passionate love for America and her people. Our America, Can We Talk? show is one of many striving to do that.

Debbie & Eric Georgatos